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Chapter 30 : Those Lurking Beneath the Ground


「And here we are now. On the move to clear the quest」

『We know』
『We have eyes you know』
『Don’t underestimate your ‘caretakers’!』

They moved on, arriving at a place covered in red soil. Wasteland Area 4.
Sand Rabbits (which are kind of cute), and Sand Lizards (small dragon monsters), spawned here.
Depending on the color of the wasteland area, the monster’s body color changed to compensate. Because of that, all the monster’s in Area 4 were dyed blood-red.
Honestly, it was a bit harsh on the eyes.

AiAi thought it would be better if the color was a little less off-putting.

「I think we are about to reach the Red Death Worm’s nest」

「Eh? How do you know?」

「Look there. That spot in the red soil is much darker than the others, right? Maybe the Red Death Worm will appear there」


『I see, I see…』
『She’s collecting information first. Un, atta girl!』
『AiAi-chan, you should’ve shown your more reliable side like this to Mallow last time』
『This guy has a point』
『That’s why she was scolded』

「S-shut up please?! I’ve already introspected myself, ‘kay?」

『Regret it properly. Un, atta girl!』
『It looks like an ‘atta girl’ bot appeared in this channel.』
『AiAi will get too cocky if we spoil her too much…』
『Be more introspective and become a proper adult. ‘Stand!?』

「You guys… Are you my parents or what?」

『Your caretakers』
『Your owner』

Like normal, AiAi’s viewers were a bit harsh.
But this time AiAi wasn’t mad at them, just a little dissatisfied.

「Hey, AiAi?」

Mallow had just returned from playing with a Sand Rabbit while AiAi was chatting with her viewers.
For some reason, she got her ‘God of Destruction’s Battle Axe’ equipped.
AiAi felt a little restless after seeing the giant axe in Mallow’s hand. She asked her nervously,

「Mallow? …Why are you holding your axe?」

「Ah, this? I was wondering what kind of item a Sand Rabbit would drop, so I killed it」


『LOL. She killed it in the end?』
『And suddenly, Mallow-chan becomes dangerous!』
『Wasn’t she playing cheerfully with the rabbit just now?!』

「They only dropped a ‘Rabbit Skin’. Is this a useful item?」

「If I’m not mistaken, you can only sell them to NPCs」

「Ehh… it’s trash then」

Mallow murmured, disappointed.

「Oh well. The main target is the Red Death Worm after all」

「Oooh. You change gears so fast, as usual」

『They finally entered the dark red spot while chatting like this tho…』
『Be careful not to be attacked while talking girls!』
『I’ve heard that many players died after getting hit with a surprise attack from the Red Death Worm』
『That’s scary…』

Just like they said, Mallow and AiAi had already stepped into the dark red spot.
From here, the pair need to be careful. The Red Death Worm could emerge right below their feet, attacking them.

「Hmmm… I see… I guess I have a plan」

It seemed like AiAi had come up with something.

「Uh… I have a bad feeling about your plan, but I’ll ask first just to be sure: What’s your plan?」
Mallow asked.

AiAi nodded with suspicious confidence. She had a funny look on her face while lost in thought.

「Hm. The Red Death Worm can attack a player from below ground, because it can sense players who walk above, right?」

「Okay? So?」

「We don’t want to fall prey to a sudden surprise attack, right? I’m thinking about what if we make it come to us on purpose instead. Just so we know where exactly the worm will be attacking from」

「I see. I get your point but… wait… why are you taking a crouching start position? Don’t tell me you’re gonna…」

「Bingo! I’ll run around this spot as fast as I can and lure the Red Death Worm out」


Mallow shouted spontaneously.

「…Are you stupid?」

「I know I’m stupid! You didn’t have to say it twice, ‘kay?」

「So, you are aware of your stupidity. I bet your viewers are also stopping you from doing such reckless things, right?」

「Nope, they’re pushing me to go」

「Really? Those viewers! They’re good at reading your mood, eh?」

AiAi’s viewers, her ‘caretakers,’ could be harsh sometimes, but they were also motivating AiAi to do reckless things.

「Well then! Number 01, AiAi! Start–!」


She didn’t even wait for Mallow to stop her.

AiAi kicked off the ground running.

She sprinted around the wasteland, leaving a dust trail behind her.
As usual, what incredible speed.
She dashed around the dark red spot. Running in zig-zags until—


Something emerged from under AiAi’s dust trail.
A long vertical shadow came out of the cloud of dust.

Eventually the smoke cleared. And what was there was—

「Geh! Is that a Red Death Worm…?」

Even Mallow could see it clearly from a distance. A tall body like raw meat.
A sanguine body that shimmered brightly, harshly reflecting the sunlight.
The thing really did look like a giant worm, but weirder. Maybe because of all the sharp teeth on the tips of its body.
Suddenly, the Red Death Worm that was standing so tall, collapsed to the ground.
It looked at Mallow.
It didn’t have eyes though.
No nose, nor eyes on its face.
Only a mouth that opened so wide that you could see its endless sharp teeth.
Bluntly put, it was disgusting.
It was too gross-looking to be on video.
Mallow wondered why AiAi wanted to fight this monster on her stream.
But there was no time to ask.
The Red Death Worm rushed out from the soil. It turned towards Mallow, and sped in her direction–!


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