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Chapter 24: AiAi the Streamer


Aoi arrived at school early and sat on her desk. She opened up her mobile phone and searched for Ai’s wetuve account. It had been a while since she visited Ai’s wetuve channel and looked at the account name.『AiAi』.

「AiAi? A monkey?」

*/TL : AiAi sounds like アイアイ / Aye-aye. A native primate from Madagascar.

That was Ai’s name as a streamer.
The content of her videos was basically about games with all kinds of genres.
Sometimes, there was also a chit chat stream. But the title was kinda awkward though.
It was『Let’s Talk With AiAi♡』.

Compared to the chit chat, the stream title for Genesis Frontier Section was very easy to understand.
It was『Walk around the GF world with maxing only one stat!!??』
It seemed that Ai had been putting all the status points into one status.
Aoi didn’t know which status it was just by looking at the title.
She wanted to watch this video at first because she was curious about Ai’s character’s status, but she changed her mind and chose to ask the person herself later.
Maybe it would be embarrassing for Ai as well if the person she knew watched her video.

「(No… maybe not…?)」
「(Maybe she’ll be happy if I watch her videos…?)」

Anyway, Aoi has to decide whether she will join Ai’s stream or not during today.
She wished that she had a bit longer time to think.
Well, if she asked, Ai would give her more time though. But that was for the last resort.
Aoi afraid that she wouldn’t think about it seriously if she had so much time.

「Ahh~ Ai’s avatar is sooo cute~」

Ai used her avatar appearance as her video thumbnail.
A girl avatar with pink hair and a pair of crimson eyes.
The armor was a maid uniform with a flower design on it.
And her weapon was… a scythe? Aoi couldn’t guess what kind of playstyle Ai had.
But there’s no doubt that her character is a DPS.


Suddenly, a loud voice came from the classroom doorway. Aoi surprised and unintentionally turned off her mobile phone.
She turned back timidly and looked at the doorway. There was Nikaido Ai standing there.

「Y-You surprised me, Ai! don’t make a greet with such a loud voice!」

「Ehhh, but you should greet people cheerfully, right?」

「You won’t make it ‘cheerful’ with just a loud voice, you know?」

「Maybe you’re right, hehe!」
Ai laughed weirdly.

「Aoi, what were you just looking at?」

「What are you talking about?」

「You were playing with your phone, right? I wonder what were you looking at on your phone」

Ai pointed at the mobile phone on Aoi’s hand.

「Hahh… So, you saw me? Just call out for me first instead of that loud greet, ‘kay? It’s embarrassing, you know?」

「Haha, sorry sorry. You were looking at your phone seriously, so it was hard for me to call you first」

「It’s okay. It’s your usual habit after all」

「Well, we are childhood friends after all. So, you already used to this kind of thing, right?」

「It’s not an okay thing to get used to. Next time, call out for me first okay?」


Although they already talked like this many times, Ai never changed.
She sat on the desk in front of Aoi, who sighed, good grief.

「And then? What were you looking at?」

「Aa, umm. I was looking at your channel」

「Eh? Ohh~ You finally watched my videos!」

Her expression became brighter than before.
Aoi was astonished by Ai, who smiled brightly.

「Well, I watched your stream back then tho」

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Yeah. But I didn’t write any comments」

「So, you didn’t watch it lately?」

「Un… Kinda busy playing game」

「GF, right?」


「Well, It because I knew that Aoi is a top player on GF」

「…… Let me say something. I’m only high on level, but my skill as a player still sucks, you know?」

「Eh? Is that so?」

Aoi nodded.

As we know, in the Genesis Frontier, she had been chopping the Monster Tree for a year.
But she kept it quiet because it would be a long talk.
She asked Ai instead.

「I saw your video archive. You played GF for quite a long time too, right?」

「Un. Because GF had so many good reviews since the beta test. For a game streamer like me, playing such a game is a must, right? And GF has become my main game for my channel」

「So, do you mean you play it as an responsibility?」

「Nope. Not at all」
Ai made a serious face.

「I’m doing the streaming because it’s fun. And so the game. I’m playing it because it’s fun. I’m trying not to forget this feeling. If I forget it, maybe that’s the time for me to retire」

「I see」

「I think it’ll be difficult to play such a fun game with a sense of obligation. You think so too, right Aoi?」

「Umm… Maybe?」

「Geh!? Aren’t you supposed to say yes!?」Slap!
Ai acted like a ‘straight man’ in a Japanese duo comedy.

A wry smile came out from Aoi’s face.

Actually, in this past year, Aoi didn’t play Genesis Frontier because she wanted to have fun.
When she was clearing the tree quest, she was playing with a sense of duty. There was no other feeling than that.
And she thought it was okay to play like that.
After the quest had cleared, she went to the town and participated in the event. And for the first time, she thought that this game was fun.
Therefore she wanted to have more and more fun in this game world.
And she thought it would be more fun if she played with Ai.

「Umm… Ai」


「It’s about what we talked about yesterday….. Un, I decided. I’ll accept your offer to be on your stream」

「Eh, really? Are you sure?」

「Yeah, but… don’t expect too much from me, okay? I’ll be participating in your stream simply as a friend of yours. I hope you are okay with it」

「Un un! It’s totally oookay! As I expected from my beloved friend Aoi! I know you will say yes! I love you! Huuugー」


Ai hugged Aoi tightly and made Aoi suffocate a bit.

Aoi was easily swayed by Ai’s over emotional expression as usual.


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