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Chapter 33 : Those Waiting Inside the Amber Castle


…Honestly, it was a letdown.


With the swing of an axe, Mallow crushed the giant ant’s head into pieces.
With its head and health gone, it turned into geometric shards and disappeared.

She was able to slaughter countless giant ants without taking any damage.
Not only because of her strength, but also thanks to AiAi, who was spreading out the mobs. Allowing Mallow to focus on attacking without the threat of being overwhelmed.
Things were going smoothly.
Too smoothly.

AiAi had said that the Red Death Worm’s quest was quite difficult. So one could assume that the extra quest triggered after it was cleared should be just as hard.
But they hadn’t even broken a sweat yet.
The dungeon was so easy, it made them suspicious.
Enemies were too weak, and the castle’s layout wasn’t complicated at all. There were also no treasure boxes with items inside anywhere.

「Hmmm… I wonder what’s happening here. It’s strange」

After AiAi had cleared a swarm of giant ants, she was starting to think that this castle was suspicious.

「So far it’s been really easy. It makes me worried about the next stage.」

「Hmm? What do you mean?」

「Maybe it’s easy right now because perhaps… the boss will be really strong. Also, the path so far has been straightforward, as if to guide us straight to the boss room.」

「I see… that’s possible.」
Mallow nods.

「If that’s the case, I wonder what kind of boss is waiting for us. Maybe it’ll be the queen of giant ants?」

「Do you think the queen looks any different from the normal giant ants?」

「Well, maybe the queen is wearing a crown on its head?」

「Hmm. I don’t think it’ll be that simple looking though.」

「Maybe its body is gold and shiny. Or maybe there are many jewels and gems stuck to its body. A gorgeous look like that.」

「…If that’s true, I’ll be amazed」

AiAi looked at Mallow doubtfully after she shrugged her shoulders while saying something so stupid.
Even so, in order to find out what the queen looked like, they had to reach the innermost part of the castle.
If AiAi was right in that the boss would be really strong, they couldn’t afford to get hurt or consume a lot of MP on the way.
Though they still had many MP potions, they just couldn’t waste them, because the potions were really valuable items.

「Oh well, let’s hurry to the boss’ place.」

「Okay. I don’t wanna waste any more time here either.」

They nodded to each other and started walking.

After that, progress is smooth.
The enemies were still weak, and the path was still rather straightforward. Thanks to that, they wouldn’t get lost.
Soon, they arrived at the end of the path relatively fast.
In front of them was a tremendously big gate with an exaggerated amount of ornaments on it.
They were sure, what was waiting for them across the gate was the boss.

「Alright, now that we are here. Mallow, how’s your HP and MP?」

「Un. Both are at 100% right now. I’ve also preserved many potions. I’m ready to fight! How about you, AiAi?」

「Same. Ahh~ I’m glad that I’m with you right now. If I was alone, this might take forever because of my low damage. Or maybe I’d be forced to just run through along the way.」

「Ah! You’re right! We could’ve just ran through and ignored the enemies until we got here.」

「Well, we’re here now, so it’s too late to say that. So… are we going inside?」

「Isn’t obvious?」

「I knew it!」

After said that, AiAi looked into the camera sphere that had been following them until now.

「Well guys, we are going in to fight the boss, so I won’t speak much. And please support us with some encouragement comments in the chat box!」

『Aye~ Aye~』
『Do your best, girlsー』
『Please don’t die, AiAi!』
『Next episode : The Death of AiAi』

As usual, some of the viewers didn’t seem to cheer for them. AiAi just ignored them.

And then she turned back to Mallow and said, 「Okay, let’s go!」then moved to push the gate.
It motivated Mallow to do the same, she nodded and together they pushed the gate in. With AiAi, the pair pushed in with all their might.

Surprisingly, the gate opened quite smoothly despite its look.
After they slowly opened the gate, a large amber-colored hall appeared before them.
What was waiting for them in the hall’s center wasー

「Eh, what?」

A male figure wearing a black rag from above his head.
His face looked like a skeleton.
They couldn’t tell from where they stood, whether it was a mask the figure wore, or if the figure himself was actually a skeleton.
Besides, they were sure that the figure was the boss of the Amber Castle.

『Hoo. I didn’t expect there were any humans who’d dare to step into this place』

His speech is smooth and in a slow tone.

『Those who walk through the Amber Castle. Fools who are manipulated by the sweet taste of curiosity. Although it’s already too late, let me warn you: this is not a place for the fools like you to set foot!』

「Haha, it’s literally too late to say that though…」

「Ssstt! AiAi, don’t tease him!」

『I’m the gatekeeper. The Arbiter of the Netherworld. One who sits inside the Amber Castle and watches over the death of people…』
『Thus, I can only treat you with death!』

A black sword came out from under the edges of his black rag.
On it, was a bloody black stain. The look was spine-chilling.
The Arbiter of the Netherworld held the sword, took a stance, and saidー

『Prepare yourself! I hope you can show me your magnificent braveryー!』

He charged towards the girls, leaving behind a shadowy afterimage.


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