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Chapter 29: UMA


「Aah… Darn it! It’s kinda frustrating that I lost」

Even though she said that AiAi seemed happy.

「I didn’t expect to be caught. I was expecting to lose to a massive AoE attack from you」

「If I could use an attack as busted as that, I’d use it at the start, ya know?」

「Hmm, I guess you’re right. Aahh… but still, I’m disappointed with myself. If we ever get the chance to fight again, I won’t lose next time, ‘kay?」

「Haha. Well, do your best! I’m looking forward to fighting you again」

If AiAi wanted to beat Mallow, her damage output must be higher. But where is she going to find a skill like that?
…Mallow thought that AiAi would eventually discover a skill that matched her style while also increasing her damage output.
AiAi was also a persistent kind of person. Once she had a goal, she would do everything in her power to reach it. Honestly, Mallow was a little scared of the future, if AiAi eventually grew into an incredibly strong player that had ridiculous movement speed and powerful attack.
In order to fight such a strong AiAi, Mallow knew she had to become stronger as well.

「Well, I’ve had enough of this. The ‘caretakers’ are watching too so… let’s continue」

「Next up is… we’re gonna kill the Red Death Worm, right?」

「Yep! So first, we must accept the quest from one of the homes in Gun City. Let’s go!」

「Lead the way, ma’am!」

Mallow nodded, following AiAi’s lead.

Their destination was less than a 3 minutes’ walk away.
They stood on the steps of one of the common houses.
They opened the pair swing of double doors, and entered. Within, sat a man with a thin and weak body.

AiAi spoke first.

「Are you all right old man?」

Mallow couldn’t help thinking that he didn’t look old enough to be called ‘old man’.

Then the NPC opened his mouth.

『…I saw something horrible… It’s the first time I’ve seen such a terrifying creature. No, was it even alive? Or maybe it was a demon that came from beyond the realm of death? Haha… If so, this world is doomed』

「Hmm… It looks like his level of sanity has hit zero. Maybe you ‘caretakers’ have already guessed what happened. He saw the Red Death Worm and became like this」

AiAi was reporting to her viewers.

『I can’t even leave the city. Not with a monster like that right outside. I told everyone here, but no one believes me. What the heck should I do?』

「Well then, should I get rid of it?」

『…Huh? A little girl like you?』


AiAi nodded to the NPC.

But the NPC warned her.

『I’d say it’s better you don’t go. That creature is terrifying. I don’t think you could win against it. Even so, you’d still want to go?』


『…What a reckless girl. Go if you want. I don’t care if you die』

After such a blunt statement, the NPC whisperedー

『Thank you for believing my story』

…Is he a tsundere?

Mallow was amazed by the quality of the AI controlling the NPCs in this game world.

「Okay. I’ve accepted the ‘UMA Series: Kill the Red Death Worm” quest. Next, we’re going to go to its spawn, kill it, and report back. Then the quest will be cleared」

「AiAi, a question!」

「Yes, Mallow?」

「What kind of monster Red Death Worm is? I mean, I know it’s an earthworm kind of monster, but can you explain more?」

「You know the Sand Worm? It’s the same as that monster: the worm pulls its head out of the ground, and spits out acid. But this one has another attack: it’ll squirm and move around below the earth and attack us from below. Any other questions?」

「Um… I’m also curious about the quest name. ‘UMA Series’… Series means that there are other UMA monsters?」
Editor’s note: UMA is an Unidentified Mysterious Animal.

「Yup. Right now, there are a few UMA monsters that have been confirmed. Like Skyfish and Nessie. It’s too bad that the most famous one, ‘Yeti,’ isn’t in the game yet. Maybe because snowy areas haven’t been implemented yet. Oh well, it can’t be helped」

「Hmm, I see」

Mallow was curious about Skyfish and Nessie. They didn’t live on the ground, right? How would you even fight them?

But that’s not what’s important now, so she stopped thinking about it.

「Do you guys have questions too?」

While AiAi was chatting with her viewers, Mallow decided to be quiet for a while.

「Umm… ‘Is AiAi-chan’s attack strong enough to hurt the Red Death Worm?’… Well, it’s a monster with low defense but high HP. I think my attack will do enough damage. Besides, I’ve got Mallow with me now. This quest’s clear is going to be pretty easy」

「I’ll do my best」

「Another question: ‘What is the quest reward?’ The rewards are manee and an accessory. It’s ‘Distorted Amber.’ A great item that gives you low dodge chance when equipped. Well, because it depends on luck, it might be not that reliable」

AiAi answered a few more questions before turning to Mallow.

「Okay. Let’s go Mallow!」

「Un…! Wait! Don’t go too fast, ‘kay? I can’t run that fast」

Mallow shouted after AiAi who was about to run.


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