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Chapter 27: Before Duel


「Well then, AiAi. What we’re gonna do today?」

It looked like AiAi was still a bit gloomy, so Mallow decided to talk first.
Even a pushy person like her wouldn’t start her engine all of a sudden without encouragement from other people.
And apparently, AiAi became a bit more relieved after she heard Mallow talk first.

「U, Umm… I was planning to do a quest here in area 4 together with you」

「A quest?」

「Yup. And that’s a difficult one. The quest objective is to kill “Red Death Worm” monster」

「Geh. An insect-type monster? I’m not very good at handling insect monster tho」

「It’s alright, it’s not a spider. It’s an earthworm monster」

「…That doesn’t make me feel relieved at all」

Well, if it was an earthworm, she could still endure it.
She didn’t know why Ai chose an annelid as a target.
She was sure there weren’t many people who could handle that winding living thing.
At least she didn’t want to touch it.

「But, before we are going to clear the quest… Mallow!」

「Eh? What?」

「There is something I wanna do with you」

「Hoo… What is it?」

Because the viewers (it seemed AiAi called them ‘caretaker’) were watching them, AiAi pointed her index finger to Mallow, made a cool pose, andー



「Duel me!!!」


「Eh?… You don’t wanna duel with me?」

「Just kidding. It’s not like I don’t wanna duel with you」

「G, Geez! You are ruining the mood!」

「If you don’t want me to ruin the mood, you can tell me beforehand, right?」


「And then? Are we going to fight outside Gun City? But, it’ll make one of us get the death penalty, right?」

Mallow ignored AiAi who had received some kind of invisible damage.

「U, Un. We will use duel mode to fight so it’ll be fine」

「Duel mode…?」

「Eh? Mallow, you don’t know about duel mode?」

「…It’ll be helpful if you can teach me about it」

「Hmm. It’s the mode where you can PVP without worrying about the death penalty. If you open the menu screen, there is the ‘duel’ tab, right?」

「Sec… Aa, there it is」
Mallow nodded.

Suddenly, she wondered why Hamgoro did the crossing PK (PK-ing players who he met at the street all of a sudden).
If he used the duel mode, he could safely fight with people without causing them trouble, right?
Or maybe he didn’t know this mode too… no, wait. Even so, Owata Samurai-san would have told him about it.
If so…
She didn’t understand the reason at all.
She thought she would ask him when they meet next time.

「Okay then, before we begin the duel, we should become ‘friend’ first. Because you can only use the duel mode with friends」

「Mmm, how can I add a friend?」

「You don’t know that too? Mallow, are you possibly don’t have any friend yet?」

「Yeah… I think I can play GF a bit more fun if I have one」

「I, I see… You can add a friend via the ‘friends’ tab on the menu screen. I’ll send you a friend request this time」

「Okay. I just have to approve this, right?」

A screen appeared in front of Mallow.

『Player “[email protected]” wants to be your friend. Accept it?「YES」「NO」』

Then Mallow pushed the YES button.

「Nice, now you are on my friend list. And now I’ll send you the duel request, kay?」


「Random stage. Unlimited time. No items allowed… Okay, sent」

「Aa, this is it, right?」

『Player “[email protected]” wants to duel. Accept it?「YES」「NO」』

Mallow pushed the YES button without hesitation.
And then the countdown appeared at the top of Mallow’s sight.

「What is this…?」

「It’s a countdown. 60 seconds before we teleported to the PVP stage. Be ready, because the battle starts from the moment we move to the stage」

Mallow nodded.

They were waiting for the countdown to reach zero.
Time flowed really slowly while they waited.
AiAi was talking with the viewers while waiting.

「Guys, Mallow and I are about to PVP. So, I’m sorry if I can’t see the chat box because I need to concentrate. I’m fighting against that Mallow, you know!? The one who fought Bolg and almost won against her! I can’t let my guard down, right?」

10 seconds left before they teleported.

「AiAi, let’s have a good fight!」

「Un! Let’s do our best so we won’t regret later!」

While they were encouraging each other, the countdown finally reached zero.
And then Mallow’s view completely became white, and she closed her eyes.
She felt a strange floating feeling just like she had felt at the battle royal event before.
What made it different from before was…
In the pure white view, she was blown by a force from the front all of a sudden.
And Mallow opened her eyes andー


She stood in the middle of the golden land that continued forever.
It appeared the PVP area that was randomly chosen was the Golden Carpet.
And what was on Mallow’s sight ahead wasー

AiAi who was holding a scythe and smiling fearlessly.

「Let’s begin, Mallow!」


AiAi’s figure disappeared all of a suddenー!


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