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Chapter 4: She Just Remembered, This is The World of Sword and Magic.


After updating her status, Mallow tested her new skill. And the result wasー

「This is terrible…」

It completely burnt the field around.
The trees were scorched. It was severed from the roots..
That condition told the horrific nature of the phenomenon that had occurred here.

Only Mallow knew how powerful the skill was.

「Uwaaa… the power is really terrifying…」

Actually, the skills were normal. It had become powerful because she had already used the stat points to update her status at level 99.


Player Name : Mallow

Level : 99

HP : 1000/1000
MP : 1000/1000

STR : 300
VIT : 85
AGI : 205
DEX : 0
INT : 0


And just like this. She put the status points mainly on STR. AGI was secondary, and the rest of the points went to VIT.

Moreover, there was a special effect on『Little Gigant』title.
It gave an additional 150% points to STR and VIT.
That meant her STR would be 450 points (300 x 150% = 450).
The number that was impossible to get unless you were at level 99.

And now the skills.
Though the skills were pretty normal, there was some special effects on the skills.

『Heavy Lumbering』was a skill where you summon a giant axe. You can swing it vertically or horizontally as you want.
But there were some weak points.
It had a long animation skill, so it was easy to dodge. Also, it will slow you down a bit whenever you want to use other skills.
But when the skill was activated, you won’t be defenseless. Because you can fully control the giant axe. No one wanted to come near you.

『Gigant Punch』was a pure punching skill.
But the damage was 5X your STR points! That meant it would be really powerful with Mallow’s stupid high STR points.
This skill had some weaknesses though. The range of attacks was really short. The weapon ‘bonus equip points’ meant nothing (because the damage came from STR point). And the MP cost was high.
But the damage was really powerful. So, the demerits meant nothing compared to the damage output.

『Giant Torch』was fire magic.
It allowed you to summon a giant fireball in front of you. You can make it fall to the ground and make a big explosion.
What burnt the field before was this skill.
And what made Mallow happy wasー although it was a magical skill, it was using the STR points for the base damage.
With her massive STR, the damage would be on a whole different level of destruction.

「The problem is… there is no real target to testing the skills here…」
She let out a sigh while sitting on a stump.

There were no monsters in the Black Forest, so she had zero battle experience until now.

When she started this game, she immediately found the quest.
Then started chopping up The Monster Tree little by little for a whole year.
Therefore, she didn’t know at all how to fight enemies.
But, since she got the combat skills, it would be a waste if not using it.
She somewhat became motivated to do a battle.

「Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the forest…」

Because The Monster Tree had been destroyed, there was no reason for her to stay in the forest.
There was no regret.
She put her『Camping Sets』item into the inventory.
It had been a year since the last time she last visited the beginner town. She was a little bit excited now.

「Umm… I wonder what the town looks like now. There have been a lot of update patches this whole year… So, maybe the town has changed a bit」

She did read the announcements but she always ignored them.
And by the way, today was the 1st-anniversary of the game. There was an event going on now.
The town must be full of 1st-anniversary decorations.
And there was an event map where the players were able to get a lot of rare items.

「Yosh! I decided! Let’s go back to the town!」

She restarted her spawn point back to the town, and carried the『God of Destruction’s Battleaxe』on her shoulder.
Then she made a thumbs up pose and looked into the direction where The Monster Tree had fallen.

「It was really fun battling with you this whole year, thanks!」

She looked into the cabin afterward.

「Gramps, we rarely talk to each other. But, thanks for everything!」

She bowed with gratitude.

Finally, she was able to leave this place in peace.

She made a U-turn and left the Black Forest without looking back.


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4 Thoughts on Yes, My Class is “Lumberjack”, so what? ~The Giant Tree I Cut was a Mass of Exp~ – Chapter 4
    5 Aug 2020

    Some part of me wants to believe this exists in the same world as Itai but as a competitor game and that some poor dev thought they wouldn’t have to deal with maple any more

      8 Aug 2020

      That would be… Hideous, for the developers especially

    Lil’ Sparrow
    8 Sep 2020

    Yeah she’s super duper strong and stuff…but she’s got no defense, and her HP stayed the same!!!!!! She made herself a one-hit KO!!! Any level five player could oneshot her. Lmao

      8 Sep 2020

      According to the author, the HP and MP is always 1000, there’s no change on them whether you’re level 1 or 99
      As for defense, defense points are taken from the number of VIT points
      So, VIT here is for the defense as well as magic and physical resistances, not max HP

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