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Chapter 31 : Watch Your Step


ーーRight before the Red Death Worm appeared.

Mallow and AiAi were discussing tactics.

「Hmm… How about I tank for you?」

「No way!」

「…You answered so quickly!」

「That’s because–! AiAi? A tank?! With your paper-thin defense? Won’t it be better if I do the tanking instead?」

「Fufu. I’m no ordinary tank you know. I’m going dodge-tank」


「Yep. I’ll attract the worm’s aggro, while dodging its attacks at high speed. It’s perfect for me, right?」

「I see. With your speed, it’s possible. Mhm!」

「Aye! Leave it to me!」

ーーAnd the scene returned to the present.


An unpleasant and gigantic monster was rampaging ahead.
The Red Death Worm.
Around the monster were ribbons of afterimages.
It was AiAi!
She was running circles around the Red Death Worm, dodging its attacks while maintaining aggro with her repeated attacks.
She looked like a kamaitachi. A dust-devil youkai that cuts through its enemies at a breakneck speed.
AiAi’s damage might be low, but the worm’s HP was decreased steadily.
Even without Mallow’s help, AiAi might’ve been able to kill the worm eventually.

「But AiAi and I are a tag-team, right?」

Mallow prepared her axe.

I can’t just sit here while AiAi’s viewers are watching, right? I want to show them my best too!
It’s been a long time since I got the chance to play together with AiAi like this. I don’t want to waste precious time.


「【Heavy Lumbering】! 」

She summoned a giant axe and swung vertically.
The Red Death Worm’s head hung for a second, before slamming to the ground.
After receiving such a large attack, aggro immediately shifted to Mallow, but AiAi immediately released multiple attacks and the aggro swapped back to her.
Mallow’s attack did good damage.
But not as high as she expected.
Mallow wondered if the Red Death Worm might have a physical resistance.
If that’s the case—

「AiAi! I’ll be using AoE fire magic. Move out of the way!」

AiAi heard Mallow and moved instantly to a symmetrical position.
The Red Death Worm was now between her and Mallow.
Once Mallow had confirmed that AiAi was safe, she shot out a huge tower of flame.

「【Giant Torch】! 」


The giant Red Death Worm was swallowed by a giant pillar of fire. The monster writhed in pain inside the flames.
As expected, its magic resistance was lower than its physical resistance. Mallow’s magic attack did more damage than【Heavy Lumbering】had done before.

「AiAi! That worm is weak to magical attacks!」

「Yeah. That’s what it looks like」

「From now on, I’ll switch my big attack to a magical one!」

「That fire pillar just now?! I have to dodge that every time?!」

「Do your best!」

「Are you crazy?!」

But AiAi didn’t seem to be objecting to her idea.

With that decided, the next thing to do is to continuously attack the worm.
Mallow released her【Giant Torch】attack again and again.
【Giant Torch】has a high MP cost, but that’s not a problem.
Before this, Mallow had prepared a lot of mana potions. Plus, AiAi would create an opening for Mallow to recover.

Because of this, the Red Death Worm’s HP plummeted.
Its attack pattern changed once its HP was halved. But, thanks to AiAi who kept distracting it with her speed, Mallow was never attacked.
Eventually, the battle became one-sided. In the end, the Red Death Worm’s health hit zero.


An ear-shattering scream came from the dying worm.
Then it became geometric shards and disappeared.
The way it died was gross too. What a disgusting monster, even until the end.

Anyway, the battle was finally over.
AiAi ran with her right hand up towards Mallow, while Mallow was relieved that the battle was over.
Mallow knew what AiAi wanted to do, so she raised her hand too.
And then ‘clap!’
A high-five!

「Yaay! That was easy!」

「Uh-huh! I thought it would be a harder fight」

「Our tag-team is surprisingly really good! Right Mallow?!」

「Yup. Maybe you’re right」

「Oh? You’re being honest right now? I thought you were the tsundere type」

「What kind of person do you think I am?!」

Mallow smiled bitterly.

Then, they both laughed and turned to leave. All that’s left to do now is return to Gun City…
Just before either of them could take a step towards their destination, Mallow became tense. Somethings not right here.
But it’s too late—


「What th–!」

Suddenly a cloud of dust exploded upwards.
AiAi was blown away by the impact. She could see a giant vertical shadow darkening the sky.

「Ugh N-no way!… A second… Red Death Worm?!…MALLOW!!!」

She became panicked, hurriedly looking for Mallow.
But Mallow was nowhere to be found.
AiAi’s gut was giving her a bad feeling, but she didn’t stop. Instead, she looked up to the Red Death Worm’s mouth.
What was there was—

「A-Augh! Gh…! L—Let me…go!」

Mallow’s lower body was being swallowed by the giant monster.
She tried her hardest to escape, but no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t get out of its mouth.

「Ughh! Damn…it! 【Giant Torch】!!”」

Mallow lost the last of her patience and fired off【Giant Torch】into the Red Death Worm’s mouth. With how close she was, she was in danger of being caught by some of her flames too.
Plus, the worm was screeching like before. Disgusting!
The worm’s HP had dropped to below 50%.
So the damage received is multiplied if it was attacked from the inside…

The Red Death Worm shook its body weakly before diving into the sand.

–With Mallow still inside its mouth.


Mallow’s mind was blank. She was so confused she couldn’t even hear AiAi’s scream.
The Red Death Worm kept moving through the dirt while holding Mallow in its mouth.
Below, there were many holes and tunnels for the Red Death Worm to move through. That was why Mallow didn’t suffocate while underground.

Suddenly the underground journey ended.
Gravity stopped working all of a sudden.
Mallow and the Red Death Worm ‘fell’.
They’re falling?
It was around then that Mallow regained her senses, and a question mark appeared above her head.
What’s happening?

Finally, a shock ripped through her body.


The giant worm’s body slammed into the floor.
The monster seemed exhausted, and spit Mallow out from its mouth.


Mallow groaned after landing belly-first onto the floor.

What she saw when she got up was—

「An amber… castle…?」

『Extra Quest: “The Amber Castle” has begun』


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