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Chapter 8: Equipment Shop


After a walk around the town for about 5 minutes, they arrived at a store.
The store name was『Buncho’s Store』
Apparently, the Flower Garden decoration also made the store colorful.

「Here’s the store」

「Buncho’s Store?… Does that mean this store owner’s name is Buncho?」

「Yep. A craftsman class player opened this store. All the equipment she made was of really good quality. But, not many players know about this store tho」

「Eh? Is that okay?」

「Well, it’s not good for her business tho. But, she is probably doing it as a hobby. A ‘well-known store will be known to people’, right? As long as there are people who know her store, maybe she’s gonna be fine」

「I see」

Mallow somewhat agreed that there was such a way to enjoy things you like.

When they were about to enter the store, suddenly a girl opened the door from the inside.
The girl had a white long hair and a pair of golden eyes. She was wearing an armor that looked like a military uniform.
She looked at Owata Samurai and opened her eyelid a bit more.

「….. Oh, hello」

Then she greeted Owata Samurai.

「Yo, Bolg! It’s been a while since the last event. You have a business with Buncho too?」

「Da. I was thinking about getting new equipment here」

「Did you got something good here?」

「Nope, unfortunately. Maybe the best way to get it is from a rare drop or a high difficulty quest reward……. I realized that I ask too much for it, if I say so myself…」

「Maybe the weapon standard that can make you satisfied is something like a magic sword, right?」

「My main weapon is a spear tho… And, this person is?」

Bolg suddenly looked at Mallow, making her a little panicked.

「M, My name is Mallow…」

「I see. I’m Bolg」

「You see? she has no equipment, right? That’s why we came here to buy some equipment for her」

「I see……But despite her looks, her axe is splendid tho. You… You are not just a normal beginner aren’t you?」

「Y, Yes… I played this game for one year」

「Ehhh?? Really??」
The one who surprised was Owata Samurai.

「If that’s true, why don’t you have any equipment yet?」

「Well… Until now, I had been playing in the place where no equipment was needed, so…」

「The heck? What kind of place was that??」

「Anyway. If you are buying equipment for the first time, I recommend Buncho’s store as well. She makes good quality equipment」
Said Bolg who didn’t care about Mallow’s circumstances.

After that, she turned around and only said「until we meet again」then left.

Mallow and Owata Samurai were staring at her back for a while as she left.

「…She is a bit self-centered as always」

「You know what kind of person Bolg is?」

「Eh? I surprised that you don’t know her」

「Ehh? Is she a celeb or something?」

「Yeah, kind of」

While still looking at Bolg’s back which was no longer visible, Owata Samurai saidー

「She is Bolg. The player who is said to be the strongest in this game」


They put aside Bolg for now. Mallow’s equipment was more important.
Then they decided to get inside the store.

Ting ting~ the bells rang as they opened the door.

「Buncho~ are you there?」

「Aye ayee~ I’m hereー」

A reply came from behind the counter.
A girl who was resting her chin in her hand replied to the call. She was Buncho, the store owner.

「Yaaa Owata Samurai, it’s been a while. And glad to meet you, lady. I’ll be really happy if you tell me your name」

「Um… My name is Mallow」

「What a cute name!… And then, Owata Samurai. What brings you to my store today?」

「If you saw her, you already know, right?」

「Well, yeah. It looks like you come to buy some equipment for Mallow, am I right?」

「Yes, that’s right」
Mallow nodded.

And while she was wondering why Owata Samurai stood near the exit and looked like she wanted to run away for some reason, Mallow talked to Buncho.

「Well then… as Owata Samurai-san said, I’m here to buy new equipment. I wonder how much will it cost?」

「It depends on your play style. Can you tell me about your status?」

「It’s pretty much STR-AGI type」

「Nyai-see. If that’s the case, you have 2 options. Do you want to extend it further? Or supply some points on VIT that you didn’t increase that much?」

「Umm… Maybe I’ll choose the later」

「If so, the ordinary armor will be enough. It won’t cost that much. Headgear, chest wear, footwear. It’ll cost at least 4.500.000 for these three」

「If it’s only that much, un! I’ll pay it」

「Cool! You are such a good girl. Unlike someone I know…」


When Mallow followed Buncho’s gaze, there was Owata Samurai who made a sour face.

「Well… I’m sorry… I guess?」

「I don’t need your apology. I need my money back, you know?」

「I have a quest with a large amount of money as a reward right now. Can you wait until I clear it, please?…」

「Well… You are Owata Samurai after all. I believe you can clear it. But don’t take it too long, ‘kay?」

「I, I know…」

「Mallow-chan, I hope you won’t become a careless player with your money just like her. Well, her case is different because of her playstyle tho. So it can’t be helped 」

「O, Okay…?」

Mallow didn’t know what happened to Owata Samurai.
But one thing she knew was that Owata Samurai owed Buncho some money. And it was related to Owata Samurai’s playstyle? She wondered what the heck happened.

「Let’s get back to the topic… Well then Mallow-chan, what about the “Little Gray” set for your equipment? It gives 50 points of ‘special equip bonus’ for VIT and 10 for STR」

「Umm. I still don’t know much about the ‘special equip bonus’ thing but, how much the price will increase specifically based on that specification?」

「Hmm. For example, the top players on the frontlines nowadays have at least 100 points of VIT special equip bonus on their equipment. It’s about half of your equipment right now which is 50, right? If you wanna buy the equipment like theirs, the price will be five times higher」


「But. You are still a beginner, right? You don’t need that high-level equipment yet」

「Y, Yes…」

She thought that the situation would get complicated if she told her that she wasn’t actually a beginner.
In fact, it was her first time playing this game normally. So, it was kind of true that she was a beginner though.

「Well then, a “Little Gray” set is gonna be 4.500.000」


She pushed the『OK』button on the purchase confirmation panel that appeared in front of her.
And then the confirmation screen appeared. 『Do you want to equip it?』. She pushed the『OK』button again.
After that, Mallow’s body glowed. And after the glow disappeared, the『Little Gray』armor wrapped up her body.
It looked like she would be able to move easily on that. It was a bit rough, but Mallow thought it was good enough.

「How it is, Mallow-chan?」

「It’s good! Thanks a lot!」

She lost about half of her money, but she had no regret.
With this, she could finally begin her journey into the world that she had never seen before.

She was really excited about that.



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