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Chapter 10: Treasure Island, Dragon, And . . .


「This is awesome…」

She was impressed. Yet she could only express her impression in a normal way.

Gold spreaded 360 degrees as far as her eyes could see.
The stem of golden rice plants were bent because of its golden ear of rice’s weight.
And that scenery continued to the end of the horizon.
It was indeed a ‘golden carpet’.

「Uhh… As far as I can see, I only see gold, gold, and gold. I’m afraid I’ll be lost and can’t come back… Ah! Or maybe…」

Mallow opened the menu screen and tapped the event banner just like before.
The『Go to Event Map』option had changed to『Go Back to the Normal Map』.
Apparently, she could go back to the normal map by pushing it.

「Okay, now I know how to go back. Well then, it’s time to explore~….. hm?」

When Mallow was about to walk, a light pillar suddenly appeared in front of her.
Maybe another player teleported here.
And when the light had become clear, the player who was with her earlier appeared.

「Eh? Owata Samurai-san?」


She put her hands on her waist and made an appearance.

「Eh? Why are you here? I thought you are too busy making money and have no time to go to this event」

「Well, I said that but… More importantly, you forgot something, didn’t you?」

「?… forgot something?」
Mallow tilted her head and tried to remember.

However, she couldn’t remember it at all. So she asked Owata Samurai.

「Did I forgot something?」

「Well, Mallow. What you gonna do from here?」

「Of course, I’m going to kill the Golden Dragon」

「And you know where the dragon is?」


Now that she mentioned it…

What was on her head was all about the battle with the Golden Dragon. She was so excited until she didn’t even think about where the dragon was.

「I… completely have no idea…」

「Glad you didn’t walk too far yet until I came. If that happened, maybe I’ll never found you」

「And then, Owata Samurai-san… You came here just to tell me?」

「Well, I was the one who motivated you. So, it’ll be my responsibility to guide you」

「Owata Samurai-san~…」

「Ah, don’t get me wrong! I’m doing it because it’s my responsibility, ‘kay? There is no other motive」

「 ‘don’t get me wrong!’, fufu… Owata Samurai-san, are you a tsundere?」

「……… I’m going home」

「 Eh? Ahhh, I’m sorry!」

「Good grief…」

Owata Samurai shrugged her shoulders.
And then she started to walk.

「Follow me!」


「For now, I’ll guide you to the place where there seems to be the Golden Dragon’s nest」



The golden-colored ground that seemed to continue forever suddenly ended.
Actually, only 5 minutes had passed since they walked.

Mallow was surprised after seeing a really tall cliff and the sea below.
It seemed like this wasn’t the first time Owata Samurai had seen this scene. Because she wasn’t surprised at all.
But still「What an amazing scene」she said.

「It’s only my guess but, I have a feeling that our target is on that island over there. Am I right?」

「As I expect from Mallow. Your guess is right」

As Mallow said. If they looked down from the cliff, there was a small island.
Apparently, the battlefield will be on that island.

「There is a stair going down the cliff. Follow me!」

They walked towards the cliff.
There was a stairway made for people to go down the cliff.
Owata Samurai was going down first and Mallow followed her back.
And when they arrived at the bottom, the coast spreaded out in front of them. There was a small row boat on the coast.

「Umm. We go there with this boat?」


Mallow sighed unintentionally.

And then they pushed the boat to the water and began rowing.
The waves were relatively calm. So there was no worry about being washed away by the tide.
If they kept going like this, they would reach the island in about 3 minutes.

「Wow~ I never thought I will board a ship inside the game」

「Owata Samurai-san, have you ever rowed a ship in the real world before?」

「Nope. This is my first time」

「I see. But you are doing it really well」

「Well, I’m good at sports. Rowing a bot is just a piece of cake for me」


「……… Wait. Why am I the one who rows the boat? Normally, the person who should do it is the one who has business on the island, right?」

「Eh… But you lose the roshambo earlier, right?」


Finally, it didn’t take long until they arrived on the island.
After they landed, there was a staircase going all the way down to the underground that appeared all of a sudden.
It seemed the dragon nest was down there.

「It’s weird」


「There are no other players that are trying to clear this high-difficulty quest here. Or is it normal?」

「Maybe it’s not the right time for them?」

「It might be」

Mallow and Owata Samurai nodded to each other and decided to go down the stairs.
It didn’t take long until they arrived at the bottom. It seemed the staircase wasn’t that long.
Below, they saw a big gate there.
When she confirmed that this was the place, then Owata Samurai turned around.

「Apparently we arrived at the destination. I’ll go back, ‘kay?」

「Owata Samurai-san」

「Goodluck, Mallow. Maybe it’ll be too difficult for you. But, since you excited about this challenge, I hope you’ll get a good result」

「Owata Samurai-san」

「…… What? I’m not going with you from here, ‘kay?」

「No, it’s just. If you are going, I’m afraid I don’t know the way to going back later, so…」


They became quiet for a while.

And then Owata Samurai opened the menu screen and returned to the normal map.

「Ah… I forget I can just go back via menu as well… Oh, whatever…」

However, it was useless if she said it now.
Mallow decided to open the gate. She pushed it with all of her strength.
The gate opened really smoothly despite its appearance.
And what appeared in front of her wasー

「…….. This is…」

A mountain of gold.

Gold and silver treasures were scattered all over the floor. Even there was no place to step.
No, actually the gold itself was the floor. It was literally a golden floor.
She might get bad karma for stepping on the treasure tho. But, she decided to step in. And the moment she was inside, the gate closed automatically.

She wondered where the dragon would attack her from.
Mallow held the battleaxe on her back tight and paid attention to the surroundings.

And thenーー


The whole floor vibrated.
The vibration of the floor grew bigger and bigger, even some of the treasures bounced off.
And then, something huge scratched through the mountain of treasure.

『Are you fools who wants my treasure ?』

It was the Golden Dragon.
It was actually a dragon covered in golden treasures.
Some kind of viscous liquid held the golden treasures stuck to its body.
It really looked like the dragon itself was gold but… Actually, the dragon was some kind of zombie dragon.

『I am the treasure guardian, Golden Dragon』

The dragon introduced itself.

『The One who reigns on human greed. And The One who will slaughters all fools who desire of my treasures!』

「(….Uwaa… This game creator is really lack of naming sense….)」
Thought Mallow.


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