I’ve never tried herbal tea. Would like to someday

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Chapter 41 : With a Cup of Sweet Herbal Tea


「Alright then. Shall we go baーAh! But before we’re going backー」

When they were about to use the warp portal that appeared in the hall after they checked the loot items they had obtained, Bolg stopped and remembered something.
Mallow wondered if they still had something to do here.
She tilted her head and then turned over.

「Umm. Do we have something left to do?」

「Well, actually, we should have done this first before we even came here」

「Hm? What is it?」

「We haven’t become friends yet, right?」


Now that she mentioned it.
They didn’t do that because they went to this temple by the flow.
Normally, they should have added each other as a friend first.
But they completely forgot about that.

「Well then, I’ll send you a friend request……..done」

「ーーOkay. Confirmed. Now, Bolg-san and I are friends, right?」

Said Bolg while grinning.

Yes. She was grinning.
That grin of hers was just too much that made Mallow felt like Bolg had an ulterior motive behind that grin.
Mallow had a bad feeling about it.

「B, Bolg-san? Why are you smiling like that……?」

「No no, nothing in particular」

「A, Alright then」

「It’s just. Thinking about a duel with you, my gamer blood is boiling」

「I, I see…………What?」

Mallow felt she just heard something threatening from Bolg.

「Well then, shall we fight on duel mode, Mallow-san?」

「S, So I didn’t misheard it……」

「You didn’t. I’ve already sent a duel request. Please confirm it」

「Wait wait! Why are we fighting in the first place? I just can’t understand the necessity of fighting you right now」

「The reason, huh? There is only one reason」

「And that’s…..?」

「I want to fight you. That’s it」


She was a battle fanatic.
Or… she was just a normal gamer?
Maybe as a player, Bolg just wanted to do a PVP battle.

「Of course, it’s just my selfishness. So, you have the right to decline, Mallow-san」

「Uhh… Isn’t it a bit unfair to forcibly give me the role to determine how it’ll be going?」

「Perhaps. But, it’s necessary for you right now. Especially, because you’re still not used to act of moving people as you want」


「Choose now. Do you accept my duel request or not. You can choose whatever you want. You have a freedom to determine it」

Mallow was looking down for a moment after Bolg said that.

In this situation, normally Mallow would accept Bolg’s duel request.
Because she thought that if she refused someone’s request with her own intentions, she might hurt them as a result.
And she thought that it was okay, since she had a strong fortitude.
Being patient was her best speciality.

「 ーーLet’s fight, Bolg-san!」


Bolg looked into Mallow’s eyes with interest.

「May I ask your reason for accepting my challenge?」

「The reason is simple」

Mallow smiled bravely.

「I wanna get my revenge. Bolg-san, when I lost to you in the last Battle Royale Event, I was really frustrated, you know?」

「……Haha, I see」

Bolg nodded slowly with a very gentle look on her face.

「If you got cold feet and simply just accepted my request because you couldn’t refuse me, I would have chopped your head off right now. It seems I don’t have to do that」

「D, Don’t say something scary like that, please!?」

「It was just a joke, don’t worry」


「Anyway, I’m glad you can finally express your own intention frankly somehow」

「……….Bolg-san, why are you looking at me from a guardian’s perspective?」

「When we grow up, we’ll naturally have this kind of perspective. You will know how it feels when you grow up, Mallow-san」

「H, Haaa…..」
「(Wait. Have I ever told Bolg-san that I’m younger than her?)」

But, before Mallow could ask her, Bolg said 「Well then, can you confirm my duel request quickly?」
And then Mallow pushed the “OK” button hastily.
When a countdown appeared above their head, Mallow naturally became nervous.
On the opposite side, Bolg was just relaxed.
As expected from the strongest player.
What an extraordinary dignity.

「Mallow-san, let’s have a good battle」

「………Don’t go easy on me. Let’s fight our best!」

「Of course. I’m planning to kill you in a blink of an eye. Prepare yourself!」

That’s scary…
But, if Bolg said so, maybe she really meant it.
While Mallow thought about that, the countdown that had appeared in her sight finally hit 0.
And her view became white.

And then, the duel beganー






Naturally defeated.
That was a kill in a second
An instant kill.

