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Chapter 21: Too Early For the Final Showdown


「【Solo・Impact】! 」

She swung her axe down at the enemy in front of her.
The axe crushed the enemy player’s body and inflicted fatal damage to them.
And then that player became polygon pieces and scattered along with the shattering sound.

After she confirmed there were no enemies around left, Mallow used【Quick Set】and then her axe glowed and disappeared from her hand.

「Alright, now I just need to run toward the safe zone, right?」

She checked up the mini-map interface at the edge of her sight. The map had been shrinking over time more and more.
Mallow was about to reach the safe zone.
In the final stage, the safe zone will be in the wasteland area. The area where the outlook is great and there’s no obstacle to cover yourself.
The suitable area for the final battle… perhaps.

After checking the map, Mallow started moving again.
She walked straight forward to the safe zone without thinking about the possibility of encountering the enemies in the middle of the way.
But more or less, she still didn’t let her guard down.
For now, the first priority was to reach the safe zone. She thought maybe the other players wouldn’t bother to fight with her either.
No… There was no way it would turn out like that. If another player appeared, of course they would be trying to decrease the numbers of the survivor, right?
While the contradictory speculation kept popping inside Mallow’s head, she somehow forgot that she was in the middle of the battle royale event right now.
If she could run away until she reached the safe zone, everything would be okay. Maybe…
She didn’t think about what would happen afterwards.
It was called ‘safe zone’ but actually it was the battlefield for the final battle.

Mallow continued moving straight and eventually, she arrived at the safe zone.
She could see a big desert land through the trees. Mallow was in the boundary line between the forest area and the wasteland area now.
And then she sped towards the wasteland area.

ーーA big barren land spread out in front of Mallow’s eyes.
The wasteland that continued to the end of the horizon.
She could tell how big the land was because there was no cover and obstacle at all.
She even could see a really tall blue wall that separated the safe zone and the danger zone.
If you are in the danger zone, you will get damage every second and eventually die.
Before the wall catched up with her, she had to reach the final safe zone that was shown on the map.
But when she about to ran, she sawー


「Checkmate… Owata Samurai-san」

Owata Samurai whose body was penetrated by a silver lance.

Of course, the owner of that lance was herー
A girl with silver hair, golden eyes and a military suit armor.


And right now, it seemed that the outcome of the battle had already been determined.

Owata Samurai who lost, turned into polygon pieces and disappeared.
Bolg, the winner, left behind and gazed at the glittering polygon fragments that were about to disappear. And then she turned back.

She looked into Mallow’s eyes.
Just with a glare, Mallow became nervous and felt like the electric shocks ran through her body.
Her hand was trembling.
But Mallow clenched her hand tightly and stared back at Bolg’s eyes.

Words were not necessary.
No need to chit chat.
As they met with each other like this, there was only one thing to do.

And who started first was Mallow.

「【Giant Torches】! 」

A huge fireball appeared from her palm, burning the ground around her and approaching Bolg in a straight line.
Bolg seemed to be prepared to wipe the flame away. And the next moment, her body was swallowed by the pillar of fireー


Mallow could feel the hot air from the explosion.

「(Did I kill her?)」

While Mallow thought that she killed her, the pillar of fire was torn in half.
And Bolg appeared from the inside.
She aimed her spear at Mallow’s face and began to walk slowly at first thenー dashed with the speed of surging waves.
The tip of the sharp spear approaching Mallow at high speed.
But Mallow was able to repel it with her horizontal punch and use that momentum to get closer to Bolg.

「【Gigant Punー」

「【Lunar Flare】! 」

Before Mallow could release her punch, dazzling rays of light shooted out into all directions from the spear.
It hit Mallow and blew her away, made her roll on the ground.
Bolg didn’t wanna miss this chance.
Now for sure, she wants to pierce her spear into Mallow’s body for good.
But Mallow wasn’t just lying on the ground and doing nothing either.
She rolled on the ground, trying to avoid the spear blowー


The spear drilled into the ground.
The crack from the point where the spear stuck, spread around and made a big crater.
Blown away again by the impact, Mallow’s HP decreased bit by bit.

This is not good.
She intuitively thinks.
That she can’t win against her.
Her mind was screaming inside.

Yet, after coming this far, she couldn’t just run away.
She was sure if she chose to escape, the moment she turned her back, the spear would pierce through her body.
However, is there a chance to win if she keep fighting?
【Giant Torches】didn’t work.
【Big Lumbering】has a long animation. It most likely won’t hit her.
【Gigant Punch】is too risky to use.
The spear has more attack range advantage than the axe in the first place.
Maybe it’s quicker to fight with bare hands after all.
But… However…

「(Aaahhh… what should I do?)」

Mallow was thinking for a moment.

「(I don’t wanna trust this fight on my luck, but…)」

However, perhaps using this skill is the best way to do…
She should use it after all…

「【Hazard State】! 」

Mallow decided to gamble once again.


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