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Chapter 6: \(^o^)/ Owata


/*TL : Owata(オワタ/終わった)means it’s over. But also, it means RIP or ‘my life is over’.

The next day.
Aoi logged into the Genesis Frontier with an uneasy feeling. She was a little worried about what happened yesterday because a lot of people saw her score on that punching machine.
She didn’t wanna make a fuss because of that. Well, that score was unintentional so it couldn’t be helped.

She walked around the city after logging in.
She started thinking about what she wanted to do from now on. Especially, what to aim for in this game.
Basically in VRMMO games, there was no suggestion about what you should do in the game. Players had to think for themself what to do.

「(I don’t need to grind for level anymore, so…)」

With a lot of Exp from The Monster Tree, she didn’t have to do leveling any more. Because her level had already reached the cap.
It might make other players jealous if you don’t have to grind for level anymore. But for Mallow, it was a bit disappointing.
She had been fighting the Monster Tree for one year. And from there, we knew that she liked being immersed in things. Of course, leveling is one of the things she would like to do.

「(Hmm… maybe I can start to complete my equipment first?… Well, I have this 『God of Destructions Battleaxe』for now. So the problem is… the armor)」

Currently, she was only wearing beginner clothes.
For the other players, she might look like a novice player. But with a gorgeous battleaxe on her back, it made them misunderstood.

Basically, there were three different ways to get the equipment.
1. Buy it from the equipment shop
2. Loot from monsters
3. Quest reward
Other than that, you could get it from the event sometimes.

「(Hmm… I wonder which is the best way…)」

She wanted the high-quality one if possible. However, she knew nothing about the equipment, so she decided to search for the information at the bulletin board later.
The higher the difficulty the better, so she could play as long as possible. Therefore, she would probably choose the monster drop or the quest reward method.

「Hey! Wait! You there!… Mallow-san!」

Suddenly, a dude called her from behind.
Then she stopped thinking about the equipment for a moment and turned around.

「Eh?… Who?」

He was a player she didn’t know at all.
She wondered why he called out her name, when she didn’t even know him.
Well, she was at the Black Forest for a year. Of course, she never had any friends.

A question mark appeared above her head.
Then that player began to talk with a smiley face.

「Thanks God! I can find you this fast」

「Umm… who are you? You have a business with me?」

「Ah, excuse me… my name is Hiiro. I’m 『Gathering of Heroes』guild master」



「Ah… it’s nothing…」

She didn’t know that the guild system had been implemented in the game.

「I wanna invite you to our guild, that’s why I was looking for you」

「Eh?… Why me? I don’t think I knew you before」

「You are the girl that pulled the highest score at the punching machine yesterday, right? That powerful blow was awesome! We need a person like you in our guild」

「Ahh…….. I see……」
Mallow was a bit disappointed.

What she had been worried about became a reality.
She never thought what happened yesterday would make a player approaching her now.

Then Mallow chose her words carefully to decline him.

「…Umm… Well… I’m sorry but I don’t feel like joining any guild right now…」

「It’s gonna be fine! Just entering the guild is okay. There is no assignment for you, so you don’t have to do anything. But if there is an event, all you have to do is make an appearance sometimes.」

「…Ah… Well… that’s…」
She was in trouble.

She knew that he was really looking forward to her joining his guild. But unfortunately, she had no intention to join at all.

Suddenly, a player appeared between them.

「Wh… Who the heck are you!?」

「This lady is troubled, dude. I know you just wanna invite her. But, don’t make her troubled, ‘kay?」

She was wearing a jet-black jacket with pants that match the color.
Black boots on her foot and a pair of swords (big and small) on her waist.
The player’s name was…

「Geh!… You… You are Owata Samuraiー!」

「Hm? You know me?」

「N-N… NO… Not at all!…」

「Is it so? Well, it doesn’t matter. Anyways, I don’t like you bullying my friend here. Can you just go away?」

「Yes, yes… I understand!… I’m going! So don’t you look at me with that scary face!」

And then Hiiro went away leaving the two girls behind.
There were only Mallow and the player who called Owata Samurai left.
Owata Samurai turned around and shrugged her shoulders.

「Ugh… Am I that scary?…」

「Th.. Thank you for helping me!」

「Nah, it’s nothing. As a girl too, I just wanna help the other girls who are being troubled by some dudes」

After Owata Samurai awkwardly said that, her stomach growled all of a sudden.



「Ah! sorry, it’s me… I’m a bit hungry」

「I, I see…」

「……. Ah, I’m in trouble… I don’t have money right now」

「Well, I can treat you if you want」

「Eh, really?」

「Yes. It’s my gratitude for helping me before」

「Well then, I’ll be glad!」

Owata Samurai smiled brightly.

Her smile was so lovely that made Mallow wonder why that dude feared her before.


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