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Chapter 7: Consultation?



Owata Samurai chugged a big cup of pale-blue colored drink (Slime Soda) at once.

「You drink like a beast, Miss!」

「I bet there is no drink like this in the real world. As you expected from VR quality. I can drink all day」

「We still have a lot of meals, so don’t push yourself too hard, Miss」

Currently, Mallow and Owata Samurai were in the town food corner. They were sitting on the dining table in the side corner of the street.
There was a lot of food prepared on the table.
Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, ect.
Mallow was a bit worried whether they could eat the whole thing or not.

「It’s okay, we can finish it」
Said Owata Samurai.

「We are in the game after all, not the real world. No matter how much you eat, you won’t get fat」

「But, wouldn’t you feel the same as when you were in the real world? When your stomach is full, you feel like you don’t wanna eat anymore」

「That’s true. But in my case, I’m the type of a person who can eat a lot in VR. I’ll eat all of the ordered food here, so don’t worry. Besides…」


「Actually, I have a person who is waiting for me. So, even I can’t finish the food, we can give the rest to him」

Owata Samurai winked at Mallow as she said that.
Mallow didn’t know how to react, so she just awkwardly drank her smoothie.
Then they started eating quietly.
For Mallow, it was a good manner to keep silent while eating.
In Owata Samurai’s case, she was just too hungry and concentrated on chewing the food.

Finally, what Mallow feared didn’t happen. They were able to eat all of them.

「By the way」
Said Owata Samurai, as if she just came up with it.

「Mallow, do you have something in mind?」


「It looks like you were thinking about something while you were eating. Am I wrong?」


Mallow regretted that she was thinking too much that Owata Samurai could tell just by looking at her face.

「… Well, to be honest. I have something in mind indeed」

「Ohh… You can talk to me if you want. I might be able to give you advice」

「No… It’s fine, Miss」

「As my gratitude for the treat, I wanna help you. Besides, I might be able to solve your problems」


Mallow thought for a while.
Whether it was okay if she told Owata Samurai her problems or not.
After a while of silence, Mallow decided to tell Owata Samurai her problems.

「Umm… to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what to do in the game」

「You mean… you getting bored with the game?」

「No, I’m not… The thing is… I recently completed what I’ve been doing for a long time. After that, I don’t know what else to do」

「I see. Maybe that’s what called burnout syndrome」

Owata Samurai crossed her arms and nodded.

「Just in case, let me ask you. You don’t wanna quit this game, right?」

「Yes. I wanna do every single thing that I can do in this game」

「I think that playing a game with a sense of duty is kinda boring tho. Well, that’s not the case, right?」


「Hmm. Understood」

Slurrrp. Owata Samurai moistened her mouth with a drink for once.

「Well then… The point is, what you wanna do in this game. But that question is kinda vague and hard to answer, right?」

「Well, that’s right」

「There are a lot of features in this game. So I think it’s a good idea to try it one by one. Well, there are some features that are related to your status point tho. For example the crafting system」

「If I’m not mistaken, it requires a certain amount of dexterity points, right?」

「That’s right. Other than that, if you like doing long-term stuff, maybe clearing some difficult quest is a good idea」

「A difficult quest?」
A question mark appeared above her head.

Mallow didn’t realize that she had already cleared a ‘super’ difficult quest. No… an ‘impossible’ quest.

「In this game, there are some quests that have stupid high difficulty. Even after a year, only a small number of players were able to clear it. Maybe there are players who still trying to clear it until now」

「Hmm, I see」

「Maybe you can find information about it on the bulletin board. Just take a look later」

「Understood. I’ll check it out after logout」

「If I remember correctly, some quests can be completed even without equipment. Good luck!」

「Yes. I’ll do it when I’m ready!」

「Ahaha. That’s the spirit!」

Owata Samurai laughed with a smiley face.
Mallow also laughed along with her.

「Now then, I can introduce you a good equipment shop if you want」

「Eh? Is it okay?」

「Of course. Maybe this is some kind of fate. I still have time until I meet my friend. So I can accompany you for a while」

「If that be so… I’m in your care, miss」

「AhーAnd one thing」


「You don’t have to be polite with me. We are in the game, so we are equal to each other」

「Understood. Ah… I mean… Okay!」

「Good. Well then, let’s get going!」

They stood up from the dining table.
And then they passed through the crowds towards the equipment shop.

But before that, they had actually cleaned up the table first.
If not, it would leave a bad impression behind.

Such good people.



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