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Chapter 20: Endgame of the Battle Royale Event


「Arrghh! Shit!」


She swung her sword again and again.
Owata Samurai had a hard fight….

The event was approaching the end and the map was getting smaller and smaller.
Of course, the players would get closer and closer to each other. As a result, the probability of coming into contact with the enemy was getting high.
And apparently, there were many players who had transferred into the flower garden area.
She gave up on counting how many times she came across a player.
She punished the player who approached her again and again and again.
Her spirit had gotten exhausted but she managed to survive until now. Even though she didn’t know what would happen in the next 10 seconds.

She didn’t even know where she was heading, where she would end up.
All she knew was to slaughter the enemy who appeared before her.
And just now, the enemy appears.
She put her strength in both hands holding the dual sword and approached them.
…..Owata Samurai really had a hard fight.

「(I wonder how the other guys are doing right now)」


ーーーOn the other side, Bolg wasn’t struggling at all.

In this map, where it was getting smaller over time, she watched her surroundings carefully and not let her guard down in case there were enemies approaching.
She still hadn’t used her spear until now.
It was only Gray or maybe one or two people in the game who were strong enough until she needed her spear.
Of course, barehanded didn’t make her weak.
It was just, she would only use her spear to beat an equal enemy.

『Spear of the Supreme God』
Was what her spear called.

There were several skills she can use by equipping that weapon. The most powerful one is 【Gungnir】.
It’s a 100% accuracy throwing skill that can pursue the target.
A certain death skill.
Specifically, the throwing attack damage will be 300% of STR points.
The MP cost is really high, but the effect and the damage of the skill is really worth the MP.
Bolg had learned various other skills. But if she took out her spear, she would use that skill first.

But now, the enemy who was worthy of her spear still hadn’t appeared.
Well, it wasn’t like she hadn’t met any enemies yet.
But because every player ran away every time they saw her.
As if they met a demon king or something, they ran desperately.

「Hmm. Am I that terrifying?」

Bolg murmured alone, lonely.
She hoped an enemy who wanted to fight her appeared, because she also wanted to have fun.
As she thought like that, there was another enemy who ran away from her.
That player turned away and immediately ran as soon as they saw Bolg.


But that player was cut into two pieces by another player who appeared from the side.
That player had a cyber big longsword on him.
And Bolg was familiar with that player.


When he realized it was Bolg calling his name, he immediately said「Geh!…」with an unpleasant expression.

「…Bolg. I never thought I’ll meet you this fast」

「Oh, come on! What’s that unpleasant look? It makes me sad, you know?」

「Well, sorry about that. But… I just want to survive and win. So, to be honest, I don’t want to meet you until the end」

「It’s already the final stage tho. The game is about to end」

「Yeah, I know. But…」


Gray sighed with his hand holding his forehead.

「I don’t know what’s wrong with the event this time. I just met a really strong player in the forest. And now, you Bolg! Ahh, I have no luck today」

「A strong player? Interesting… What kind of player?」

「She was barehanded just like you. A girl with black hair and blue eyes. Maybe she was hiding her weapon with【Quick Set】. Even so, I couldn’t do anything against her」

「Hoo… Even a strong player like you couldn’t do anything? I see. Very interesting」

‘A girl with black hair and blue eyes’… it kind of bothered Bolg’s mind because she had probably met with this player somewhere before. But she convinced herself that it was just her interest in a strong player whoever they were.

「【Quick Set】」

After Bolg activated that skill, a big silver spear appeared in her hand.
The spear looked a bit too big for her, but she handled it without a problem at all.

「Anyway, let’s end the talk here. Since we met like this, there is only one thing to do, right?」

「…… Yeah. I would like to run away if possible. But since there is no cover here, it’ll be risky to turns my back against you」

And then Gray prepared his sword.

They stared into each other’s eyes.
The next moment, they ran towards each other at high speed just like the bullet shooted from a gun. The speed where they didn’t even care about the possibility of collision with each other.
And finally, the two clashed.
A big sword and a big spear collided.
And this moment, the battle of the strongest had begun.


ーー On the other side, Mallow didn’t even fight with any player at all.

「Haaaー, it looks like there is no other player here. It’s kinda boring」

While murmuring like that, she walked through the forest.

There were two reasons why she hadn’t met any players.
First, only a few players who had been teleported to the forest area in the first place.
Second, the players in the forest had already been slaughtered by Gray.

Thanks to that, it had become an easy game for her.
She picked up a lot of HP and MP potions along the way.
And the【Hazard State】cooldown would soon be over.
Therefore, she decided to walk towards the center of the map since she was in perfect condition.

She clenched her fist and raised a voice.

「Yo~sh! I’ll do my best until the endー!」

Still, there were no players coming after her loud voice.

Such a “lucky” girl.


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