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Chapter 26: Scolding


Mallow was able to find AiAi quickly.
AiAi was waiting at the Gun City Square. What was she thinking to make such a large place as a meeting place? Thought Mallow.
But thanks to AiAi’s avatar’s pink hair that really stood out, Mallow could find her really quickly.
Not many players had such unrealistic hair color on their avatar.
Even so, that hair color really suits her avatar though.

When Mallow approached her, she could see her name tag.
Player name 『[email protected]』.
There was a mysterious sphere floating in front of her. Is that a camera?
She was talking facing that thing. Maybe it was indeed a camera.

「O~i, AiAi~!」

Mallow approached her while calling her name.
Then AiAi, who was attracted by the voice, turned her back and smiled brightly.
She looked really happy. U~m, she was easy to understand.
Mallow was a little envious of AiAi’s frankness.

「AiAi~ sorry I’m a bit late」


AiAi immediately approached Mallow.

「You are not late thoー. Still have some time before the meeting time」

「I see. That’s good」

「As I thought, your avatar looks really similar to the real you. Maybe if you don’t come this close, I’ll never know it」

「On the other hand, yours doesn’t resemble the real you at all. Especially your hair color」

「Ehh~ isn’t it looks cute?」

「Well, I admit it’s cute tho」

「Ehehe, right~?」

AiAi bent her body forward and smiled with a cute pose.

Mallow felt like she was back in the time when they used to interact like this.
Really, they used to talk and laugh like this in the past. Mallow reminisced about their past.

「Ah! I’m sorry for neglecting you guys」

AiAi apologized to the viewers that Mallow couldn’t see.
And then she looked at Mallow and asked her「Is it alright?」.
Mallow immediately guessed what she wanted to do with her, and answered「Un, okay」.
After confirming Mallow’s permission, AiAi changed the direction of the camera to Mallow.

「Alright then. Guys, here is the person who you guys are waiting for! I mean, the person who I was waiting for! Please introduce yourself~」

「UーUmm… the name’s Mallow. Nice to meet you」

「Mallow, you are so stiff. Can you do it more cheerfully with jokes or something?」

「Unfortunately, because you invited me all of a sudden yesterday, I didn’t have time to think about an interesting self-introduction, you know!?」

Mallow glared AiAi, who was faltering, with scornful eyes.

「U-umm… S, Sorry」

「Don’t you feel that you are a bit carried away? You invited me as soon as you knew that I was Mallow. Normally, no one will say ‘okay’ if it wasn’t me, you know?」

「I… I know, but…」

「I even thought that you invited me to your stream just to get more viewers, you know? But I want to believe that you are not such a person」

「M… Mallow? Are you angry?」



「I look angry because maybe you have an ulterior motive from me, you know?」


It looked like AiAi couldn’t say any word.

Mallow regretted that she might a little too harsh after she looked at her friend’s crying expression.

「…..Sorry I was a bit harsh… I’m not angry, okay? It’s just… normally, we should take our time together before we do something like this. If you just wanna play with me, we can do it outside the stream, right?」

「Y, yeah. But, I think that streaming and playing is the same thing, so…」

「*Sigh*, I have guess that you are thinking like that」

「I, I’m sorry」

「No, it’s okay. But, I hope you won’t do it again to anyone else, ‘kay? Think carefully before you invite them to your stream, got it?」


「Good. Well then, let’s get over with it and changes our gears」

「U, Um」

But, the mood didn’t change immediately.
It might be the consequences of what Ai did, but her expression was too miserable. Maybe itw was because her viewers were also scolding her in the chat as well.
Mallow approached her andー

「…Fu, fue?」

「Geez, Ai. Stop making that face and cheer up! The viewers are watching, right?」

Mallow patted AiAi’s head gently.
Aoi remembered when they were in elementary highschool, Aoi always patted Ai’s head like this if she was crying.
But they were already in high school. It was a bit embarrassing.

「Mallow, you tickle me…」

It seemed like she felt not bad at all.
She blushed red while Mallow kept patting her head.
Mallow relieved seeing Ai’s face now and kept patting her head for a while.

And thenー

「M, Mallow. That’s enough, I’m already fine!」

AiAi pulled herself away from Mallow.
Her face was very red.

「I, It’s not because I’m embarrassed or anything, but….. Hey, ‘caretakers’! stop saying “moe” or “yuri”!」

It seemed that she remembered that there were viewers watching them.
On the other side, Mallow was a bit sad that AiAi got away from her.


「Hm? What is it, Mallow?」

「Who is that ‘caretakers’ you talked about?」

「Ahh, it’s a nickname for my subscribers」

「Eh? Why ‘caretakers’?」

「It’s because I’m AiAi?」

「(As I thought, she is a monkey or something)」


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