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Chapter 39 : Together with Bolg



Area 2.
Mallow arrived at the woods and tilted her head.

「Eh? Ehhh?」

「What’s wrong, Mallow-san?」

「Umm. How did I ended up here?」

And why was Bolg here?
She was confused.
Because she ended up in this situation before she realized it.

「Am I the type of person who is easily swayed by others…」

「Going with the flows is also an important thing in life, you know?」

「That’s maybe right, but…」

「More importantly, we’re already outside the safe area. Monsters might attack us out of nowhere, so be careful」

「O, Okay」

Mallow noded.
She thought it might be okay to just go with the flows like Bolg said.

Led by Bolg, they were going deeper into the woods.
Some monsters ( Like giant bees, goblins, ect. Fortunately, there was no spider monster) appeared on the way, but Bolg killed them all, so Mallow can take it easy.

They finally passed through the forest path.
What appeared before them was a building surrounded by the plants and nearly crumbled.

「This is… a temple?」

「Looks like it. Apparently, the name is “Asterhythm Temple”」


Mallow wondered what the name meant.
It must be a neology word.
It seemed like it was a mixture of “asterisk” and “rhythm”, but she didn’t know what it meant.
Maybe it was like “a beat of a little star”?

「Apparently, we can get the information about the history of this temple at the Green Stone. If you are interested, you can go investigate later. At least for now, the temple history has nothing to do with how to beat this dungeon tho」

「Dungeon…? So, this temple is a dungeon?」

「Da. And the main monsters that spawn here are wooden puppets. They are plant type monsters, so if you have a fire attribute attack, you can fight them more easily」

「Aaー I’ll fight normally then」

【Giant Torches】’s AoE was too wide for indoor use.
Well, it might be good as a ranged skill tho.

「Don’t worry. I’ll be the rear guard this time. So, Mallow-san, you can just going rampage and kill the enemies ahead」

「Ehh? I’m going first?」

「Of course. What do you think we came here for?」

「Ehhh, even if you said that tho. You didn’t tell me the reason why we came here」

「No worries, you can do it, go go」


However, it’d be a waste of time to just go back.
Therefore Mallow stepped ahead into the temple unwillingly.

Inside the temple was dark, but the way ahead wasn’t, thanks to the torches installed along the wall.
Still, the visibility was kind of poor, so they had to be careful when proceeding.

As they were about to approach a branched path, Mallow heard a sound coming from the right direction of the path.
That was a low rustling sound, but Mallow sure that she really heard it.
She took a closer look.
Something made from wood and shaped like a human figure appeared.
It seemed that it was the wooden puppet Bolg said.
Mallow turned around once and looked at Bolg.

「Bolg-san, I’ll going!」

She prepared her axe and ran toward the wooden puppet.

「【Solo・Impact】! 」

A deadly swing of an axe cut through the puppet’s trunk.
It was severed into two pieces then dropped to the ground.
After Mallow confirmed that the puppet had become polygon shards and disappeared, she turned around and said「I did it!」to Bolg.


Right when Mallow turned around, Bolg was just stabbing another wooden puppet that appeared from the other direction with a spear of flame.
Just like Mallow, Bolg destroyed the wooden puppet in one hit.
And then she looked at Mallow and gave her a warning.

「Be careful. The wooden puppets here don’t make much noise. If you let your guard down, you may get a surprise attack again just like now」

「U, Understood」

「Well, you don’t have to be that vigilant. Because, like I said before, I’ll be the rear guard. I’ll watch your back」


「Did you hear me, Mallow-san?」

「Ah, yes… I heard you」

But, Mallow’s inner heart was very restless.
She never thought that she would cause Bolg trouble this quickly.
Though Bolg was concerned so much about her and put high hopes on her.
Mallow ended up betraying Bolg’s kindness and expectations this soon.
She looked down while thinking gloomily.

「Mallow-san, please raise your face」

Bolg told Mallow to raise her face.

Mallow looked up as Bolg told her to.


Blog flicked Mallow’s forehead.


「You are thinking that you causing me trouble, aren’t you?」

「N, No… I’m not」

「I can tell by looking at your face. Now, listen to me. I’m accompanying you because I feel like doing it. I’m aware that you might cause me trouble, but what about it? You can do as you like. Don’t worry about causing me trouble」


「No more ‘buts’. If you want to help me, first, please start by doing as you like」

For God’s sake…
Bolg put her hand on her waist while scolding Mallow.
Mallow shrank even more, and once again Bolg sighed at her「Good grief…」.

「Sometimes, you tried to guess someone’s mood by staring at their face too much, you know? You should learn to causing trouble for others」

「But… causing trouble for people is a bad thing, isn’t it?」

「I won’t forsaken you for only causing me trouble tho」

「Why you can say that?」

「Because we are a team. Well, even though it’s only for today」
Said Bolg frankly.


「It’s just a temporary connection and will be disbanded tomorrow. So, you don’t have to think too much about it. More importantly, we should think about clearing this dungeon quickly」

「That’s… You’re right…」

「If you understand, let’s move forward quickly. This dungeon is a bit complicated, so it’ll take time to clear it」

「R, Roger that」

Prompted by Bolg, Mallow began to proceed.
She had no time to worry about her relationship with Bolg.


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