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Chapter 16: Towards the Event


「By the way, there will be a new event next week, right?」

After Mallow asked for the second cup of ice coffee, Mallow answered Owata Samurai while waiting for the clerk to bring it to her.

「Yeah, it seems the event will be a battle royal event. In other words, the last man standing game」

「Aah, it seems so. I’m sure there will be an idiot who will be stupidly happy with this event」

「……Hm? Aa, do you mean I’m the idiot?」

「There is no idiot here except you, Hamgoro. Idiot!」

「Whatever. I am really looking forward to it! It’s like a dream environment where no one will complain about killing other players」

「… I have a feeling that you will say that」

Owata Samurai made a sour face.

「And Mallow, are you planning to join the event?」

「Yep. It’s a chance to join another event. I even came here to acquire new skills as a preparation for the event, until I met you guys」

「Ahh, so you were clearing a quest when we met? I see. We are sorry for what happened before. I feel like we are in the way」

「Ahaha. No, it’s totally fine. No need to apologize. Besides, I was able to acquire the skill I want here. And I’m thinking of going to another area later」

「Hmm. Is that so? And then, what kind of skill are you gonna get ne-! Ah! I forgot if I ask that, it’ll be a violation of manners. In the next event, we might become the enemy. And maybe we will be fighting each other」

「So… you will join the event too, Owata Samurai-san?」

「Of course. I’ll do my best on the event to wreak havoc all my anger」

「This woman is actually stronger than me at PVP, you know?」

「Shut up, Hamgoro! If you didn’t charge towards the enemy like an idiot, you will be the one who will win」

「Anyway, you two will become my rival, right? It’s a bit scary for me, but also I’m a bit excited」

「Aa. You’re right, Mallow」

Mallow grinned in excitement and Owata Samurai replied with a belligerent smile, while Hamgoro still eating parfaits with a carefree looking face.
Right at that moment, the iced coffee that Mallow ordered came.

「By the way…」


「Owata Samurai-san, did you properly returned the money to Buncho-san?」


「Y, You haven’t returned it yet?」

「I-I have returned it. But… thanks to that now my wallet is almost empty」

「…I see… want me to pay for your coffee?」

「N, No… It’s okay. It’s a charming suggestion but… If I receive it, I’m afraid our relationship will be developed into a corrupt one」

「I see… okay then」

「Speaking of money… oi, Hamgoro. How about your wallet status?」



「I was grinding on the Anniversary Event. And now, I have that much」

「I… I see…」

Now that Owata Samurai knew she was the most penniless person in the group, she soberly received damage.

After that, Mallow was alone. She had separated from those two and came to Area 2.
Area 2 was a world of the forest.
The trees grew really dense and rocks were covered with thick moss.
The safe area city here was called『Green Stone』
And what Mallow was doing in such a place where many negative ions were floating in the air wasー

Thwack! Thwack!!

「Day by day~~♪, I swingie swingie axe~, swingie swing~~♪」


She swung her axe into a tree.
Yes, she was cutting down trees.
The tree was completely cut into round slices by only swinging the『God of Destruction’s Battleaxe』twice.
The fallen tree would automatically enter Mallow’s item box as an item. The item name was『Green Tree Log』.
Apparently, the tree itself was actually an item.
Was there even a way to use this item…? Mallow doubted it. There was no way you could fight with a log in your hand, right?
But, she wasn’t cutting the trees without a purpose.

Quest :『Body Building』
The objective of the quest was to deliver 30 pieces of『Green Tree Log』.
The skill that could be acquired from completing the quest was【Build-up】. It was a buff skill that will give you a 200% bonus STR for a fixed duration after consuming MP points.

「Aaahh~ I didn’t expect that I can get a skill this easy~」

While thinking like that, Mallow continued swinging her axe.
Of course, it wasn’t like everyone could chop the trees off easily like her.
Mallow was able to do it easily because of 『Knowledge of Axe Technique』title and her massive amount of STR that exceeded 500 points.
Furthermore,『God of Destruction’s Battleaxe』had a hidden ability that increased the object destruction rate.
That was why she could cut the trees as easily as flipping a fried egg on a frying pan.
And finally, she swung her axe on the last tree.



That loud sound echoed across the forest.
With just one swing, the tree began to bend and crack.

………At that moment, something suddenly fell in large numbers.


For a moment Mallow didn’t notice it.
And when she realized what they were, her head just refused to understand the situation.
That was because…
The things that fell from above her head wasー


……… spiders.

Giant spiders with deep black fur covering its whole body.
Yes, spiders. Giant spiders.
The creatures that Mallow wanted to avoid at all cost in this world.


The moment she realized her situation, she became mad and swung her axe randomly.
She wasn’t calm enough to kill the spiders properly.
She was just randomly swinging her axe around with all of her might.


Fortunately, these spiders were really weak compared to Mallow’s level now.
She only needed to graze them a bit and they would die.

Finally, she killed all of the spiders. But she hadn’t regained her calmness yet and continued swinging her axe.

And after she rampaged for a whileー

『Skill【Hazard State】acquired』

「AAAaaa…. a?」

Thanks to that announcement sound, she finally regained her calmness.

「Hahh… hahh… W, What was that?… hahh… hazard state?」

While panting, she opened the menu screen and checked the skill tab.


【Hazard State】
Become invincible for a minute and fight automatically regardless of your will.
30 minutes of cool down after use.
Condition required to get this skill: kills 20 or more enemies in a panic state.


「What?… panic state?」

In the current VR games, there was a system that monitors the user’s heart rate in real-time for safety purposes.
If the number of heart rates reached the abnormal level, you will be forced to logout.
The game administrators had decided if it was still on the safe number and hadn’t reached the abnormal level yet, the players will be in ‘panic state’.
The state where your consciousness is dominated by fear and impatience.

When Mallow saw a horde of giant spiders, she was able to enter the ‘panic state’ and eventually acquired that skill.
Well, it was maybe good to be invincible. But…

「Fight automatically regardless my will…? isn’t it a bit scary?」

Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t even use it when there were allies nearby.
She forbade herself from using this skill for now.

「…… Ah! I just remembered. I need to deliver these logs to complete the quest」

When Mallow could finally breathe properly, she took a breath for once and left the place.


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