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『Meteor Girl and Stardust Song』

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Chapter 43 : A Story Fragment and the Girl’s Dream


Sometimes ago…
In a certain place of a certain prefecture, in a certain room of a certain building, there was『Genesis Frontier』office.
A heavy atmosphere was flowing in a section of the office where the team in charge of adjusting boss enemies were working.
Vigourless eyes appeared on the employees’ faces as they dropped their shoulders heavily.
Anyone who looked at them would think that something must have happened. But no one could possibly ask them because they looked so depressed.
But one of the administrators who was holding a canned coffee decided to ask them, because if you keep leaving them like this, eventually it would affect the whole operation.

「Oi, what in the world happened to you guys? is there any problem?」

「A, Aahh. Sorry boss, seems like we made a strange atmosphere here…」

One of them bowed as he received the offered canned coffee.
It seemed that he realized that his team was making a gloomy atmosphere.

「And then? What’s the problem? You found bug or something?」

「No, it’s not something like that」

「So, what? You got complaints from customers?… Ah, I forgot there’s a different team in charge for handling the complaints… So what’s actually happened?」

「We found a boss enemy that was defeated so easily. I thought that we made the wrong balance adjustment」

「…..Ah, is it about『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』?」


The person who called ‘boss’ knew about that matter as well.

The ‘Arbiter’ boss enemies were special enemy characters for the game administrators.
Because they made those bosses with special backstories related to the world story in the game.
Therefore, a lot of them had been monitoring when the quest to defeat『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』was activated.
They were curious about the player who dared to challenge it.
Also, they wanted to see how struggling the player was.

………But, the reality didn’t go as they expected.

「Defeated with only punching skill 4 times… I surprised they defeated it so easily」

「Well, it can’t be helped. Seems like Mallow has a quite strong aggressive build on her status」

「Yeah, and on the other hand, the boss’s attack didn’t hit at all…」

「It was because AiAi maxed her agility points. I think she was really hard to hit even for a boss enemy」

「I didn’t expect it only took a few tries for them to clear the quest… I should have made the difficulty more brutal, damn it…!」

The Arbiter of the Netherworld.
A boss enemy with instant death attacks.
AoE that covers almost the entire field.
And although Mallow and AiAi didn’t know, the enemy also has a recovery ability and immunity to abnormal status.

「And also, it was unexpected when they used the『Camping Set』to bring one more person to a map that should only be able to be entered by one person. Nobody used respawn-point-sharing that way」

「No, actually, quite many players had been using that method a year ago tho」

「Oh, right. We didn’t make a patch for it because it was interesting. But still, I didn’t expect it would become a backfire for us. Fortunately, most of the titles in the game were only given to the player who launched the last attack to the boss. Especially, it would have been really bad if several players had the『Arbiter』title」

「Well, apparently, that title is deeply involved in the ‘world story’」

「That’s the point」

World story.
It’s a story about how the world of Genesis Frontier was created.
It seems many players have interest and study about it. And it makes the game administrators as the creator happy.

「Anyway, there’s still a lot of ‘Arbiter’ bosses that haven’t been implemented yet. Besides, although『The Arbiter of Water』and『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』were defeated, it seems that『The Arbiter of the Void』hasn’t been defeated yet」

「『The Arbiter of the Void』…? Ah! The one that obviously has a difficulty setting like it was bugged or something?」

「Yes, that one. I’m sure no one can defeat that bugged boss enemy until now」

「You bet」

「Anyways, I hope you guys learn from this case and do better next time」

「U, Understood」


………….. A few minutes after that conversation.
Bolg defeated『The Arbiter of the Void』.
That will surely make the game administrators shock once again when they know it…


I have a dream.
A dream of my past memories.
When I was still very young.
When『 』 was still younger than me.

There was a marathon event.
『 』was a person with no stamina nor speed.
Some of the classmates were laughing because of that.
Thanks to that, she became really serious over a mere school event.
I was irritated with those who laughed at her, but I thought they had a point.
Besides, I didn’t think her effort would pay off in the first place.
Because… she had no talent.

However, when we were running in physical education class,『 』ran faster and stronger than I expected.
Her speed was getting faster day by day.

Finally, on the day of the marathon event.
I couldn’t even follow her back.

『 』then finished in first place.
Was I able to smile when I saw her getting the certificate of commendation…?
I don’t remember.

But I think since that day, my feeling towards her was ーー


*/TL : I don’t know if『空の調停者』means The Arbiter of the ‘Sky’ or The Arbiter of the ‘Void’, because 空 can be interpreted either as sky or void/emptiness.
For now, I translated it as The Arbiter of the Void because it sounds cooler. Besides, they may add The Arbiter of the Sky/Heaven in the future with 天 kanji instead of 空… Well, maybe…


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    「I didn’t expect it only took a few tries for them to clear the quest… I should have made the difficulty more brutal, damn it…!」
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    「Yes, that one. I’m sure no one can defeat that bugged boss enemy until now」

    A few minutes after that conversation.
    Bolg defeated『The Arbiter of the Void』.

    the game administrators jinxed themselves also hahaaa mc is’t the only op charcter which causes trouble to the the game administrators

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