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Chapter 35 : Conquest Battle Against the Arbiter of the Netherworld.


「………For now, shall we make a fighting plan?」


They had challenged the Arbiter of the Netherworld two times, and what they got was a total defeat.
It seemed they couldn’t win unless they used their heads from now on.
At the outside of Amber Castle, where there was a big spacious room, two girls were sitting on the ground while facing each other, talking.

「Anyway… Mallow, we can win if you successfully hit him with your【Gigant Punch】at least four times, right?」

「Technically, it seems so」

「Can you repeatedly use that skill?」

「Unfortunately, there is 5 seconds cooldown」

「I see…」

Obviously, there was no way it would be that simple.
Well, AiAi knew that it wouldn’t be easy. She was just confirming the precondition they have.

「By the way, Mallow, your main weapon is an axe, but your strongest attack is a punch. That’s weird」

「You’re right. I thought so too」

「But the punch skill weakness is that you have to engage the enemy in a very close range, right? On the other hand, if you are using a weapon, you don’t have to approach the enemy as close as barehanded」

「Surely, the gap is important in combat. Giving the enemy a pressure is also important, but if we can’t do both, we have to fight while worrying about our safety」

「The problem is, do we have an attack that has good damage and good range to keep the gap from the enemy?」

「Actually, I have it. 【Giant Torches】and maybe【Heavy Lumbering】. But【Heavy Lumbering】has a slow animation, and【Giant Torches】is a magical attack. I don’t know if magical attack can hurt him tho」

「Well, we have to try it once to figure it out. And by the way, my most powerful attack is【Super Sonic】. It’s simply a melee slashing attack using the scythe, but the range of this skill is quite good」


After that, they were discussing what they could do and they couldn’t do, what they should and shouldn’t do, and eventually they were talking for much longer.
Actually, they could just talk to the point, and didn’t have to talk too much. But still, they were just having fun talking to each other right now and ended up talking too much.
It was indeed just a chatter rather than a discussion.
Well, they were high school girls after all. They loved chit chat.

After about 10 minutes, they finally finished their ‘discussion’.

「Alright, are you ready Mallow?」

「Un, AiAi」

They got up and did a high-five.
And then they faced the Amber Castle, and at the same time saidー


In order to conquer the Amber Castle, the first problem they had to solve was the mob of giant ants.
They were individually weak, but their numbers were just too many.
But, was there any opening for the girls to avoid the giant ants mob? Yes.
If they just ran through the opening, they didn’t have to deal with the giant ants and they could reach the amber hall where the Arbiter of the Netherworld was waiting for them without getting hurt. And of course, it would save a lot of time.
Therefore, they chose to run through with all their might and ignore the giant ants.
Leave aside AiAi who had maxed her AGI, in Mallow’s case, she was STR-AGI type.
She had indeed also increased her AGI.
That was why Mallow could also run quite fast, but not as fast as AiAi of course.

Thus they arrived at the amber hall in an instant.
Fortunately, the inside of the Amber Castle wasn’t so complicated.
This is the third time they ran through the same path, so they wouldn’t go the wrong way.

「Alright then, let’s dance with the boss once again, shall we!」


Mallow and AiAi stepped into the hall.
And of course, the Arbiter of the Netherworld was waiting for them inside.

『Hoo. So, you come again, the brave ones』
『It seems you are still not dying enough, aren’t you? Well then, I’ll present you with death once again using my sword』

「Huh!? You were not even killed us with your sword tho!?」

After she shouted like that, AiAi dashed towards the Arbiter of the Netherworld.
As usual, she was doing this in order to get the aggro.
Right after she cut through the enemy with her scythe, she jumped back and took a distance.

「Mallow, now!」


And then Mallow instantly closed the gap between her and the enemy who was about to attack AiAi.

「【Build Up】【Gigant Punch】! 」

Mallow dug the Arbiter of the Netherworld’s body with her fist. As a result, his HP bar was decreased for about 30%.
But the Arbiter of the Netherworld wasn’t blown away by the attack and restored his posture. And just like before, he said『Hoo』with an admiration voice.

『As expected』
『Well then, how about this….!?』


「I know!」

At the same time, they began to run around the hall quickly to avoid the incoming attack.

A big will o’ wisp and white spear thingy appeared and piercing towards the position where they were standing.
After they successfully avoided those deadly attacks, the cool down time of【Gigant Punch】ended.
Mallow immediately approached the Arbiter of the Netherworld and launched her fist.

「【Gigant Punch】! 」

It was a clean hit as well.
Actually, she was hoping to get the critical hit for once and won the battle. But, it seemed she wasn’t lucky enough.
Nevertheless, with this, the Arbiter of the Netherworld’s HP bar was decreased for more than half.
And his behavior pattern changed once again.
This would also be the final phase of the battle.
After that, all they had to do was attacking with【Gigant Punch】one more time and then decrease the rest of the enemy’s HP with random attack.

『As I hoped from my strong enemies! Wonderful!』
『It’s been a long time since I was having an exciting battle like this』
『I’ll get serious from now. But, don’t you die immediately and entertain me more…..!』

「The one who will die is YOU! Asshole!」

After shouting like that, AiAi rushed towards the Arbiter of the Netherworld and continuously attacked him with slashing attacks.

「【Super Sonic】! 」

The HP bar decreased as she repeated the attack.
Indeed AiAi’s damage was kinda low, but if she was able to decrease the HP bar for about 10%, it would be enough.
Leave the last shot to Mallow’s 【Gigant Punch】once more and the battle would be over.
But, before that happenー

『Here I come』

『Hades Flame…..!』


The hall floor became red.
No. Actually, there was one little spot that remained the same.
From the previous battle, they had learned if they stood on the red floor, they would be attacked by the flame pillar and die instantly.
And what made it worse was, that the flame pillar would be coming out continuously. Thanks to that, it would be really hard for the girls to dodge it.

「I’ll defeat him before that happens!」

Mallow dashed over the red floor.
And before the flame pillar that sprouted up from below Mallow’s feet could devour her, she successfully launched her iron fist for the third time into the Arbiter of the Netherworld’s body.
And the result wasー

『Ugh. Splendid……..!』

The Arbiter of the Netherworld collapsed.
His body slowly turned into a black mist, blended with the air, and eventually disappeared completely.
And thenー

『Extra Quest『The Amber Castle』cleared』

『Title『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』acquired』

『Due to 『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』title, skill【Flashing Sword of Void】acquired』

While Mallow was hearing the announcement, she looked at AiAi who once again raised her arm and walked toward her.
She also raised her arm up andー



A loud high-five.


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