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Chapter 2: Felling a Giant tree


「Day by day~~♪, I swingie swingie axe~, swingie swing~~♪」

Mallow swung her axe into the Monster Tree while singing a weird song she made.

A month had passed since she started the quest.
Every day, she walked towards the Black Forest from the beginner town.
Eventually, she became too lazy to walk and bought a『Camping Set』 from the item mall. It allowed her to set her spawn point everywhere outside the town.
She set it in the Black Forest, right in front of The Monster Tree.

And since then, she had never been out of the Black Forest. She thought that she didn’t need to leave the spot.
Every time she logged into the game, she immediately grabbed the axe and started doing her job.

It continued until a year had passed.

Meanwhile, in『Genesis Frontier』, there were a lot of events that had been held.
Battle royale event.
Item gathering event.
Raid event.
Almost all of the players had joined those events. There were probably a few players who just did their routines without attending the events. For example, the players who needed to grind their level and the players who had something urgent so they couldn’t log in.

However, maybe there were no players who just immersing themself into some kind of stupid job like her.
Even so, for a whole year, she was still doing that stupid job. The job that made anyone else got really bored quickly.

Mallow tried her best to not leave the tree as much as possible. The reason was, The Monster Tree had HP restoration skills.
If she left it alone, The Monster Tree would heal its wound little by little. That was why she continued swinging her axe as much as possible until the restoration was unable to catch up with the damage before she logged out.

What a shitty game, wasn’t it?

She could just cancel the quest anytime though. However, if that happened, she believed there would be no one who wanted to clear it.
But she had strong tenancy and patience. In this whole year, she had always looked forward to clearing the quest.

And there was no one… Not a single human who thought that there was such a person like Mallow, even the game administrators.

『Genesis Frontier』game administrators implemented some ‘prank quest’ sometimes.
For example, the quest to kill an unkillable boss enemy. Exploration quest that was impossible for players to enter the area. Anyway, the quest that no one thought could be cleared.

And the『Felling a Giant Tree』quest was one of them.
No matter how people thought about it, it was impossible to clear. No one wanted to waste their time to clear it.


Mallow’s presence was unexpected for the game administrators.
There was no way… For a whole year, a player kept doing that stupid quest.

Finally, she had cut more than half of the giant tree trunk.
The tree’s condition was just like water in a cup that barely spilled, and it would spill with just a little bit of movement.
The Monster Tree was just barely balanced.
And then Mallow swung her last strike with full power.


It made a really loud collision sound.
And at the same time, she heard the cracking sound coming from the trunk.
The sound was getting harder and harder.
That giant tree bent slowly but surely.
Then Mallow immediately left her spot and prepared for the impact.

And finally…



A loud roaring sound reverberated all over the forest.
The ground was shaking hard.
Mallow couldn’t resist the impact and stomped her butt into the ground.

A few seconds later, the impact had calmed down.
Suddenly, silence covered the whole forest.
And what was left was the Monster Tree lying on the ground and Mallow sitting on her butt.


She inhaled the air, held it, and made a guts-pose.



She jumped around full of joy, and then she ran towards the cabin to tell the old man NPC.
She reached the cabin and opened the door without hesitation.

「Gramps! I did it!!」
She said that with a loud joyful voice.

『Yes! I heard it.』
With full satisfaction, the old man nodded.

『That loud death agony of The Monster Tree. Of course, I heard it from here. Finally, you did it』

「Yes! Of course, I did it!」

『I see. I can die in peace now』


He might be just an NPC. An AI. But Mallow was concerned about him.

「Gramps, what are you gonna do from now on?」

『Before I die, I wanna go to the outside world. Maybe the mountains, maybe the meadows. Where ever my foot brings me」

「I see…」

『There’s a battleaxe in the basement. It was my favourite weapon from long ago. You can take it as a farewell gift from me』


Mallow looked into the direction the old man pointed.
There was a stairway that looked like it was made from lumber remnants.
And the moment she looked back into the old man, he had already disappeared.

「Eh… Gramps? Where are you?…」

And then she heard the announcement that the quest already cleared.


Quest 『Felling the Giant Tree』cleared

You get 100.000.000 Exp
You reach level 99
You get『Little Gigant』title which gives you skills:
【Heavy Lumbering】
【Gigant Punch】
【Giant Torch】




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