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Chapter 3: Game Administrators Observation


And the clearing of that quest brought these people into chaos.

「Th… This is a disaster, guys!『Felling the Giant Tree』quest has been cleared!」

「Haa?? What are you talking about? No way such a quest can be cleared」

At a certain prefecture in a certain place, there was an office.
A lot of monitors and computer machines lined up neatly.
An employee screamed all of a sudden.
The peaceful atmosphere up until now changed because of the unexpected event.
Of course, it was all because Mallow cleared the quest they thought wouldn’t be cleared even until the game closed the service.

「Players can only use the old axe that NPC gave to cut the tree. So there’s no way they were cunning… Right!?」

「Compared with the other ‘prank quest’, this quest is simple. Yet we made it impossible to clear… What just happened?」

「Maybe… they using some sort of ‘cheat’?」

They started giving each other their opinion. Among them, there was an employee, who had the actual data, told them.

「No. That player didn’t use any ‘cheat’. They cleared the quest straightforward with legal method」

「Impossible! If it so, how long had they been doing it??」

「A whole damn year! They had been attacking The Monster Tree a whole year without doing anything else」

「Are you serious…?」

The employees started shivering.
They didn’t expect it would be cleared that way.

「B…But still…. How come!? Do they resent The Monster Tree or what?」

「What a tenacity they have…」

「Normal people must be given up on the way」

「They really got some nerves…」

The employees started saying whatever they liked.

「More importantly, what’s the quest rewards again?」

「Hmm… I’m sure it’s a massive amount of Exp and a title… The title is kinda ok, but the problem is the Exp. I’m sure it’ll make the level increase to the limit」

「That’s right! What is the highest level among players for now?」

「It’s 89」

「10 level gap, huh?… Fortunately, we didn’t release a new level cap yet, right?」


「Well then… Is there any other problematic point?」

「It’s 『God of Destruction’s Battleaxe』. They got it as a reward too」

「That can’t be helped. Well, they did the quest for a damn year so… I think they deserve it」

The other employees nodded in agreement.

「The real problem is, what they will do from now on. With such tenacity they have, they will play the game with immense power, right? We don’t know what they will do」

「I see. That’s terrifying」

「Moreover, it will make other players want to do the ‘prank quest’ as well. That will be troublesome」

「You know what? I hope this person will find another impossible quest and try to clear it for a long time. So they won’t make any problem」

「Yeah right…」

Anyway, this was the appearance of the ‘problem child’ that the game administrators didn’t even know her existence until now. And her presence on the game would make them feel restless.

「Please… don’t make any big trouble for us…」


Meanwhile, Mallow, who didn’t realize that she made the administrators panic, was checking up her stats.


Player Name : Mallow
Level : 99

HP : 1000/1000
MP : 1000/1000

STR : 50
VIT : 15
AGI : 35
DEX : 0
INT : 0


Head : none
Chest : none
Foot : none
Weapon : Old Axe
Accessories : none none none


『Knowledge of Axe Technique』
『Little Gigant』


【Heavy Lumbering】
【Gigant Punch】
【Giant Torch】

Stat Point : 490


Mallow moaned unintentionally.

The status remained the same. But the problem was the level. It had increased too much at once.

「It’s level 99, but the status still beginner’s… haha, funny」

Whenever you leveled up, you will get some ‘Stat Point’.
Her level went up to 99 but her status was still the same. Because she hadn’t used her ‘status point’ yet.

「With stat points this much, I can… oh wait. Since I’m at the max level, I can’t get the stat points anymore, right?… Hmm… I have to use it wisely then」

She was thinking about using the status points for STR and AGI first. She thought that ‘high power and high speed is justice’.

「Anyway, let’s check the battleaxe on the basement first」

She decided to leave the status point for now.
Then she descended the stairs and found a basement at the bottom. The basement looked pretty neat.
And she found the battleaxe on the table in the middle of the basement.

「It must be it」

It was a big double-edged axe.
There was a gold line alongside the black coloured blade that shone dimly in the light.
And then, the battleaxe became a particle of light and disappeared.

She checked up her inventory and found a new item named『God of Destruction’s Battleaxe』inside. It seemed that she had successfully acquired that weapon.

「I guess, there’s nothing left to do here」

Then she went out of the basement.


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