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Chapter 40 : Two of Us, Together


After that, Mallow and Bolg were exploring the temple without any struggles.
Fortunately, the enemies were weak (for them).
The enemies Mallow couldn’t defeat with a single strike, with Bolg’s help, they destroyed into pieces and turned into polygon shards.


Mallow had no choice but to be amazed like a little child.
Because both of them were moving in perfect harmony even though they had never formed a party before, made them feel like they were having delusions.
Actually, it was thanks to Bolg following Mallow’s movements really well while supporting her.
Intangible blades of flame.
Sudden explosions all over the place.
With quick judgment, she used various skills without hitting Mallow in the slightest.
As expected from the strongest player, Bolg.
Mallow became aware of Bolg’s rumored strength in this short period of time.


Bolg was somewhat dissatisfied.
She looked at Mallow’s face with a thoughtful look.
What’s wrong?
Mallow wondered if she had done something that made Bolg upset.

「B, Bolg-san… Is there something wrong?」

「Ah, something is bothering my mind」
Bolg answered Mallow, who asked nervously.

「Mallow-san. Did you grow rapidly in a short period of time?」

「Umm…? What do you mean?」

「I mean, did your level increase in an instant? Because, your movements are just too nooby for your level right now. You can ignore me if I’m wrong」

Though she said “if i’m wrong”, she looked full of confidence if she was right.

「When we first met at Buncho’s store, you were still wearing the beginners equipment, right? Moreover, for a player who has been playing this game for a long time, you’re not moving really well. It seems you’re just swinging your axe around with all of your power. At least that’s what I feel about you」

「I… see. You’re right…」

「If you don’t mind, can you tell me about your circumstances?」


Well, this wasn’t something to hide.
Therefore, Mallow decided to tell Bolg about the quest to cut down the Monster Tree that took her a year to clear.
And about the massive amount of Exp she got after she cleared it. Thanks to that, her level was increased to the limit.
………even Bolg was somewhat turned off and said「E, Eehhh….」when Mallow told her that it took a year to clear the quest.

「I see. So that’s your story, huh」


「If so, then the battle royale event last time was literally your first battle, right? And you got into the top 10? That’s quite awesome」

「Ahaha, I was just lucky」

「…….You are being humble but, as far as I’ve seen the way you fight, I think you have high potential. Your attacks were strong even while dodging the enemy’s attack completely」

「Thank you, It’s a pleasure to be praised by someone like you」

「But, I understand now. That explained why your movements are still like a beginner, and why you were wearing beginner equipment that time. I see, I see」

Suddenly, a wooden puppet appeared from the passage ahead.
But Bolg immediately released a flame of blade into the puppet and obliterated it.
What a clean and smooth movement.
Made you fall in admiration.

「(Ahh~ It’d be awesome if I can move like that)」
Thought Mallow.

「The boss monster here may be a tough enemy for you. But, perhaps you can suppress them with overwhelming fighting sense of yours」

「Umm. Is the boss monster here pretty strong?」

「So-so. Well, don’t worry. I’ll support you, so we can clear it in one go」

Although Bolg said she would support, Mallow still felt a bit worried.




30 minutes later.
Finally, Mallow and Bolg reached the innermost part of the temple.
The inside of the temple was very complicated. Although there was no trap, it was still difficult to explore the temple.
But, that was the past.
Now, they were standing in front of a big double door gate.
If they got inside, no doubt that the boss monster would appear.

「…….Umm… shall we go inside, Bolg-san?」

「Yeah. Let’s go. As I said before, the frontline isー」

「I’ll do it. I’ll do my best」

「You don’t have to be that tense. Like I said, I’ll support you」

「G, Got it」

Even though she was still nervous, Mallow noded, and opened the gate.

Inside, was a large hall covered with green vines just like the pathway they had passed through.
And what was in the middle of the hall wasーー A giant… tree?
The moment they stepped into the hall, that giant tree made a rattling sound and started to move.
And then an ugly face appeared on its trunk.

「It’s a Giant Treant」

From what Bolg said, it seemed this monster’s name was Giant Treant.

