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Chapter 18: Versus Gray


There were three maps on the Battle Royal Event.
Flower garden map, forest map, and wasteland map.
Three of them were really similar to the main map implemented in the game.

In the flower garden map, the trees were scattered around the map. The outlook was good and there were enough covers to hide.

In the forest map, the outlook was bad, but there were so many covers to hide.

In the wasteland map, the outlook was great, but no covers to hide.

Just like that, each area was adjusted to have its own advantage and disadvantage. The safe zone area will shrink over time and the players will be fighting each other until the last player alive.

And, they were also one of those playersー

「――― And, who are you?」

In the flower garden map.
Owata Samurai was holding her dual sword and carefully looking at the person in front of her.

That player had red hair, and from the appearance it was hard to tell, whether a male or female. Maybe a cute looking type of male avatar.
He was holding something in his hand that could be his specialized weaponー trump cards.
You can’t even tell which category of weapon was that.

「Haha, I never thought I will suddenly have to fight a famous player like you, ma’am」

That player dropped his shoulders exaggeratedly.
It looked like each of his movements was just suspicious acting.
The type that Owata Samurai hate.

「But well, since we are facing each other, I’ll put my effort into this fight」

「Hmph. I hope you can be a worthy enemy」

「I’ll do my best to not disappointing you, ma’am」

His face was laughing but there was a belligerent flame in his eyes.

「Well then. Let’s start the game, Owata Samurai-san!」


In the wasteland map, there were also two players facing each other.
Or… maybe not? Because one of them was running away.

「E-Excuse me, lady! I’m sorry, but can we pretend that we didn’t see each other and go separately?」

The one who was running away was Hamgoro.
His forehead was full of cold sweat of fear as he tried his best to run away.

And his opponent wasー a silver-haired girl.

「Nope. This is the battle royale event. We should reduce the number of players as much as possible, am I right?」

She wasn’t holding any weapon right now. But, even so, her intimidation aura was just unbearable. That makes anyone else think that she was an undefeatable being.
And now, Hamgoro was confronting that kind of person.
The strongest player in Genesis Frontierー


「Come on, running away and whining like that… is not like you at all. Normally, you are more like… ‘a spinning beyblade that sparks like crazy’」

「W-What the heck do you even mean!?」

「I mean you are a dangerous man, hard to predict, and untouchable」

「Shit! I can’t deny!」

He stopped and scratched his head.
And a fearless smile reflected on his face.

「Aaahh… Alright. I know I wasn’t being myself. I just thought that it’s impossible to defeat you, so I ran and embarrassed myself. Forget what just happened, Bolg」

「To be honest, I’m fine with either of your personalities tho. I’ll forget it when I feel like it, Hamgoro-san」

She made a fighting stance and clenched her fist.

Hamgoro saw her and tilted his head.

「Oi, where is your weapon?」

「Prove me if you are strong enough until I need my weapon」

「Hoho~ I see. If you say soー!」

And then Hamgoro aimed his monster killer rifle『Stiffa-4000』to Bolg while shouting a warcry.

「 ーーIf I don’t fight with all of my strength, It’ll hurt my pride as a man!」


Basically, the battle will become one-sided unless the power of both sides is balanced.
There are no exceptions to this law. And this battle also follows this lawー

「【Hazard State】! 」


「What theー!?」

Gray was shocked that Mallow stopped his deadly swing with her body.

【Sword of Devourer】
A buff skill that gave you 300% of STR bonus on slash attack. But the duration was really short.

Mallow was able to stop that attack without breaking a sweat.
Gray was really shocked by that until his body stiffened for a moment.
And it would be really fatal in battle if your body was stiffening even for a second.
So this was Mallow’s chance.
She stretches her arm like she wanted to make a punch move and grabs Gray’s collar really hard.
Gray’s HP decreased at a terrifying speed.
He tried really hard to get away from Mallow’s grip but it was just too strong.

「Ughh!ー 【Sword Impact】! 」

Therefore, he used his skill and took advantage of the shockwave coming from his sword to get away.
The shockwaves hit Mallow’s body, and at the same time, he used that momentum to escape from her hand and jump backwards.

This was the battle that Gray had set up himself. But he didn’t expect that he was the one who would get into trouble.
However, Mallow didn’t give Gray a time to regret.
Like a missile, Mallow dashed towardsGray, then launched her clenched fist.
At that moment, Gray noticed that Mallow’s eyes had turned red, and black mist aura drifted from her whole body.

『【Build-up】 【Gigant Punch】』

「Khh! 【Protection】! 」

And the voice that came from Mallow’s mouth when she shouted the skill’s name wasn’t her voice.
It was a machine-like male voice.
A cold sweat flowed at Gray’s back as he heard it.
But, he was an experienced player that had survived countless battles. He was able to keep his calm and used his sword as a shield to defend against Mallow’s attack.
A straight punch with a terrifying power finally hit him and blew him away by the impact.
But because they were in the forest, his body slammed into a tree and wasn’t blown away that far.
Still, his HP was quite shaved off.

Gray looked into his HP bar and finally decided to give up.

「…… tsk!」

He decided to run away from Mallow.
He ran through the woods and used the trees to escape from Mallow’s sight.
However, Gray didn’t intend to throw the event itself.
For him, the victory was to “survive until the end” not to win against Mallow.
Choosing a strategic retreat was also an option.

And actually, Gray was lucky.
Because Mallow had used【Hazard State】, so she couldn’t chase after him.
It was a skill that allows Mallow to enter a state where her body will automatically fight regardless of her will.
The skill command was to “eliminate the enemy in front of you”.
That means her body won’t bother chasing the enemy who has already run away.
Even if she thinks “I have to defeat that enemy as soon as possible while I’m invincible”, her body won’t listen.
Therefore, she stopped moving from her spot like a statue for a while.

She was standing still like a Pole for 1 minute until the skill duration wore off.


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