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Chapter 12: New Equipment and The Guy I don’t Know Yet


Finally, the anniversary event was over.
The event banners, balloons, and other event stuff in the Flower Garden were cleaned up.
The festival noise had disappeared, and the city had become quiet as if the festival had never happened.
Players were also back doing their dailies like normal.
Some of them went to “Area 3”, the frontline.
Some of them were trying a new map that had been updated after the anniversary,『The Treasure Warehouse』,to find out about Exp and manee that drop there.
And what Mallow doing wasー

「Oh! Mallow-chan, it’s been a whileー」

「Good afternー I mean, Yahoo! It’s been a while, Buncho-san!」

ーvisiting Buncho’s Store.

「Yaaa, it’s really been a while. I heard from Owata Samurai that you have been secluding yourself on the event map. Were you there until the event ended?」


「If that’s so, you couldn’t defeat the Golden Dragon until the end?」

「Nope, I defeated it. But after I defeat the dragon, I have no money left on my wallet. So I was grinding items on the event map and sold them」

「Ehhh!? You defeat the Golden Dragon!?… That’s awesome!」

「I, Is it that surprising?」

「Of course! Especially because Mallow-chan, you look like a beginner. I never expected you would do it. Besides, I’m happy that the player who cleared the high-difficulty quest was wearing my armor. 」

「Y, You are too honest」

「Being honest is a virtue, right? But, the clearance reward wasn’t very good, wasn’t it? If I’m not mistaken, you got money and a title」

「Eh? The reward I got was equipment tho」



The two girls looked into each other in confusion.
After a while, the one who opened her mouth first was Mallow.

「If I remember correctly, the announcement said that I cleared it with a special condition. Maybe it’s because of that?」

「Ohh, I never knew if there was something like that. If that’s so, the title you got was different as well?」

「The title that I got was『Madness・Zombie』」

「Hmm. The heck is that? Feels like it’ll bring misfortune. As far as I know, the title you will get is『The One Who Sit on the Gold』. Maybe right, you got that title because you cleared it with special condition」

「I see」

「And then, what was the equipment that you got?… You come to my place to show me that, don’t you?」

「Unー wait a minute」

Mallow opened the menu screen and changed her equipment with a newly acquired one.
She undressed the “Little Gray” set and wearingー

「It called『Midnight・Sonata』set」

It looked like a combination between a rider suit and armor.
The golden metal armor parts applied on top of the pitch-black clothes.
Maybe that golden armor part was an imitation of The Golden Dragon.


Buncho looked into it with admiration.

「Dang! It looks really cool!」

「Right? I wanna use it as the main armor for now. So, I’m going to put the Little Gray set I bought here into the item storage. What do you think?」

「I think it’s good! You should use the equipment with better status indeed. And then, is that new equipment has any special effect?」

「Umm. VIT special equip bonus is 75 and plus 30 for STR. Furthermore, there are skills I can use.【Maximum Protect】and【Quick Set】」

「An armor with a skill, huh… it’s very rare. Well, you cleared a high-difficulty quest with a special condition after all, so it’s not weird if you got such a reward」

Un un. Buncho nodded.

「Oh, right… by the way」

Buncho looked like she just remembered something.

「Owata Samurai was looking for you, Mallow-chan」

「Owata Samurai-san?」

「Well, it’s her after all. Maybe it’s a good for nothing matter」

「Good for nothing confirmed?」

「Because she is a good for nothing person, right?」


「She even hasn’t returned my money yet until now」

「I see… Owata Samurai-san…」

「Anyway, she and her companion are good for nothing. Just keep in mind that maybe she will bring you into trouble someday. So, prepare yourself」

「Companion?… Ah! By the way, when I first met Owata Samurai-san, she said that she was waiting for someone. What kind of person they are?」

Buncho answered Mallow’s question.

「…A brutal crazy guy」

「…I can only understand that this person is a guy and his personality… Can you tell me more detail?」

「He is called Hamgoro. He is a gunner. But his fighting style is a bit weird, and sometimes it gives the top players some trouble」

「Fighting style? What kind of fighting style is it?」

「No-scope sniper」


「No-scope sniper. Despite he is a gunner and using the rifle as his main weapon, he gets close to enemies and shooting bullets randomly at them」

「H, Heee…」

「Anyway they are weird people. So prepare yourself if you wanna hang out with them」

「G-Got it…」

Mallow nodded awkwardly.


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