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Chapter 14: The Rampager I met at the Wasteland


Area 3.
The latest map that had just been added to the game.
That meant, the frontmost battlefield.
It was an endless wasteland map.
The ashen soil stretched all the way to the horizon. A tumbleweed rolled away by the wind. It was like the world of western movies.
In fact, the safe area on this map was called『Gun City』.
The NPCs were wearing cowboy hats and brought guns on their waist.

Right now, Mallow arrived at such a place.
So, why did she visit a place like this? Of course, it wasn’t because she wanted to sightsee around the frontline map, but to acquire a new skill.
She got the information that in the Gun City of Area 3, there was a skill that can be acquired if you cleared a certain quest.

The skill’s name was【Martial Art】.
It was literally a skill that increased the damage caused by any martial art moves.
Especially, Mallow had some skills that required her to get closer to the enemy. And moreover, it could increase【Gigant Punch】damage really high.
Therefore, she was interested in acquiring this skill.

「Uuhh, I never thought it will make me do a PK-like job tho」

She rumbled alone while walking through the wasteland.

The quest title was『Punishing the Roughnecks』.
As the title said, the objective was to defeat the roughnecks that would appear in the wasteland.

「(What the heck ‘the roughnecks’ is?)」

Anyways, Mallow was going to the area where they would appear.

It seemed ‘the roughnecks’ was the human-type monster’s name, and they would spawn as a group.
Thinking that she would chop a human-like monster with her axe, and she was sure it would leave a bad aftertaste. For her, it was kinda brutal for chopping a human even if it was inside the game.
Well, actually this game was somehow brutal indeed, because there was a PK system and stuff.
But, she was unfamiliar with such things because she was in the forest the whole time.

And after she walked for a while, suddenly they appeared.
Yes, all of a sudden.


The human-type monsters appeared from the ground like a zombie.
Their appearance looked like thugs wearing shoulder pads just like the people in the “Fist of the North Star” manga.
There was no doubt. They were the target. The roughnecks.



「…… You gotta be kidding me… Is that how they roar!?」

They were roaring at Mallow while doing air boxing, and stared at her with an intimidating face.

「Come to think of it, I don’t have to use my bare hands to clear the quest, right? Well thenー【Quick Set】」

After she activated the skill, suddenly『God of Destruction’s Battleaxe』appeared in her empty hand.
And then, Mallow kicked the ground and began to swing her axe while approaching the enemies.

「【Heavy Lumbering】! 」

A sweeping sideways giant axe.

It gave the roughnecks a clean hit and completely deleted their HP.
And at the exact momentー

Bang! Bang!!!

Gunshots heard from nowhere all of a sudden, then something had passed through her body.
Fortunately, it didn’t hit her. But it made a cold sweat run down her cheeks.

「W-What just happened……?」

But she had been able to kill all the roughnecks with【Heavy Lumbering】at once before those shots.


Quest『Punishing the Roughnecks』cleared


When the completed quest notification sounded, Mallow turned around and found a person who had just landed from a jump.

It was a blonde guy with an all-back hairstyle.
He was wearing a double clothed white business suit that didn’t match with this world atmosphere.
Was that even an armor? ( Since it had been implemented in the game, so there was no doubt that suit was also some kind of equipment).

He was holding a gun with both of his hands.
It was a rifle, and also quite big.
It looked like it was made for dealing with something other than humans.
There was a bayonet attached to the barrel tip. Obviously, it was an unnecessary modification.
Was it necessary to add a melee weapon to a rifle? No, right?
Even Mallow who barely had knowledge about guns was thinking like that.
A gun was something that you use from a distance, right?
Especially that type of gun. A riffle. Wasn’t it used for sniping from a very long distance?

Mallow looked at the guy cautiously.
He opened his mouth slowly andー


Mallow received a clean hit on her body.
But, she was totally fine because of her【Maximum Protect】skill.

【Maximum Protect】
The first attack on the battle would be 0 damage. Reset per battle.

And what she saw after she took a hit wasー


He laughed.

…….The guy aimed his rifle and ran towards Mallow to get closer.
The act that completely ignored the advantage of the gun attack range.
Mallow wondered maybe there was a meaning behind his stupid act because she felt the pressure on his smiley face.

Thereforeー Mallow stepped forward bravely instead.
She didn’t wanna give him a chance to shoot his gun again, so she approached him quickly.
And when the gun was close enough for her to reachー


The guy thrust the bayonet on the tip of the gun barrel towards Mallow.
It pierced her side and reduced 3% of her HP.
But Mallow didn’t try to pull the bayonet out of her side, instead, she grabbed the gun barrel with her hand and pulled in even more.
Then she let go of her battleaxe on the other hand and used that free hand to grab the guy’s collar with all of her strength.
With a judo shoulder throw, she slamed the guy’s body to the ground. And immediately, Mallow sat on top of the guy’s body.
She raised her fist up above the guy’s head, and then straight down puncー

「T-Time time time time!!!」

Before she swung her fist down, a time out request was heard from behind.
She stopped her hand and looked back.
There was a familiar face that ran towards them in panic.

「Owata Samurai… san?」

「Yeap, it’s me」

With threatening eyes she looked into a man who was ridden by Mallow and spoke to him.

「Oi, Hamgoro! Why the hell you suddenly jumped out and attacked my acquaintance, huh!?」

「Ahh… Well, she looks strong, so…」

「So what!? This is why you are known by people as a dangerous person. It’s really a nuisance, you know!?」


「Jeez….. I’m sorry, Mallow. It seems that my friend brings you some trouble」

「Nah, it’s fine but… Umm… Is this person by any chance…」

「Yeah. he is my friend I told you before」

Mallow got up and looked down at the guy on her feet.

「The name’s Hamgoro, nice to meet ya!」

He introduced himself while still lying down on the ground.


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