Chapter 36, wow it’s Really Hot here

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Chapter 36 : What Hidden Inside My Heart


「Ahhh~, that was fun」

They used the warp point outside the Amber Castle and returned to the red wasteland on Area 4.
AiAi, who was going first, stretched her arm. Mallow followed her back while smiling beamingly.

「I really felt like we were on a big adventure. This game is really well made, isn’t it?」


「Mallow, you were having fun too, right? I can tell by looking at your smiley face」

「Is that so? How did my face look like?」

「You were smiling like this…..」

「…….Eh? Did I make a stupid face like this?」

「Stupid? That’s rude!」

Silly talk.
Pointless topics.
Mallow never thought that she would just chilling with her friend and talk about pointless things like this after a long time.
Mallow was very happy to spend her time like this.
She was really, truly happy.
Playing solo was fun, but playing together with a friend was even more fun.
When AiAi invited Mallow to be on her stream, Mallow was thinking like “no way, what are you talking about?”. But now, she thought it was a really good experience.
However, she felt like she didn’t wanna show up on the stream ever again. Even if AiAi begged her.

「By the way, Mallow」

AiAi talked to Mallow while showing her back.

「Are you good about that now?」

Even though Mallow couldn’t see AiAi’s face right now, she knew that AiAi was thinking carefully about what she was going to say to her right now.
It was very rare to see AiAi like this. Because she was the type of person who always talked frankly.
And naturally, Mallow became nervous.

「…..About what?」

「You were disinclined even towards me, your friend. You were still wanna play and fight that boss earlier, but you were holding back, right?」

「Aa, Un…」

About that, huh?
Now, Mallow knew what AiAi was talking about and felt bad about it.
She made her childhood friend worried about her.
It was her fault.
For Mallow, it was a painful thing.

「To be honest, Mallow, I want you to act more selfish towards me. You can ask me whatever you want. No need to holding back, okay?」


「Of course, it’s because I’m your friend. Your childhood friend」

「No, I think otherwise. It’s actually because we’re friends, I need to restrain myself. I don’t wanna huー….. Forget it」

「.…..The way you talk is not fair」

AiAi turned and smiled faintly.
She was smiling though. But, what kind of feeling she had right now is unknown.

「*Sigh*… Oh, well, it’s fine tho」

「It’s good then?」

「Umm. For me, as long as you are happy, Mallow, I’ll be happy as well」

「If you think so, don’t ever forcing me to show on your stream again, okay?」

「Ehh… I thought it would be okay if I’m a bit pushy this time. I still will invite you someday like this time tho」

「………I’ll never join your stream again tho」

「Umm. Well, I’ll invite you to play outside the stream then. Let’s play in private sometimes, okay?」

「If that’s the case, I will…….. Maybe?」

「W, Why ‘maybe’?」

「I’m tired of accompanying you」

「Eeeehhh…. What do you mean by that……? Ahahaha」

AiAi laughed. And her laugh made Mallow laugh as well.

……….Though Mallos was laughing on the outside… on the inside, she felt anxiety.
Thus she laughed to hide her feelings.


ーーーーーOn that night, Aoi had a dream.

About her past memories.
Bitter memories.
The memories when she loved playing music.

「Look! I made a song! ーーAmazing? Ehehe, riiiight?」

「Since we got a chance to perform, I want us to make this musical performance great. That’s whyーーー」

「Hey everyone, if you like, let’s practice after school!」

「Ummm, I feel like it’s not enough. It’s still far from perfect. You guys think so too, right?」


「Need to practice more…. I’ll stay and practice a bit more」

「Eh? No, don’t be silly. This is not even a ‘hard work’ at all」

「Nah, That’s because I love doing it」

「Need to practice, more…」

「Guys, you wanna be even better, right? Let’s practice harder!」

「Hm? What did you say?……. nothing?…… Well then, let’s practice even more!」

「Ehh….? Where’s everyone…?」

「Oh, well」

「Need to practice…..」

「No, That’s not what I meanー!」

「I just…. I ー」

「That’s not what I want to sayー」

「That’s…. not….」

「Eh?… Ai?…. What’s up?」

「Ahaha, Um….. Well…..」

「No, no…. it’s nothing…..」

「Sorry, I just wanna be alone today….」

「Just leave me alone……」






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