Chapter 15,aaa

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Chapter 15: At a Coffee Shop With a Couple of Close Friends


We changed places and went to a cafe in Gun City.
Mallow, Owata Samurai, and ‘additionally’ Hamgoro sat on the terrace.
After gulping cold iced coffee in her mouth, Mallow asked Owata Samurai.

「And then, what is your relationship by the way?」

「Eh? Are you curious about that?」


Mallow nodded, showing her extremely curious expression.
Looking at her face, Owata Samurai confused how to answer and scratched the back of her head.

「Uhh… Our relationship, huh? How should I say….. maybe we were stuck in an inseparable bond?」

「What do you mean?」

「I mean, for some reason, we are always doing something together from long ago until now」

「Is that means he is your childhood friend?」

「Yeah, you’re right. But I just didn’t wanna say it」

「Eh? Why?」

「Of course, it’s because he is a bothersome guy!」

「She said that tho… is that true, Hamgoro-san?」


And Hamgoro, who was punished by doing a seiza (Japanese formal sit) with the stone blocks placed on top of his thighs, was eating sweet chocolate parfaits very pleasantly.
From his expression, it looked like he had no remorse at all.
He might not even realize his fault at all.
Owata Samurai became irritated by Hamgoro’s carefree looking face. She pushed down the stone blocks with all of her strength to give Hamgoro’s leg even more pressure.

「Uncle! uncle! uncle! Stop it please!!」



「Because your face is triggering me」

「What the heck!? That’s unreasonable!」

「You don’t regret it, aren’t you? Why the hell you can enjoy a parfait in front of the player you were about to PK’ed!?」

「Oi oi. Why do you always talk about that? After all, it’s only a game, ryt? There is nothing wrong with killing people inside the game」

「But I’m sure there are no players will be happy being PK’ed」

「I’m happy if I get a PK tho」

「Why… you….!」

「(Hmm~ They look very close)」
Mallow looked at them while sipping her coffee and thinking like that.

Owata Samurai, who had no idea that Mallow was looking at them that way, dropped her shoulders heavily.

「Jeez… Why has this guy become a PK player?… I don’t remember raising you to be like that…」

「I don’t remember either being raised by you tho」


「A…No… it’s nothing. So, please don’t point me with that fork you just picked up」

「Haahh……. Mallow, he had been a real nuisance for you, right? Wasn’t it scary to fight this guy?」

「Eh? Me?」

Being asked all of a sudden, Mallow became a bit panicked.

「N-No. I wasn’t scared at all. Besides, I was able to strike back…」

「Now that you mention it. That must be a shame for him who wanted to PK a player but got a strike back from his victim instead」

「And that… ‘PK’ thing? I guess it’s also a way to enjoy the game. So, I don’t think you need to be that angry at him. As long as the person himself happy with it, I think it’s good」

「See!?ー Mallow-chan, well said! As long as the person themself is happy, PK is not a bad thing!」


「Hiiiiiー! I-I’m sorry to get cocky! So please don’t bring that spoon near my face…」


「Owata Samurai-san… if you really don’t like being with him, you can just leave him, you know?」


Owata Samurai stiffened after hearing what Mallow said.
Then she slowly chewed her words and shook her head.

「Nah… You’re right, I can just leave him. But I’m afraid that won’t happen. You never know what this guy will do if he is alone」

「Oi oi. Are you my parents or something?」

「It’s always like that, right? In fact, It was me who always take care of you」

「Well, that’s… thank you, I guess… but」

「I also remember changing your diapers when you were a baby」

「We are at the same age! Don’t make a hoax like that!」

「Anyway, I’ve been taking care of you for a long time」

Owata Samurai chugged her black coffee at once.
Then she asked a clerk who was passing by.

「can I get another cup?」.

In this restaurant, you can get free 2 cups of regular coffee.

「I actually half gave up on stopping you from PK-ing. It’s really tiresome. Besides, the fact about you as a PK player, seems already spread among other players」

「It seems so…」

「What makes it worse is… They thought I was also a PK player like you! Even though I was only stopping your rampage」

「I-it seems so…….」

「That’s why you need to think about how often you’ll PK-ing from now, ‘kay? Although it’s allowed to PK random people, but if you do it too much there will be a ‘wanted poster’ for you」

「Wanted poster…?」

Mallow asked as she tilted her head. And Owata Samurai answered her,「It’s an arrangement for hunting a certain person from the game administrator」.

「Hmm… how should I explain this… The ‘wanted’ player who had been PK-ing too much will be the ‘target’ for some kind of PVP event. There is a great reward for players who are able to kill the target. That’s why, there will be many players joining the event. Surely, the target player has no chance to win. Moreover, the target player will get even worse death-penalty compared to the normal one if they die. There is really nothing good from it」

「I see. If it’s me, I don’t want to be a target」

「Right?… SoーHamgoro. It’s your freedom to enjoy PK-ing, but make sure you know the borders! Put that into your damn little brain! Do you copy?」



「C-Copy that, ma’am!」

He felt so unwilling at first. But after he looked into Owata Samurai’s scary face, he trembled and nodded at her.

Mallow, who was looking at them, still thought that they really looked like a close friend.


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