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Chapter 28: A Tangible Battle


She was too fast.
Mallow couldn’t even follow her movement with her eyes.
AiAi’s maneuver was too amazingly fast.


AiAi used her scythe to attack Mallow.
Mallow received slashing attacks again and again.
It seemed AiAi used【Quick Set】before the battle because she didn’t hold any weapon earlier.
What a convenient skill.
It was a must-have skill for some players, especially those who had a big-sized weapon type.

And while Mallow was thinking like that, she received another slashing attack.
Fortunately, the damage was low.
It was probably because the stat that AiAi maxed was AGI.
Furthermore, she might also get some AGI points from titles and skills.
Or else, she wouldn’t get such a speed.

「But, even soー」

Mallow was pushed lightly for about 1 meter backward.
It seemed she received a skill attack with a knockback effect.
But still, the damage was weak.
If it’s continued, the battle will last forever.
Therefore, Mallow prepared a decisive blow and tried to strike back.

「【Heavy Lumbering】! 」

She summoned a giant axe and swung it horizontally.
The skill range was considerably wide. But to use it against AiAi, it might be useless. Because the skill attack speed was too slow compared to AiAi’s speed.
And then, of course, AiAi was able to dodge Mallow’s attack easily and even give her another slash attack.

「(Ugh… What should I do? I can’t use【Giant Torch】and【Gigant Punch】because I can’t aim her well)」

More or less,【Giant Torch】has a wide range. Even if she couldn’t hit AiAi directly, maybe the shockwave that came from the explosion could blow her away. But Mallow didn’t wanna waste her MP to gamble like that.
Well, AiAi status was maxed on AGI only. Maybe she would get good damage even only from the shockwave.
But Mallow took into consideration of AiAi’s armor. The probability that she would die from it was really low.
Moreover, she might be wary of this skill. If so, the situation would get worse.


Anyway, it was gonna be a long battle.

…On the other hand, could the camera even catch AiAi’s moves on the map at a speed that even Mallow couldn’t catch up with her eyes?
The camera couldn’t catch her moves.
Therefore, the viewers could only watch AiAi’s afterimage.

『What in the world is happening right now?』
『World war 3…?』
『Is it even already started? (confused) 』
『It seems the battle is one-sided』
『Nah, AiAi-chan’s advantage is only the speed』

「(What this guy means by “only the speed”, huh!?)」

She thought to herself.

But she couldn’t deny it, because it was actually true.
She didn’t max only AGI just for showing off.
She moved at incredible speed without feeling dizzy because she was already used to it completely.
When she started playing Genesis Frontier, her brain couldn’t even catch up with her own speed. She often collided with objects, monsters, even players.
But now, she managed to get used to her speed.
She even felt that time progressed slowly while she moved at high speed.
Now she could draw complex trajectories while moving at high speed by taking small steps whenever she wanted to change direction.
And of course, she could attack as well while doing that.
In this past year, she had completely mastered her speed.

「(Nonetheless, why does Mallow move like a beginner? It’s unexpected)」

Mallow completely couldn’t catch up with AiAi’s move.

But she didn’t attack recklessly in a random direction. That’s clever. Even so, she was trying her best to chase AiAi’s move with her eyes and tried to attack sometimes, but failed.
When dealing with such a fast enemy, usually you won’t chase them with eyes. But predicts their trajectory and releases an attack in that direction. This is what’s called a deflection attack.
That was why AiAi always made small steps to draw a complex trajectory as much as possible so Mallow couldn’t predict it.
Still, there were monsters like Owata Samurai who could catch AiAi’s movement completely and attack her while she was at high speed.
It seemed that Mallow wasn’t that type of player.
She was completely fooled by AiAi’s movement.
And that was unexpected for a top player like Mallow.

「(Well, enemies who have speed like me are pretty rare tho. So maybe it’s rather normal for Mallow to react like that)」

AiAi came up with a conclusion like that.

Anyway, the battle continued.
It had already been about 5 minutes since the battle started.
But Mallow’s HP had only decreased by about 30%.
As expected, because AiAi didn’t put a single point on STR, her damage was too low.
She used the skill depending on AGI (【Super Sonic】) though. But still, it was only increased a little bit of damage output.
But, there was no problem.
AiAi was preparing the set up for this from the beginning because she chose unlimited battle time mode.
She wanted to keep moving at high speed and fooling Mallow around until she won.
She didn’t wanna win the battle because of the time limit.
She wanted to defeat Mallow for good if possible.
And for Mallow, the only key for her to win was to get used to AiAi’s speed and catch up with her movement.

「(But, at this rate, maybe she can’t catch up with my speed until theー!?… Ughh!? Whatー!?)」


Suddenly, Mallow grabbed AiAi’s collar and made her about to fall.
To be exact, Mallow grabbed her collar when she was about to attack Mallow again.

And when AiAi was still shocked, Mallow made a fist andー

「【Gigant Punch】! 」

She mercilessly punched AiAi’s abdomen.
AiAi, who had a really low defense and HP just like a paper, defeated instantly.

『Game Set!』

The scenery changed and they were back to Gun City. At the same time, AiAi realized that she lost.

「Eh? Ehhh?」
Why could she grab me?

AiAi’s head couldn’t keep up with the sudden defeat.

「Why am I… No… How… did you grab me…?」

「Hmm. I just simply follow your moves with my eyes tho」

Mallow answered AiAi’s question that unintentionally leaked from her mouth.

「Indeed you are fast. But as time goes by, I gradually get used to your speed, so I can follow your movement with my eyes」


AiAi wondered what kind of kinetic vision Mallow had.

But if she thought about it carefully, she remembered that Mallow was that kind of person from the start. Even if she can’t do anything at the beginning, she gradually grew and catched up little by little.
Moreover, Mallow was a diligent type of person.
If AiAi wanted to beat Mallow, she had to throw away long battle tactics and bring her into a quick battle.
But AiAi didn’t have a way to give Mallow fatal damage in a short time.
From the beginning, the outcome of this battle was obvious.

「A, Ahahaha!…」

「Hm? What’s wrong, AiAi?」

「Un! it’s nothing」

Mallowー Aoi didn’t change at all even inside the game.
Ai who was aware of it, had no choice but to laugh.
And she was happy. Because her friend was still the same as always.


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