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Chapter 9: Golden Carpet


「By the way, have you guys already explored the event map?」

When asked by Buncho, Mallow just tilted her head.

Owata Samurai replied.

「The stage was very interesting in my opinion. The Exp and loots were great」

「Right? And the stage difficulty wasn’t really hard. Even a craftsman class like me could do it. I also got a lot of useful things. Really grateful to this event」

「Hoo… Buncho, I thought you are the type of person who always shut themself in the workshop. So, you also go to the event and stuff, huh?」

「Of course la! It’s a chance to get event limited items. If I miss this chance, I’m sure I’ll regret it」

「Well, you ryt」

「E, Excuse me…」

They started to talk about a topic that Mallow didn’t know. She wondered what to say.

「What this Event Map is all about?」

「Eh?… Mallow, don’t tell me if you don’t know anything about the event map… don’t you?」

「E… Well… I really don’t know…」

「Really?… And you said you have been playing this game for a year?」

「S, Sorry…」

「Geez, Owata Samurai, don’t bully her that hard, ‘kay? Human beings have a thing or two that they didn’t know, right?」

Buncho saved Mallow who was shrinking her shoulder.

「Well then, the event map is a limited area. Literally, it’s a map that opens only for the event limited time」

「Well, I guessed it somehow. But how can I get there?」

「First, open your menu screen. There’s the event banner, right? You can tap it. After the event map details appear, you can tap the『Go to Event Map』button there, and you will be teleported to the event map」

「Ah! There it is!」

She was doing exactly what Buncho said. And then, the details about the event map『Golden Carpet』appeared.
As Buncho said, it seemed she could go there like this.

「I see. Generally, we can go to any event map like this, right?」

「Yep. And… there’s a requirement if you wanna go to the event map. So, be careful. Basically, only players with level 5 or more who can participate. Mallow-chan, you can, right?」

「Yes, I can」

「Because it’s the anniversary event, the rewards are gonna be awesome. If you have free time, it’ll be a good idea to participate」

「Mallow, you said you didn’t know what to do in the game, right? I think it’s a good idea to go even for just sightseeing」
said Owata Samurai.

「You’re right. Un! I’ll join this event!」

「Besides, there seems to be a high-difficulty quest on the event this time」
said Buncho

And then, Mallow and Owata Samurai simultaneously saidー


Buncho tilted her head.

「I know that Mallow-chan didn’t know it, but… Owata Samurai, you didn’t know it too? it’s unusual…」

「I’m also a human being, you know! Besides, as you know, I have no money right now. I’m too busy to makes money, so I can’t use my time for the event too much」

「Ohh, that’s tough… And then about the high-difficulty questー」

「You don’t care about my sad story, huh?」

「If you have complaints, return my money as soon as possible」

「Y, Yes ma’am…」

「Back to the topic. The objective of the quest is to kill a boss monster, the “Golden Dragon”」

「Golden, huh?」

Owata Samurai and Mallow imagined a glittering golden dragon in their head.
It seemed like this monster would bring a good omen. But still, they had to kill it.

「This Golden Dragon’s level is changed according to the challenger’s level. So, you can still fight it even if you are still a beginner. Well, it should be… but the fact is…」

「…Don’t tell me… Even the pro players got a hard time fighting this dragon?」

「Yeah… There’s no player who can kill it yet. Well, it’s a high-difficulty quest after all. So it’s not strange that it was set to be really difficult」

「Hmm… But what if the quest still can’t be cleared by the end of the event?」

「Maybe the game administrators just implemented this quest too early for us. They might make it as a constant quest later on」

「I see… By the way, Mallow. You look so excited. You wanna go to challenge it?」

「Yes! This is the chance. I wanna try it for once」

Though the quest might be available as a common quest later, but still, it was a limited time quest.
A high-difficulty quest.
Especially, no one cleared it yet. ‘Especially’.
And it made Mallow so excited.

「Un! un! Anyone is free to challenge it. So go for it, Mallow-chan!」
Said Buncho

「There is something special about the high-difficulty quest. Players who clear the quest for the first time will get a special title. I think it’s okay to aim for it. But… Well, for Mallow-chan… It’s not that important, isn’t’ it?」

「Un! More importantly is, whether the quest is worth to clear or not」

「That’s also an important factor to enjoy the game… Well then, are you going now? It’s better to not wasting time here, right?」

「You’re right. Well, I have equipped my new equipment for now. I think I’ll drop by around here first before I go」

She nodded to Buncho while excited about the “Golden Dragon”.

It was only a limited-time though. But still, it was her new ‘goal’ for now.
She wanted to do the quest ASAP.

「Well, it’s a good bye then」

「Um! Thank you for everything, you two!」

「My pleasure~. If you have a business, feel free to come, ‘kay? I usually keep the store here」


「…And, just like Owata Samurai, you don’t have to be that polite with me」

「Unde… ah… Um! Okay!」


Mallow opened the menu screen just like before and tapped the event banner.
After she pushed『Go to Event Map』button, her vision became all white.

When her vision became clear, a large golden rice field spread out in front of her.


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