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Chapter 25: Streaming with My Childhood Friend


Area 4, Wasteland area.

Ai logged into the game and started the stream.

「A, Aー」

『G’ Afternoon』
『It’s startingー!』
『Let’s begin the stream /’o’)/』

About 1000 viewers were waiting for her stream.
When Ai ーno, AiAi confirmed that the LiveChat box was lively as usual, she greeted the viewers cheerfully like always.

「AiAi~ the ‘caretakers’, oissu~! And for all the other viewers too, g’ mornin g’ evening~! AiAi dayo~」

『I’ve been waiting~!』
『It’s KawAiAi as usual』
『Let’s hang her on the title』

「Un! AiAi! Guys~, you guys maybe will be surprised today. Yesterday, that person approved my offer! And today, we’re going to play together on the stream」

『The girl you talked about yesterday?』
『Ohh. The girl who became a topic on the thread yesterday?』
『She was your real friend?』
『Wait, AiAi-chan, you didn’t forcibly invite her, don’t you?』

「N, No! I didn’t invite her by force. But, with a usual cute “pwease~♡”」

『Oh, as I thought』
『With just asking cutely, it doesn’t mean she will say okay, right?』
『Poor real friend…』

「N, No no no! I really didn’t force her, mkay? Well, she is the type of person who can’t reject people’s request tho」

Aoi had always been the type of person who couldn’t ignore people’s requests.
It was because she was a multi-talented girl who could do anything. And on top of that, she lacked initiative. That meant she had a lot of free time.
But she has become very busy lately. Well, that was a good thing. An improvement.
She had been doing something (playing Genesis Frontier) this past year. As her friend, Ai was relieved that Aoi had something that made herself happy.
But, like a sparrow that had a weird up and down flying habit, a human couldn’t forget the habits they have acquired when they were young, even as they grew older.
And it seemed Aoi also couldn’t forget her old habit.
Ai somehow regretted that she might be taking advantage of her friend’s habit.

「W, Well… what happened happened. Can’t be helped, ryt? Leaving that aside, today that girlー Mallow and I will be playing together. And maybe I’ll be ignoring you guys because I’m sure that I’ll be too focused playing with Mallow. So, I hope you guys fine with it」

『It’s okay~』
『Can’t be helped』
『Okay~ I’m happy if AiAi can have some fun with your real friend!』
『Btw, Mallow? Isn’t she is the girl who was in the top place at the event?』

「Un, you guys right. In the last event, I mean at the event yesterday, Mallow was at the top place on the level 80-99 tier battle royal. She was 10th place」

『It’s a big difference from the one who died after got a counterattack from Owata Samurai!』
『Oi! We promised we won’t bring that up again!』
『The moment you guys made that promise, I wasn’t a viewer yet』

「Guys… I’ll ignore people who talk about the past~」

AiAi glanced up into the LiveChat box while wondering when Aoiー Mallow would come.
They had already decided the meeting time in advance.
It was about 5 minutes before the time, so it was natural if she wasn’t here yet. Even so, AiAi was still feeling impatient because it had been a while since they were playing together.

When they entered junior high school, Aoi was completely absorbed in the music club. Ai who didn’t have musical talent, couldn’t even hang out with her.
A lot had happened since then, and Aoi somehow quit the music club. Since then, Ai felt a distance from Aoi.
And when they entered high school, Aoi always said that she had a business to do after school and immediately went home. Therefore, Ai had rarely been hanging out with Aoi since then.
If Ai asked Aoi about her “business” back then, they might have been playing GF together since then. But it’s no use to regret it now.
Let bygones be bygones.
Ai was the type of person who lives in the future rather than in the past.

「Well then, we got some time before Mallow arrived. What should we do? A chit chat section?」

『Oh! It’s been a while』
『What about leveling instead?』
『I prefer chit chat』
『Chit chat too~』

「It looks like there are a lot of people who prefer the chit chat section. Well, let’s talk then. But, I don’t have any topics right now」

『Ehh? And you call yourself a streamer?』
『AiAi is a splendid streamer, you know!?』
『Tell us about Mallow-chan』

「Mallow? Umm… But I don’t know much about Mallow. I just know that Mallow was actually my friend yesterday. So, I didn’t ask about her strength secret or anything」

『Even thought you guys are a real friend?』

「We have to keep good manners even between friends, you know? Especially, Mallow has many complexes… Ah! btw, the battle between Mallow and Bolg yesterday was amazing, right? Both of them were really cool! Ahh~ I hope I can fight like that someday」

『That won’t happen』
『It’s an empty dream』
『Maybe you can if you remake your character lol』

「Wait… Don’t you guys think you all a bit harsh on me today?」

This is actually what the chat flowed on the live chat box usually.
The comments were strict on AiAi and then she rebuked them as usual.
But sometimes, the viewers also spoiled her.
AiAi loves this kind of atmosphere on her stream.
Therefore, she was able to continue streaming until now.
And it would be even more fun today because she could play with Mallow.

「So guysー wait? Hmm?」

『Ehh, what happened?』
『Is there a problem?』

「No. I heard someone call me just now. Or it’s just me?」

Actually, it wasn’t her imagination.
Apparently, someone called her from behind.
Then AiAi turned around and immediately smiled brightly.
Because the one who called her wasー

「AiAi~ sorry I’m a bit late」


Her childhood friend, Mallow.


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