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Chapter 23: After the Festivities


ーーFinally, the Battle Royal Event was over.

The player who survived until the end and won the event wasー Bolg.
It could be said that everything had ended as predicted.

Gray, who was said to be the one of the winning candidates and other top-class players were defeated by Bolg along the process. She should be able to finish the game more quickly if it wasn’t because of an irregular element.

Yes, the irregular element was herー

Mallow’s presence was unexpected for many players.
No one expected that there was a player who could fight equally with Bolg besides Gray.
And that player, Mallow, was completely an unknown player.
She might be the one who had the highest score in the punching machine on the anniversary event before. But that’s it, not many players knew about her.

There was no doubt that she wasn’t a newcomer in this game.
Because she was on the level 80-99 tier of battle royal.
And made her existence even more mysterious.
If she was a strong player who was able to compete with Bolg, there must be rumors about her before.
But, no players knew her existence up until now.

Where the heck did she come from? Where will she be going?

…..And, the person who had become the center of attention, Mallowーno, Aoi wasー

「Nnngghhh~ It was fun todayー」

After she logged out of the game, she sat on her bed enjoying the aftertaste of the event.

To be honest, she wanted to talk about the event with Buncho, Owata Samurai, and in addition, Hamgoro. But she was really tired and couldn’t resist the fatigue, so she had logged out early.

「Aahh… I almost beat her though…」

Unfortunately, she was in 10th place.

She was fighting well and 10th place was good enough.
Rather, it was really amazing for her. Because she was able to reach that far on her first event.
But still, for Aoi, it wasn’t good enough.

「Ugh… It’s frustrating…」

She really wanted to make it into the top place even though 10th place was also a great achievement.
She was still upset because she almost defeated Bolg.
Well, even after defeating Bolg, she had to fight the rest of the players and survive though. But there was no doubt that she would get closer to the victory if that happened.

「Ahh, really… Next time, I won’t lose」

And for that purpose, she needed to improve her skill as a player.
Aoi thought that she couldn’t defeat Bolg simply because her player skill and technique wasn’t good enough.

After all, she definitely had a higher status point but Bolg had a higher skill as a player and technique to overturn it. Mallow didn’t have one, so she lost.

Besides, she also had to improve her skills a bit more.
Now, all she can do is attacking.
She didn’t have many support skills.
Of course, she could still fight well with that. But that wasn’t enough.
If she wanted to do something, she must do it perfectly.
It would be a hard and long process. But she was sure that one dayー

Brrr Brrr.


Suddenly, her mobile phone at the bedside vibrated.

Apparently, someone called her.
She looked at the clock.
It’s already 11 o’clock in the middle of the night.
Who called at this time?
She tilted her head as she checked her mobile phone screen. The person who called her was ‘Nikaido Ai’
She was Aoi’s friend but… what kind of business that she had so she must call Aoi in the middle of the night.

Well, it was no use thinking too much about this.
Then she decided to receive the call.

「Uーmm, hello?」

「Oissu~ Aoi?」

「Un, is it Ai who talking?」

「Of course, ahaha! It would be scary if a stranger called you using my phone, right?」

「Right… And then, why are you calling me this late? It’s not a good manner calling people in the middle of the night, you know?」

「Un, I know. But I have something to ask you」

「What is it?」


Ai became quiet for a moment.

Aoi thought that Ai was hesitating. So, Aoi waited for her without rushing her.
And the next word that came out from Ai’s mouth made Aoi surprised.

「Aoi… You are Mallow, right?」


「You are playing GF, right?」

「Ehh? Ehhhhh?」

Aoi never expected that her account would be exposed to her friend.

And one more thing that made her surprised was that Ai talking about “GF”『Genesis Frontier』.

「W-Well… If I have to answer, the answer is “Yes, Mallow was me” but… How did you know it?」

「Really? I watched the battle royal event footage today and suddenly there was a player who looked like you. And I thought that I should call you and make sure. I wasn’t expecting it was a bingo tho」

「….. So, you called me without proof if it was me?」

「Yeap. It would be kinda embarrassing if you told me that I was wrong. So I was hesitated」

If that was the case, Aoi thought that she didn’t have to be honest.
Well, if she lied, it didn’t mean that Aoi would get any merit though.
But more importantly, Aoi was curious about Ai playing GF.

「If you watched the battle royal footage, that means… you are playing GF too?」

「Yeap. Actually, I’ve been playing it for quite a while」

「I never heard anything about it from you tho」

「Now we are even, right?」

「Ahh… right」

Aoi had no right to blame Ai for not telling her about GF.
Well, even if she had, she wouldn’t blame her friend though.

And then AI said something with an exciting voice.

「By the way, Aoi! I have a proposal for you. Wanna hear it?」

「Hm? What is it?」

「If you don’t have any plan tomorrow, you wanna play with me?」

「Let me guess, you wanna play GF, right?」


「It’s okay, but Ai. Don’t you have to do the live streaming? If I’m not mistaken you are a streamer on wetuve, right?」

「Un. You’re right」

A free popular website where you can share your videos. Ai seemed to do the streaming there.
She started it 100% as a hobby and finally became a popular streamer.

「Is it by any chance you want to stream GF?」


「So, if I play together with you, I’ll be on your stream as well?」

「If you want tho」

「Umm… isn’t it a bit unfair?」

「You think so?」

Aoi and Ai made a bitter smile at the same time.

「Well, it seems that my viewers were interested in Mallow. Their comments were like “Who the heck is that player? She can fight that far against Bolg!?”… Like that」

「I, It’s kinda embarrassing…」

「Therefore… I want to introduce you to my viewers if I can. So they will know that my friend is awesome」

「………… One day… Give me one day to think about it」

Aoi wanted to think carefully about it and asked Ai for some time.
She couldn’t accept Ai’s request immediately.
She wanted to sleep well tonight and think carefully tomorrow.
And Ai didn’t seem she needed the answer right away.

「Un, okay. I don’t need you to answer me right now either. I’ll wait until after school tomorrow」


「Well then, I said everything I wanted to say so… Good night, see you tomorrow」

「Un, good night」

Then Aoi hung up the phone.
She was looking at the phone screen that had turned black for a while and dropped her body into the bed.

「A wetuve video debut, huh? Isn’t it a little too fast for me…」


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    Death Fairy
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    Thanks for the Wetuvers!

    Yup, power without skill is no good

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