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Chapter 13: BBS and Brief Time


Player name : Mallow

Level : 99

HP : 1000/1000
MP : 1000/1000

STR : 300 + 30 + 100
VIT : 85 + 75
AGI : 205
DEX : 0
INT : 0

Head : Midnight・Sonata
Chest : Midnight・Sonata
Foot : Midnight・Sonata
Weapon : God of Destruction’s Battleaxe
Accessories : None None None

『Knowledge of Axe Technique』『Little Gigant』『Madness・Zombie』

【Solo・Impact】【Heavy Lumbering】【Gigant Punch】【Giant Torch】【Decay】【HP Drain】【Insane Soul】【Maksimum Protection】【Quick Set】

Every time you are killed by an enemy, the attack power and defense power against that enemy are multiplied by 120%. This effect is stackable (Max : 3 stacks).

Deal 10 damage per second while in contact with the enemy. All attacks apply the corruption effect.

【HP Drain】
Absorb 10 HP per second while in contact with the enemy.

【Insane Soul】
Increase attack power whenever HP is decreased.

After logging out from the game, Aoi got up from her bed and took a breath.
She looked around her room.
Warm colored wallpaper.
A guitar set.
Her normal room as usual.
And she looked at the clock. It’s about 00:00 now.
She had school tomorrow, so she should be sleeping by now.
But before sleep, she headed towards her desk and tried to do some research for a bit.
She closed her unfinished sheet music and took her tablet PC out.
After she started up her tablet PC, she immediately searched for Genesis Frontier information.

「Umm… “How to acquire skills”…」

After the battle with the Golden Dragon, she realized that she was somewhat weak.
Maybe because she wasn’t used to fighting yet. Moreover, she didn’t use the skill effectively.
She wanted to play more and become stronger.
Such a feeling ignited her spirit.

……After around 30 minutes of doing research, she remembered that she had to sleep.
She turned off her tablet PC, went to her bed, and slept.


【GF】Thank you for participating in the Anniversary Event.

456 Unnamed Adventurer
Ahh, the Golden Boar was too hard to defeat……

457 Unnamed Adventurer
That fucking raw meat! Remember it!

458 Unnamed Adventurer
It’s gotten more powerful every time it was implemented. Eventually, we called it ‘raw meat’. What a poor boar…….

459 Unnamed Adventurer
It was the game administrator’s fault for implementing such a monster with tracking skill and knockback attack!

460 Unnamed Adventurer
But we got a great amount of Exp, I think it was a good balance.

461 Unnamed Adventurer
Blo*dy Pork! (sry just reflex)

462 Unnamed Adventurer
Your murderous impulse are too high guysー

463 Unnamed Adventurer
A high rate of manee and great amount of Exp. Well, I was satisfied with the event tho.

464 Unnamed Adventurer
As a beginner, I was completely satisfied (The first month play the game)

465 Unnamed Adventurer
We got mister beginner, guys! Surround him!

466 Unnamed Adventurer
Serve him tea!

467 Unnamed Adventurer
Don’t forget the delicious meal too!

468 Unnamed Adventurer
(I want kamichiki, please)

469 Unnamed Adventurer
(The heck is that?) (confused)

470 Unnamed Adventurer
(And, who the heck are you?)

471 Unnamed Adventurer
(This is an anonymous bulletin board, dude)

472 Unnamed Adventurer
(Guys, are we chatting using telepathy now…..?)

473 Unnamed Adventurer
(Btw, did you guys fight the Golden Dragon?)

474 Unnamed Adventurer
(There’s no way I can fight that fucking monster! )

475 Unnamed Adventurer
(Yeee, Golden Dragon is just too freaking OP)

476 Unnamed Adventurer
(And the reward is shit. Really suck!)

477 Unnamed Adventurer
(Why the hell the administrator implemented such a shitty monster?)

478 Unnamed Adventurer
(There is a rumor said it’ll be added as a normal quest later, Aniki)

479 Unnamed Adventurer
(Who the hell wants to go to that shitty dragon’s place)

480 Unnamed Adventurer
(By the way, I saw a player who really desperate to defeat it)

481 Unnamed Adventurer

482 Unnamed Adventurer

483 Unnamed Adventurer
(What an idiot player)

484 Unnamed Adventurer
(Tell us more, dude!)

485 Unnamed Adventurer
(I saw her always going to the Treasure Island all the time. I wonder if she had a grudge against the Golden Dragon)

486 Unnamed Adventurer
(Hm? Her?)

487 Unnamed Adventurer
(That player was a girl?)

488 Unnamed Adventurer
(Give us more detail about that!)

489 Unnamed Adventurer
(Yea, first of all… was she cute or not)

490 Unnamed Adventurer
(No no no. More importantly, was she a loli or old granny)

491 Unnamed Adventurer
(FBIー, we got a lolicon hereー)

492 Unnamed Adventurer
(What’s wrong with you guys)

493 Unnamed Adventurer
Enough with this ( ), let’s speak normally

494 Unnamed Adventurer
Let’s speak human words guys



TL notes:
Kamichiki = probably it’s a food called famichiki, because it’s really good it became kamichiki


BBS = Bulletin Board System/Forum

494 Unnamed Adventurer speak like this
ここではリントの概要を書け because I didn’t watch the show so I didn’t really get the meaning of it
here some referenceここではリントの言葉で話せ


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