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Chapter 17: The First Battle Royale Event for Her


It had been a week since Mallow was grinding for her new skills.
Actually, not only skills, she was also practicing combat technique.
Indeed she had a higher status than the top players but her skill as a player was still a beginner.
And the event this time would be a battle royale event. In this event, there was a system that divides the players on the same level range to fight with each other.
This system will prevent beginner players from fighting expert players. Therefore, whether she wanted to or not, Mallow would be grouped with expert players and fight them.

For Mallow, it was a valuable chance to participate in this kind of event. And of course, this girl aimed for the top rank.
But Mallow’s player skill was nothing compared to the players who had been playing the game properly for a year. That was why she refined her player skill as much as she could to catch up with them.
And also, she came up with the strategy to survive the event.

「This time… I can’t spawn and repeat as much as I want if I die, so…」

Hence, this time, she would concentrate on…… running.
If someone found her, she would be killed… maybe. But, if she ran away from other player’s sight, she had a chance to win.
That meant, she would become a camper.
Yes, she knew it was the playstyle a coward would do. But she convinced herself that it was also a good strategy.


And finally, the day of the event.

Mallow was waiting for the event to start at the Flower Garden.
A huge display floated in the city sky. It seemed that the event occurrence would be displayed there.
The players can also watch the event individually with their own display though. She wondered if that huge display was really necessary.
Well, since this event was kinda like a festival, some people might want to enjoy watching it together on the same screen, right?
And also, that huge display had actually been experimentally installed at several events before, and eventually it had become popular. Since then, it had always been installed for events like this.

「Oーi, Mallow chan~」


Mallow heard someone call her name.
When she looked back, there was Buncho holding crepes in both of her hands.


「Howdy~ Your Buncho’s here~」

「You looks really enjoying the festival, Buncho-san」

「Yeap. A craftsman class player like me doesn’t join the battle, so I’ll enjoy the event as an audience. Look! I even bought crepes as snack while watching you guys on the display」

「Uwaa, it looks really yummy~ Can you buy it for me later?」

「Okay, I can buy one for you later… and Mallow-chan, how’s your confidence in this event?」

Asked by Buncho like that, Mallow thought for a while.

「Hmm… To be honest, I’m not very confident. But since I have a chance, I’m going for the highest place」

「Fufu, even though you’re not confident, you have a strong ambition, aren’t you? Un! That’s the spirit, Mallow-chan!」

「Aye! I’ll do my best!ー Ah, it looks like it’s about to begin」

On the huge display, the countdown had begun.
30 seconds left until the event started.

「Mallow-chan, this event is simply just a survival battle. You don’t have to fight if not necessary」

「Un, I know!」

「And you can’t bring any items in. But, it seems random items will be scattered all over the map. So, pick the handy one and make it useful」


「And one more thing. Have fun! That is the most important thing」

「Un! I’ll have fun as much as I can」

Right after Mallow nodded, the countdown reached zero and the teleportation began.
She felt a strange feeling of floating, and at the same time, her vision became completely white.

In this event, the players will be transferred to a random location.
Therefore, there might be a sudden battle.
Mallow braced herself and waited for the teleportation to end.

Eventually, she began to regain her vision.
She was sent to a forest that looked like Area 2. The forest where the trees grew thickly.
It seemed like she was in a Japanese redwood forest.
There were many obstacles here so her field of view was slightly blocked by them.
It was a difficult place to fight for players like Hamgoro who used firearms and players with long weapons like long swords.
Of course, Mallow’s battleaxe wasn’t an exception. But, she had martial arts skills so she could still fight empty-handed to a certain extent.

For now, Mallow checked her surroundings carefully.
The moment she turned sidewaysー

There was a male player.
He was looking straight into Mallow’s eyes.

He was wearing a black and white two-tone colored coat.
White hair and the sky-colored cold eyes.
On his hand, was a giant cybernetic longsword.
A red line ran in the center of the black colored double-edged blade.
There were some orange tubes attached near the hilt.

The man held such a big sword easily with one hand.
He looked like he was hesitating for a moment.
But… that was just a moment until his eyes were full of sharp murdering intent.
He prepared his sword and approached Mallow.

「【Sword of Devourer】! 」

The moment he activated his skill, the red line in the middle of the sword emitted a strong light.
When Mallow saw the sword glowing brighter, the man’s figure became blurred.
And then Mallow realized that the man was approaching her at high speed. But when she realized it, he was already standing right in front of her.

He swung his big sword downward at Mallow andーー



*/Author :
…….During the event, you can’t tell the player’s name by just looking at them. But, let’s reveal his name.

He is Gray.
The player who had the best score at the punching machine before Mallow.
And the guild master of the most powerful guild in Genesis Frontier, 『Dark Night Round Table』


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