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Chapter 34 : The Arbiter of the Netherworld


Mallow was closer, and became the Arbiter of the Netherworld’s target first.
He sped towards her, leaving behind a shadowy afterimage.
But Mallow managed to keep calm, following the enemy with her eyes.

「(Hmph. He’s fast but… AiAi is faster.)」

After fighting AiAi, the Arbiter’s speed was just too slow.
She was calm, even though right before her eyes, the Arbiter’s sword was swinging down towards her.
Mallow used her ‘God of Destruction’s Battleaxe’ skill to both repel the slash, and strike back.

「【Solo・Impact】! 」

A light blue trail followed Mallow’s counter attack. She swung her axe, hitting the Arbiter of the Netherworld splendidly. But his HP bar had just decreased slightly.
That’s the boss monster for you.
Either he had high defense or tons of HP… or maybe both.
If that’s the case, Mallow thought about doing some more attacks to reduce the enemy’s HP even more.
But, the Arbiter of the Netherworld immediately jumped away from her.

『As I expected from my enemy. That ferocity. That pressure. I’m amazed!』

「…Well, thank you.」

『Nonetheless, I won’t say that your blade has reached my flesh. I wish you will make a strike that can break my bones.』

「Huh. What an over the top request. I’ll do my best though.」

「Geez, why are you guys just chilling and talking to each other?!」

Suddenly, a wind blew inside the amber hall.
It carried a blade that swung towards the Arbiter of the Netherworld, slashing him continuously.

「【Super Sonic】! 」

『Hoo. You too, huh? HAHA! Two strong enemies after such a long long time! I’m quite stimulated!』

「Gehh! Is this monster a masochist or somethingー?!」

Mallow saw AiAi cut into the enemy eight times. She did around the same amount of damage as Mallow had.
AiAi jumped to Mallow’s side and saidー

「Uhh. I didn’t expect he would be this tough. We have to prepare ourselves. It seems this will be a long battle.」

「You’re right. So, how about we use the same tactics as we used when fighting the Red Death Worm before? AiAi, will distract him, and I’ll be the damage dealer. Okay?」

「Got it. That would be more effective, but don’t push yourself too hard, ‘kay? We still don’t know how strong his attack will be. Besides, he is the Arbiter of the Netherworld, maybe he has some instant death skills.」

「Ahh, that’d be scary.」

『Are you two done talking?』

The Arbiter of the Netherworld was waiting for them to finish. He held his sword vertically and this time, approached AiAi , he swung the sword downー


「Hmph! Too slow!」

The Arbiter of the Netherworld’s blade cut through AiAi’s afterimage.
Right after it slashed through the afterimage, a dark red trail was left behind from the sword.
Mallow saw that trail and thought that attack just now must have some kind of effect.
She needed to be careful.
Keeping that in mind, she approached the enemy in order to attack.

「【Build Up】【Rabbit Step】! 」

【Rabbit Step】was a skill that greatly increased AGI for a short time after consuming some MP.

Mallow instantly closed the gap between her and the enemy. Then she clenched her fistー

「【Gigant Punch】! 」

The devastating blow shaved off about 30% of the Arbiter of the Netherworld’s HP.

「As expected from Mallow!」

「Uhh… but it’s only decreased his HP that much.」

AiAi was just amazed, while Mallow was somewhat unhappy with her results.
That blow was pretty much the most powerful attack Mallow had. That’s why she was a bit disappointed that it could only do that much damage.
Even so, for the Arbiter of the Netherworld, that was a good blow.

『Hoho. As I expected from my enemy』

He teleported backwards to the inner part of the amber hall in an instant, and started talking in a slow tone.

『That punch, it reached my flesh good. It was heavy and full of conviction. What a great attack』

「Eh? What’s he doing?… Mallow, could it be… his behavior will change after a certain amount of damage?」

「It seems to be the caseー」

Mallow nodded to AiAi.

And the Arbiter of the Netherworld continued his speech.

『No one has visited this place for a very long time. Even enemies as strong as you, have never visited this place before. Indeed, this is not a place living beings set foot in often to begin with. But right now, I’m grateful that I can meet strong rivals here.』
『From now on, I will show you my true power, and I will slaughter you with all my strengthー』

The Arbiter of the Netherworld unleashed his killing intent toward AiAi.

「…Huh!? Watch out, AiAi!!!」

Mallow sensed the enemy’s gaze move over AiAi. She warned her to run away from there.
But it was too late.
It was too late for everything.

『Arm of Purgatory』

A giant blue pale will o’ wisp devoured AiAi.

「 ー!? Guaahh…..!」

Then it exploded.
The view around the hall was burning white due to the explosion.
And when the view became clear, AiAi was nowhere to be found.
She popped.
…Unfortunately, AiAi’s defence was paper. Because AiAi had died instantly, Mallow couldn’t tell how much damage the attack could do.
Still, she didn’t let her guard down.
But even so, Mallow’s reactions were just too slow.

『Hell Ornament』


A white pointy thing flew and penetrated Mallow’s body.
And then it exploded inside her body, giving her fatal damage.
It was surely a one shot kill.

The next moment, Mallow respawned at the camping site outside the Amber Castle.

「You’ve gotta be kidding me…」

「Oh, welcome, that was surprisingly fast.」

Said AiAi to Mallow, who was just murmuring.

「There’s no doubt. It was an instant death skill, right Mallow?」

「Hmm. My HP was at 100%, my VIT is also quite high. Yeah, it was most likely an instant death skill. Releasing such a skill at the early stage of the battle… What a terrifying boss enemy」

「I know right…」

After they nodded to each other, they dropped their shoulders at the same time.
Anyway, that was an ugly battle.
They never thought that the battle state would collapse quite fast.

Suddenly, there was a beeping sound coming from nowhere.
Mallow wondered what sound that was.
But on the other hand, AiAi awkwardly saidー

「Ahh… it’s time to end the stream. It seems we have been playing for an hour」

「Ehh, really? It’s been that long?」

「Mhm, seems so.」

「So… are we done for today?」

「Well, streaming is done for today.」

Mallow was a bit disappointed after hearing that.
AiAi, who was standing next to her, said goodbye to the viewers.

「Well guys, the live streaming is done for today. For all my ‘caretakers’, thanks for joining us~ Stay safe and until next time, good bye~!」

『Bye /’-’)/』
『Good byeー』
『It was fun, until next time~』

「Yup! Until next time~ Well then, Mallow and I will be challenging that boss again. If we are able to defeat him, I’ll post it on twitter. So, stay tuned guysー」

「Eh? I thought we are done for today」

「Nah, I just said that we are done streaming. Besides, Mallow, you still wanna fight, right?」

「Well that’s…」

Mallow was hesitating for a moment.
But thenー

「…Yeah. I still wanna fight」

「You heard her guys. So, I will have fun with Mallow for a bit longer. Cao~♪」

After that, the camera sphere disappeared. It looked like the stream was offline now.
After AiAi confirmed it, she looked at Mallow.

「Okay then, let’s go fight that boss again.」

「Umm… are you okay with it?」

「I’m your friend, right? You don’t need to hold back with me.」


「Okay, how about this: I’ll play with you as an apology for being cocky and forcibly inviting you to my stream today.」

「Ahaha, well, okay then.」

Mallow was still feeling a bit reluctant, but for now, she gratefully went along with AiAi’s words.


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