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Chapter 22: Hazard・Dead


「【Hazard State】! 」

A black mist aura covering Mallow’s body.
Her eyes turned red and her face became expressionless like a Noh mask.
However, her whole body emitted unbearable killing intent.
Bolg took Mallow’s aura with her whole body and trembling in fear.

「I see. The real battle has just started, huh? Or it’s just her last struggle?」

Bolg gripped her Spear of the Supreme God tightly.
Usually, she would use【Gungnir】right away, but her MP was really low.
Well, she could still use it with her current MP though. But if she did it, it would drain all of her MP.
Thanks to the battle with Gray and Owata Samurai, she only had half of her max MP right now.
If she used【Gungnir】that had a high MP cost, there was no doubt her MP would be zero right after she used it.
And there was no guarantee that if she used【Gungnir】, the battle would end.
As long as she didn’t have a guarantee to win, she didn’t wanna use【Gungnir】 because it would be too risky.

Mallow, who didn’t even know Bolg’s circumstance, put all of her strength to her foot as her eyes glowed red.
No… the one who put the strength on her foot wasn’t her anymore.
It was an AI that had the command to destroy the enemy around.
Even Mallow herself didn’t know what kind of result the AI would bring with using her body.

A temporary physical buff.

And then she jumped out.

『【Quick Set】』

The God of Destruction’s Battleaxe appeared in her hand.

Then she swung the axe down to Bolg who held Spear of the Supreme God in her hand.
But Mallow had entered Bolg’s attack range before her axe reached Bolg. And Bolg immediately thrust her spear into Mallow’s body.


「What theー!」

She could feel the feedback from her attack.
It felt like she punched a metal.
But, even though it felt like metal, she was able to penetrate Mallow’s body like a tofu with her spear.
Then her hand that was holding the spear somehow forced back and made her bend her body back a bit.
And as if Mallow were aiming for that moment, she began to swing her axe again.


「Ghh! 【Restart】! 」

The moment the axe was about to reach her body, she disappeared and teleported about 5 meters from there.

【Restart】is an emergency escape skill that can be used only once per battle.
It was very useful, but the cooldown was really long.
It seemed that she could only use it once in this whole event.

Bolg made a bitter look because Mallow was able to force her to use that skill.
But, if she didn’t dodge Mallow’s attack just now, she might be lost.
Bolg convinced herself that it was the right decision.

「(Hmm… But…)」
「(Her behaviour just now. It seems like she was ignoring my attack completely)」
「(Also, my attack didn’t seem to work)」
「(That means…)」

「I see. She is invincible, huh?」

She reached that conclusion really quick.
While Bolg was done with her thinking, Mallow began to move and approach her.

「I’m sure, there is no way that invincibility will last forever. There must be a skill duration. If that’s the caseー 【Invisible】! 」

Bolg disappeared from the spot.
Actually, Bolg’s body became invisible and couldn’t be seen.

The body will become transparent during the duration.

She used it to escape from Mallow’s sight and bought some time until Mallow’s invincibility wore off.

「(When your invincibility effect runs out, I’ll play with you again)」

She might act like a coward, but that was also a good battle tactic, right?
It was a way to gain victory.

ーーBut, before she noticed, Mallow approached and grabbed her collar.
And because of that, 【Invisible】effect turned off and Bolg’s body was exposed.


Mallow grabbed her collar tightly and lifted her body up.
Bolg was so confused.

Why Mallow could catch her even though she was invisible.

ーーThe reason is simple.
Now, the AI that has the command to “destroy the enemy around” which is controlling Mallow’s body now, don’t use visual information to recognize the enemy.
But, it will detect the enemy around the limited AoE with some kind of signal.
As long as the enemy don’t get outside the AoE, the AI will detect them and chase after them.

「(Eh? How did I catch Bolg-san?)」

Mallow, who didn’t know about her own ability, became surprised too.

Even Mallow herself was surprised, her body didn’t just stand still.
She held Bolg’s body in the air and made a fist.
Bolg knew what she would do next, and that made her remember something.
She heard about the punching machine at the anniversary event. She guessed that maybe the one who was able to get the highest score on that machine was the girl in front of her.
If that was the case, she was in great danger.

『【Gigant Pー』

「【Aero・Blast】! 」

Before Mallow could even activate her punching skill, something blew her body off with a powerful knockback effect.
It gave no damage at all because she was invincible. But the knockback effect seemed to work.
Bolg looked at Mallow who was blown away from her and felt relieved.

「(Haha, I never expected that fighting a player will become this exciting)」

She didn’t know what Mallow would do next.
It had been a while since the last time she had such tension.
The feeling that she forgot.
She was grateful to Mallow who made her remember this feeling.
Therefore, she saidー

「I won’t run away from here! Instead, I’ll try to pressuring you from now on!」

There’s no doubt that her invincibility has a duration.
But Bolg was planning to keep pressuring her until the duration was over.
It didn’t matter if she could do it or not.
She wanted to do it, so she would do it.

Mallow’s body couldn’t read Bolg’s intention.
Her body was only focused on destroying the enemy.
Destroy the enemy as soon as possible.
But until now, she still couldn’t defeat Bolg yet.
If so, the next attack would be a really strong one.

『【Rabbit Step】』

Mallow’s figure disappeared.

With just one jump, Mallow leapt into the air as if she was gliding across the ground.

『【Critical Attack】』

From the jumping momentum, she stuck out her right foot and took a kick position.
And then she launched like a human cannonball.

But Bolg didn’t wanna dodge that deadly kick.
She gripped her lance and braced herself.
This was a reckless challenge.
She knew that her attack couldn’t hurt Mallow in the first place.
There was no way they would die at the same time, because if their attack collided with each other, most likely Mallow was the one who would survive.
It was better for Bolg to attack with the skill that had some kind of effect. Just like 【Aero・Blast】before.
But… Now… Bolg just wanted to fight the really aggressive and reckless.
It was nothing but, she just wanted to clash directly into a threat in front of her.
That’s it.


The silver lance dyed with jet-black color.
It’s only a stabbing skill. But it’s one of the most powerful attacks she has.

Mallow’s kick was getting closer..



…………Bad luck for Mallow.

Right before her kick reached Bolg, the【Hazard State】duration ended.
As a result, Mallow suddenly regained control of her body and lost her balance while she was still in the air.

【Critical Attack】cancelled.

And what was waiting for her on the ground was a black spear that was about to make a hole on her body.


ーThe spear penetrated her body.
Her HP bar decreased quickly.
And before she could say anythingー



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