The Giant Treant was slightly shaking on the place.
Mallow had a bad feeling about its movement and immediately jumped off.
Suddenly, the root that looked like a spear, grew at a tremendous speed and split the hall floor.

「Basically, the Giant Treant will release a piercing attack from the ground like this. But this monster is not moving much, so you can easily attack it even while keep moving around」

「Got itー!」

Just like Bolg told her, while kept moving around quickly, Mallow approached the Giant Treant.

「【Solo・Impact】! 」

The axe hit the Giant Treant’s trunk directly.
As a result, its HP decreased for about 10%.
And the next moment, the spear of roots grew from the ground to protect the Giant Treant.
However, The Giant Treant, who couldn’t move from the spot, was just a sitting duck for Mallow.
While dodging the piercing attacks, she moved to close the gap and then swung the axe down to the Giant Treant.

「【Heavy Lumbering】! 」

A giant blade of axe swung down vertically.
The HP bar decreased less compared to【Solo・Impact】last time because the roots were protecting it. But still, it was decreased for sure.
However, even while she was busy attacking, the root attacks didn’t stop coming from the ground.
But those attacks wouldn’t hit Mallow who moved quickly.

「Splendid, Mallow-san! Keep attacking like that!」

She could hear Bolg cheering from behind.
So far, Bolg was still not yet getting a turn.
Mallow wanted to do her best without Bolg’s help until the end if she could.

Finally, the roots that protected the Giant Treant were pulled back to the ground.
But Mallow didn’t approach the Giant Treant, instead, she used【Giant Torches】from a distance.

A pillar of flame appeared and devoured the Giant Treant.
Its HP decreased by about 30% at once.
As expected, fire attribute attacks would do deadly damage to them.
But, when Mallow about to released the second【Giant Torches】ー


She was shocked.
What a surprise.
The Giant Treant used its roots as feet and stood up.
And despite its giant body, it moved really fast toward Mallow, and used branches that had sharp thorns as a whip to attack herー


But suddenly, transparent crystals with a sharp cutting edge rose from the ground and restrained the Giant Treant.
Thanks to that, the Giant Treant’s movements were sealed and the thorn whip’s attack didn’t reach Mallow in the end.

「Mallow-san, can you use the invincible skill that you used against me last time!?」

Mallow who was still shocked finally came back to her senses after hearing Bolg’s words, and answered.

「If I use 【Hazard・State】, my movements will be controlled by AI so I can’t use it here!」

「I see. So that’s why I felt that your movements were like a BOT that timeー Well then, do you need my help now?」


But Mallow was at a loss for words.
While she was thinking, the Giant Treant finally broke out of the crystal bindings.
And this time, the Giant Treant’s attack would hit Mallow for sure.
Mallow, who saw the incoming attack and intuitively guessed that she was done for, spontaneously asked for Bolg’s help.

「B, Bolg-san! Please help meー!」



The Giant Treant was blown away.
There was a spear stuck in its trunk.
The name of that spear was『Spear of the Supreme God』.
Bolg’s main weapon.

「OK, Mallow-san」

After she nodded once, Bolg started dashing in a straight line toward the Giant Treant that groaned in pain because the Spear of the Supreme God drilled its body.
And Bolg, with all of her strength, did a drop kick toward the hilt of her spear that stuck in the tree’s trunk.

「【Gae Bolg】! 」

A bright red light wrapped the spear and pierced the Giant Treant’s trunk even deeper.
It blew the Giant Treant to the edge of the hall.
As a result, its HP bar was decreased to only 10% remaining.

「Mallow-san! You do the last hit!」

「R, Roger!」

Prompted by Bolg, Mallow started running across the hall with a firm footing without panic.
She instantly closed the gap with the Giant Treant.
And then swung her axe down with all of her power.

「【Solo・Impact】! 」

Mallow’s attack completely cut the Giant Treant’s body in half.
The Giant Treant, that severed into two parts, shivered for a moment until it lost all of its strength.
Then the dying tree became polygon shards and shattered.
After Mallow and Bolg heard the shattering sound and confirmed the Giant Treant’s death, they raised their hand timidly, at first, but in the endー


They high-fived, even though it sounded low.

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