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Chapter 44 : The Girl’s Effort that was for Nothing


「Day by day~♪, I swingie swingie axe~, swingie swing~♪」

Thwack, thwack, thwack.
The axe made a rhythmic sound as it hit the tree.
The trunk of the tree was shaved by the swings of Mallow’s axe.
And when it couldn’t sustain its own weight any longer, the tree made a cracking noise and eventually fell.



The tree slammed into the ground and made a loud rumbling sound.
The tremor was very devastating, but Mallow was already used to it.
And the fallen tree would be stored in the item box immediately.
While keeping her smile, Mallow approached the next tree to chop down.

「Shooting star~♪ No matter how hard I try~ My hand will never reach them~♪」

「*Panting* Haahh, hahh… M, Mallow… haahh… is that your new single…?」

Behind Mallow, who was chopping down the tree in high spirits, there was a girl who was using an axe as a cane to support her body weight while breathing heavily.
She was AiAi.
By the way, she was in the middle of live streaming right now.
And currently, the viewers (the caretakers) were commenting on her as they please.

『Panting already?』
『So weak!』
『*Nursing care level : lumbering trees』
『She has no athletic sense at all』

*/Nursing care level is an indicator on what level you need a nurse’s assist / nursing care. There are 5 levels based on your sickness or mental health.

「S, Shut upー!! You guys should praise me instead, because I’m trying so hard with 0 STRー!!」

The reason why AiAi was really exhausted…
It was because she was trying to lumber trees even though she had 0 STR.
Of course, without enough STR, it was almost impossible to cut down a tree.
But she got some “tree object destruction” points by equipping a lumberjack axe, and was able to cut the trees down.
But still, she had a really hard time even cutting down a single tree.
Specifically, she was only able to cut one tree when Mallow was able to cut more than 10 trees.
What an obvious inefficiency.
But she was doing it as well because she was the one who came up with this ‘idea’.
Such an honest girl.

「Haahhh, hahh, Ma, Mallow. It’s been another hour, how’s the drop?」

「Mmm, it still hasn’t dropped yet… AiAi, it’s not like I doubt you, but are you sure it is the right drop condition for the Silver Maple ?」

「……….I’ll cry if the drop condition is wrong after we’ve been trying so hard all this time」

「Well, we have been doing this for 7 hours already…」

Apparently, the girls are at the event map right now, the Silver Forest.
The main map of the event was a forest of white trunk trees just like Japanese white birch.
AiAi got the information that if you cut down the trees there, which is called『White Tree』, there’s a chance a rare item called『Silver Maple』will drop at a certain rate.
And AiAi made it as today’s streaming episode.
The title was『I won’t end the stream until the Silver Maple dropped』.
Well, because it’s a holiday, she had time flexibility and started the stream from the morning, but playing a game for a long time is really mentally exhausting.

By the way, Mallow was participating as a helper from the middle of the stream.
And it seemed AiAi had changed the condition for ending the stream. She would end the stream if either Mallow or herself got the Silver Maple.
At that time, the live chat box got a little rough.

『Oi Oi, Are you kiddin’ me?』
『Yeah, you should do it by yourself!』
『Don’t pick the easy way!』
『I’m disappointed, I’ll stop being Rui-chan’s fan』

*/ TL note : The last person said the different name, “Rui-chan” (another GF streamer just like AiAi) for showing that it was just a joke, not seriously unsubscribing AiAi’s channel or anything.

The caretakers were usually a bit harsh towards AiAi, so this reaction was quite normal.

When Mallow joined and started chopping the trees, the caretakers were surprised by Mallow’s lumbering skill.
She was able to cut down more than 10 trees while AiAi was still struggling on one.
She was really fast at chopping the trees.
They were sure it would end really fast with this speed.
7 hours had passed.

「Umm, why is it still not dropped yet?」

「Is it bugged…!? Or there’s a problem with the drop rate setting…!? Or… maybe you were right, Mallow, I got the wrong information about the drop condition in the first place… damn it」

「Well, it’s still the first day of the event, so not all the information about the event was true」

「If so, it means that all our efforts up to now were for nothing…!」

「I, It’s only a possibility, we don’t know if it’s true or not, right?」

「Yeah, BUTー!」

AiAi swung her axe with anger.

「Why is it still not dropped yet after all this time!? Or is it because I’m a bad girl, huh !?」

「N, No, no, no…」


「Damn it, damn itー! I should have done more good deeds if I know this would happen. Right !?」

「Uhh, I think that has nothing to do with how unlucky we are right now…」


When AiAi was getting heated up like this, the live chat became full of excitement.

『Here we go again, LOL』
『What on earth is she angry at?』
『Her own unluckiness? lol』

And in the next moment, the tree AiAi cut, reached its limit and began to fall.


As the tree was about to fall, the trunk shone brightly from the crack.



Mallow tilted her head and guessed that maybe AiAi had gotten a bingo.

AiAi then opened her item box, and what she found inside wasー

「There… There it is….」

There was a Silver Maple inside.
7 hours play time.
Finally it dropped.

「Fi, Finally…」

AiAi collapsed flimsily on her spot.

Clap, clap, clapー
Mallow gave a modest applause.

「I’m glad for you, AiAi!」

「Y, Yes, thank you, Mallow…」

AiAi replied with relief and reassurance mixed in her words.

She had always been worried all this time, what if they never found it.
Besides, she could already feel the fatigue due to live streaming for quite a long time.
But her pride as a streamer forced her to do the closing.
She stood up, made a smile, and waved her hand towards the camera.

「W, Well guys, as you see, I got the Silver Maple. And I’m so tired right now, so I’ll end the stream here… Thank you to all the caretakers who watched, I’ll see you guys next time! Stay safe and chao~」

And then AiAi pushed the button to disconnect from the stream.
She then fell to the ground as if she was completely exhausted from all of this.

「AiAi, are you okay?」

「Un, I’m okay, but let me lay down for a bit」

「Okay…… hm?」

Suddenly, Mallow heard a mail notification.
She opened the mail menu screen and found a mail from the game administrator.
She wondered what it was.
She has a bad feeling about the mail.
Mallow’s body stiffened after she read the content of the mail.

「Eh? What’s wrong, Mallow?」

「……. I have good news and bad news. Which one do you wanna hear first?」

「………..Good news first…..」

「It seems they are distributing elixirs to all players」

「Oh, really?」

Elixir is an item that recovers all of your HP and MP completely, and it gives you invincibility for a certain duration.
Apparently, it can only be created by some craftsmen class players.
Because of that, this item is really pricey.
And the game administrator distributed such an expensive item to all players? Why?

AiAi figured the reason and asked Mallow with a stiff expression on her face.

「Mallow… isn’t it by any chance an ‘apology item’ sort of thing?」

「You bet it is」

「For what?」


Mallow looked away, she wondered if it’s okay to tell her or not.
But then she thought it wasn’t okay to not tell her the truth, so she told AiAi while kept looking away.

「…..There seemed to be a problem with the Silver Maple drop rate setting, and they just fixed it a few minutes ago」

「……….That means….」



AiAi opened her eyes wide after knowing the truth.
She stood up and inhaled the air into her lungs deeply.
The next momentー


What a poor girl.


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