「Aaarrggghhー! Damn it!」

「HA HA HA. Six months too early for you to beat me」

Mallow and Bolg were at the Black Tea House at Green Forest, the safe area of Area 2.
This place was called Black Tea House, but the most popular drink here was herbal tea.
The two girls were also ordered herbal tea.
The one that Mallow ordered was called “Three Piece” and Bolg’s was “Angel Dust”.
And what was brought to them was a clear mallow* colored and pale red colored drink in transparent glass pots.
While pouring a large dose of sugar into her teacup, Mallow recalled her fight with Bolg once again.

*Pale purple

Mallow couldn’t do anything against Bolg’s multi skill attacks and her strong spear thrusting attacks.
Mallow used【Hazard・State】as the last resort, but this time, Bolg was dealing with it calmly.
She waited for the skill duration to wear off and finally thrusted her spear into Mallow’s body.

「Nevertheless, I can’t even imagine myself beating you in the next six months tho」

「Haven’t I told you that you have potential? I’m sure you will become a strong player that can get me into trouble in the next six months]

「That can get you into trouble, huh? Even so, you intend to win, right?」

「Of course, isn’t it obvious?」

After Bolg said that without hesitation, Mallow once again thought 「(Ahh,, can I really beat her… )」, and drank her “Three Piece” while smiling bitterly.
Bolg looked at Mallow’s direction with gentle eyes while waiting for Mallow to drink all of her tea and saidー

「By the way, Mallow-san」


「About your problem. Have you got the answer yet?」

「My problem…..? Ah!」

「Why do you seem like you just remembered it?」

「Ahh… That’s because I was too busy following you, Bolg-san. I didn’t have time to be worried about my problem」

Maybe Bolg was actually aiming for that.
She took Mallow into an adventure so she could distract Mallow from being worried about her problem.

「But. Un. I just remembered a lot of things in this short time」

「What is it?」

「As I thought, playing together with someone is really fun. The dungeon adventure with you just now was so much fun, Bolg-san!」

「Glad that you’re having fun」

「Perhaps this feeling was just my selfishness but… the most important thing has never changed. And…」


「I feel that I really want to play with my friend more. It’s been a long time since I remembered this feeling」

For Mallow, it was a difficult thing to say.
Because she was always worried if she would end up hurting someone just by being with her.
But still, she wanted to spend her time together with someone.
Playing together.
Having fun together.
Like a child.
That was what Mallow felt.

「It’s gonna be alright」
Said Bolg as if she saw through Mallow’s feelings.

「I’m sure that your friend thought about the same thing」

「The same thing?」

「Your friend wants to play together with you, spend time with you, have fun with you. I’m sure of it」

「Is… that so?」

「If you did something wrong, that’s fine. You just have to apologize and use the experience as a reference for future opportunities. Friend is a bond that won’t break easily, you know?」

Is that true?
……Maybe Bolg was right.
Ai…..AiAi said that Mallow was her childhood friend until now.
Even after she had ignored AiAi for one year.
But still, AiAi always thought of Mallow as her friend.
…….Mallow was very happy.
And Mallow….. Aoi also thought of Ai as her friend.
Even until now, she always thought like that.



「I have something to say to my friend right now! So, if you will excuse me!」

And then she immediately left her seat.
But, when Mallow was about to logout, Bolg stopped her.

「Ahh, wait. Are you going to call your friend at this hour? I think you should wait for more flexible time」


She just realized, it was already past 10pm.
No matter how you think, it wasn’t a good manner to call someone at this hour.
Come to think of it, Mallow had scolded AiAi before because AiAi called her at midnight. It would be embarrassing if Mallow did the same to AiAi right now.

「S, Sorry… I didn’t realize」

「I see」

「It’s midnight, huh. I’ll talk to my friend tomorrow then」

「Un. I think that’s for the best」

Bolg smiled while looking down at pale red liquid that showered by the illumination light and shined brightly.


/*TL : the reason why Aoi named her character as Mallow, because her name,葵(Aoi), means ‘Hollyhock’, a species of flower in Mallow/Malva family. But some dictionaries mentioned that it means Mallow in general.
Mallow flowers are generally pale purple colored.


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