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Chapter : 45 Accident・Keeper


「 ーーso something like that happened, Owata Samurai-san」

Days later in a different place…

Mallow and Owata Samurai were enjoying herbal tea at Black Tea House in Area 2, the place where Mallow used to go with Bolg before.
Mallow ordered the same herbal tea as before, and Owata Samurai ordered an herbal tea called “Lemon Paradise”.
The pale yellow liquid that had a faint lemon scent on it, but Mallow thought it was probably not really a lemon.
Well, it was an herbal tea, so maybe it was lemongrass or something like that.

「Heee, I see」

Owata Samurai nodded interestedly and took a sip of her herbal tea.

「How should I say… I think it was too bad that something like that happened right after she ended the live stream」

「Yeah, AiAi was also regretted it」

「…….For regretting something like that, seems like she is quite an entertainer I see」

「Ahaha, yup, she is」

Mallow laughed because she thought the same way as Owata Samurai about AiAi.

By the way, currently, Hamgoro’s not here with Owata Samurai.
For a moment, Mallow thought that it was unusual.
But, it wasn’t like she knew Owata Samurai well enough to think that she was always together with Hamgoro.
Besides, when they met for the first time, Owata Samurai was alone.
However, the encounter with Hamgoro was too impactful for Mallow and made her curious about him for not being here right now.
Moreover, it was because she knew that Owata Samurai was like a watcher for him who always shoots bullets at random people.

「By the way, Owata Samurai-san」

Mallow asked Owata Samurai something about Hamgoro that had been bothering her mind for quite a long time.

「If we are going to PVP someone, we can fight them with no risk at all if we add them as friends first, right? But why doesn’t Hamgoro-san do that?」

「Ahh, I was also curious about that and asked him…」


「He said “it’ll be a pain on my butt if I have to add my enemies as friends each time I’m going to kill them”」


It seemed that he was just lazy…
Mallow thought it would be nice if his laziness made him too lazy to do PVP anymore, but she knew that wouldn’t happen.

「Oh, right… Mallow, have you challenged Double Head already?」

「Double Head…? If I’m not mistaken, it’s the Silver Forest area boss enemy, right?」

「Yes. And also this time, it seemed like『Dark Night Round Table』had defeated it first. It’s a very strong boss enemy, and the material dropped from it is also great」

「『Dark Night Round Table』, huh?』

What Mallow knew about『Dark Night Round Table』was that it was a very famous guild in Genesis Frontier.
She had actually been fighting their leader at the battle royale event last time, but she didn’t know that the player who ran away from her in the forest area last time was him.
For her, Gray was just a player who looked strong but ran away after attacking her with some sort of attack somehow.
You might be thinking if it’s okay if Mallow thought about Gray that way, but it’s actually true, so it’s fine.

「Looks like we can use the material dropped from the boss to make some special equipment. So, are you interested in challenging it? You should invite that AiAi person as well」

「Ah, actually we already planned on doing it later in a few days. We are taking our time for now, because she’s still worried if there’s another bug or error again like last time」

「……..Has it become a trauma for her?」

「It seems so…」

「I see… Well, she worked hard for 7 hours without knowing there was a problem with the drop rate system. If I was her, I think I’ll be traumatized as well」

That time, after they received the apology mail from the game administrator, Mallow tried to cut the White Tree again, and the Silver Maple just dropped easily one after another.
And it was very difficult for Mallow to cheer up AiAi who was collapsed to the ground spiritless that time.
Mallow could understand AiAi’s feeling, so she was quite feeling sorry for her.

「But, Mallow, why do I feel like it was someone else’s problem to you?」


「You were also looking for the Silver Maple together with her, right? So you should be as depressed as AiAi, but you don’t look depressed at all」


「Or maybe you don’t look like it on the outside, but actually you are feeling down inside?」

「That’s…… How should I say….」

After thinking for a moment, Mallow answered Owata Samurai.

「Maybe because I’m already used to this kind of thing」

「What do you mean?」

「I mean, our hard work turned into a fruitless effort kind of situation. You know, I’ve been encountered with this kind of situation quite a lot in the real world. That’s why I wasn’t really shocked this time」

「Is that how you feel?」

「Yeah, at least for me, that’s how I feel」


Owata Samurai nodded even though it seemed she wasn’t really convinced with that.

Somehow, Mallow was aware that her sensibility was a bit off compared to other people’s.
Because of that, she sometimes hurt people in the past.
However, she had to be involved with other people without forgetting about her “deviation”.
Not to run away from it, but to accept it, accept herself as she is.
Recently, she finally started to think positively about herself that way.

「Anyway, AiAi and I are going to challenge the Double Head in the next several days. I don’t know if we will do it on live stream or not tho」

「I.. See…」


Mallow tilted her head.
Because it seemed Owata Samurai started feeling restless somehow.
She opened and closed her mouth, trying to say something.
Mallow wondered what she was hesitating about?

「Ma, Mallow…」

「Y, Yes?」

「Actually…. I have a request…….」

「What is it?」

Owata Samurai closed her mouth once, prepared herself, and then made a request.

「Can I… join you two?」


「Ah, it’s okay if I’m not allowed tho…」

「No, no, it’s not that. It’s just, I’m not the one who decides, it’s AiAi」

「Ah, I see… She is the one who does the stream after all」


Is Owata Samurai-san by any chance…..…
Mallow had a guess.
It was rare for her to have a good guess like this.

「Owata Samurai-san… Could it be…」

「Eh, w, what?」

「Are you one of AiAi’s caretakers?」

「 ー!!!」

Owata Samurai’s expression stiffened.
It seemed like her face was saying “YES”.
She was really easy to understand.
Mallow thought that she would deny it by looking away and whistling, but instead, she made a stiff expression that Mallow never saw before.

「A, actually….. Y,… S, something wrong with that!?」

Owata Samurai answered honestly.

「N, no, nothing wrong with that. I just didn’t think my friend’s subscriber was this close all this time」

「Me too, I was surprised that my acquaintance was AiAi’s real friend」

「I know right….. And then, about you joining us. As I said before, the one who will decide is AiAi, you okay with that?」

「Yeah, I’m totally fine with that」

Owata Samurai nodded obediently.

While looking at Owata Samurai, Mallow began to wonder if AiAi was really quite a popular streamer.


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