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Chapter 11: Fight Until The Victory is in Your Hands



With such a warcry, Mallow ran over the treasure floor.
Her feet were a little unstable, but she had a solid posture, so she didn’t fall.
She engaged the Golden Dragon directly.
For the greeting attack, she swung her axe down to the dragon’s arm.


A blunt shock vibrated through her whole body.
The gem that was stuck to the dragon’s arm was peeled off by the axe attack.
But, that was all.
The Golden Dragon’s HP hadn’t decreased.
The damage was too weak.

「If it’s the caseー Eat this!【Heavy Lumbering】!!!」

A giant axe blade appeared above Mallow’s head
She swung it as if it was a normal axe and made a trace of light as she swung it.
And the giant axe hit the back of the dragon’s head.
SMACKK! It made the dragon tilt its head.

She thought her attack this time would be doing some damage. But…

「 I, It’s not decreased….!?」

It looked like the HP bar had only decreased by about 1%
Was the Golden Dragon really this hard? Was it a tank-type monster?
Or maybe both?
But… still…
She refused to give up.
She wasn’t done yet.

「So, what!? I can win if I hit it 99 more times, right…..!?」

She got fired up instead.
Even if it was only 1%, the fact that the Golden Dragon’s HP had decreased meant that she was getting closer to victory.
If she continued doing it, eventually she could win this battle.
Believing so, she once more used【Heavy Lumbering】over and over again.


But the Golden Dragon wasn’t just sitting and doing nothing while it kept being attacked.
The dragon faced towards Mallow and opened its mouth.
Mallow could see its bright red tongue and white sharp tooth. Inside its mouth was dark and hollow.
And the next moment, a pure white light covered its whole mouth.
She was aware that it was the ‘instant death beam’, but it was too late to dodge…
Then Mallow took the attack directly.


And when she realized, she was standing in the Flower Garden respawn point.
She gradually figured that she was killed by the Golden Dragon’s beam attack.
But along with her death, her fighting spirit sprung up.
Now she was burned up with a fighting spirit.

「Yoooosh! I’m in burst mode now! A game must be like this! Or else it would be boring, right?」
She encouraged herself.

「No matter how many times I die, I swear I’ll defeat it……!」


Actually, there was a guild that had already beat the Golden Dragon while Mallow was still struggling to fight the dragon.
The guild name was『Dark Night Round Table』.
If Bolg was the strongest player in the game, this guild was the strongest guild in the game.
The information about they beat the Golden Dragon had spread inside the game.
Because of that, there were two things that were known among players.

First, the title.
If you beat the dragon, you will get『The One Who Sit on the Gold』title.
The effect of this title was whenever you get manee, it will give you 20% bonus extra manee. It was a good title to have.
But, that was it. It wasn’t at a mandatory level, so you don’t really need it.

The second one was the loot.
The loot you got was simply just manee. And that was only 10.000.000 manee. It was a decent amount of manee though.
To be frank, you can easily get that amount of manee by just clearing a normal high-difficulty quest.
Therefore, the reward for killing the dragon was actually not that great.
The main purpose was only to test your skill. The reward was secondary.
That was why the challenger wasn’t that much, not like what Mallow expected.
Even so, there were parties that challenged it sometimes.

But, such circumstances had nothing to do with Mallow.
She only focused on defeating the Golden Dragon.
Every time she was logged into Genesis Frontier, she immediately went to the Treasure Island and then fought the dragon.

Whenever she died, she immediately went back to the island.
And it continued again and again.
It was exactly a ‘zombie tactics’.
The death penalty in this game was a loss of manee. And her manee was about to reach zero because she died so many times.
But she didn’t care.
Every time she died, the Golden Dragon’s HP was back to full again. That wasn’t fun at all if the dragon continued to recover. But again, she didn’t care.

*/TL : zombie tactics is a tactic where even if the players die over and over again, they will keep challenging the boss until they find a way to defeat it.

Every day, she fought the dragon more than 50 times, at first. But the longer she had been fighting, the battle duration became longer, because she learned the dragon’s move and attack pattern from the previous battles.
She only focused on the Golden Dragon and didn’t even care about the main event map where the Exp and loot items were really great.

And the battle extended to a week. The event would end in a few days.
Around that time, an unusual event suddenly occurred.


The Golden Dragon began to behave differently. A behavior that Mallow didn’t know until now.


『Why are you doing this far? Even after you die, you are still challenging me. Don’t you have fears?』

「Eh? What is this? After I get this far, there is a new behavior? Oh… please… it’ll be troublesome if it has another new attack pattern」

She finally got used to the dragon’s action. She was able to cut the dragon’s HP by half now. And a new motion added after she struggled this far? What a drag.
Oh well…
It was all good…
If that was the case, all she had to do was increase the battle frequency.
She would continue to fight until she died.
She would continue to kill until it was killed.
And now she held her battleaxe and ran forward.

『S-Stay awayー……..!』

The Golden Dragon backed off as if it feared Mallow.
Above its head, the giant axe of【Heavy Lumbering】skill swung downward.



For some reason, its HP decreased by more than 5% at once.
Eh, why?

『S, Stop it….. please! If you want my treasure I’ll give you all of them. So please stop…..!』

「Huh?… Stop? I finally come this far and you tell me to stop?…. NOPE!」

And again, Mallow used【Heavy lumbering】.
This time, the dragon’s HP decreased even more.

『N, No…. please!….. I don’t like this!….. why… this can’t be happening!』


Mallow was a bit confused because the dragon stopped attacking her.
But, now was the chance.
She used【Heavy Lumbering】again and again.
The Golden Dragon was saying something every time Mallow attacked. But she completely ignored them.

…So, why did the dragon’s behavior become completely different?
The truth was… Mallow had triggered a hidden event.
The number of challenges she did.
And a certain damage point accumulation.
She had achieved the special conditions that made the event occur.
Of course, Mallow didn’t even realize it.

She continued to attack the dragon until the HP bar shaved off more and more.
And finally…



The last strike of【Heavy Lumbering】chopped the Golden Dragon’s head off.
And it was finally over.
The Golden Dragon collapsed while dropping all the treasures from its whole body. Then the dead dragon became particles of light and disappeared.
What was left behind was just Mallow standing on the mountain of treasure.


Quest『The Protector of The Treasure』cleared

Quest Special Condition cleared.

You got『Madness・Zombie』title which gave you skills:
【HP Drain】
【Insane Soul】


And then, a dark colored treasure box appeared before her.
She looked inside and took a breath「fiuh…」

「For now… the challenge is over, right?」

It ended sooner than she expected.


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