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Chapter 46 Two Girls Chatting


「Eh? Owata Samurai-san wasー!?」

Hearing Aoi’s story, Ai made an indescribable look.
She looked troubled and happy at the same time.
While drinking her thin calpis, Aoi asked Ai, who looked troubled with words.

「Is that bad?」

「N,No, not at all. If she said that herself, I’d love to have her on my stream!」

「So, what’s with that look? any problem?」

「No, I was just surprised… I never thought such a famous player like Owata Samurai was my fan…」

Said Ai, having trouble reacting.

Well, Aoi could understand why she reacted that way.
And as her friend, who knew her very well for a very long time, it was rare for Aoi to see her with this reaction.

「By the way」


「As usual, your place is really bigー. I bet you have a good life here」

「What? A sarcasm?」

「Nope, my true opinion」

Aoi looked around Ai’s room.
No, it was her living room rather than her own room.
To be more precise, it was a luxury apartment room.
She was doing her dailies mainly in this vast space.

「Despite this luxury room you have, I don’t know why you’re always stingy」

「You know, it’s not like I’m the one who has money, my parents are. Besides, I don’t need this much space for a living, since I’m only a petit bourgeois」

「Are your parents doing well?」

「Yeah, it seems they’re doing well together, and work really hard every day. Thanks to that, we can only keep in touch by mail these days, good lord…」

「That must be concerning for you」

「……Did you get what I said?」

「Eh? Isn’t that what you were trying to say?」

「Well, a part of it, yes indeed…」

Ai nodded after reluctantly said that.

She didn’t wanna admit it, but Ai respected and really loved her parents.

「B, By the way, Aoiー」

Ai bluntly distracted the subject to avoid further questions from Aoi about her parents.

「Do you still keep in touch with Akari?」

「Akari? Yeah, we spoke by phone yesterday, and we’re always mailing each other」

「Heeeeee… Hmmmm… I see… It seems you two are on good terms, good for you!」

「……..Why do you look so upset?」

「No? Maybe it’s just your imagination! I’m not mad just because you neglected me for a long time but keep in touch with Akari all the time! Not at all!」

「Ai, you let slip your true feelings…..」

Kiraboshi Akari.
Their former childhood friend.
She lived with her parents in a far far away place right now, so they could only communicate by phone or mail.

「Akari said she also really wants to meet you, Ai. She was eager to meet you IRL」

「I know. I also keep in touch with her….. Aaahh, you know when was the last time three of us played together?」

「If I’m not mistaken, it was 2 years ago. It’s quite a long time」

「I see… It’s been that long, huh…」

Ai looked away into the distance.

「I remember when we were kids, we promised to play together even if we were far away. But, the promise had faded away before we knew it…」

「Well, we’ll become adults soon and get busier. It’ll make us harder to meet and play together」

「At least we can still keep in touch with each other, but still…」

「Yeah, right」

「……….Aoi, from the way you’re talking, it seems you don’t care about it that much?」

「Eh? That’s not true tho?」

Ai glared at Aoi, who somehow suspiciously waved her hand in front of her face.

「Aoi, you never talk to Akari that way, right? That girl is quite easy to get depressed. If you speak to her like that, I’m sure she’ll be sad」

「I, I know! Don’t worry, Akari and I are always a close friend」


「Of course, of course. Besides, we wereー」


「I, It’s nothing…」


Ai tilted her head over Aoi, who suddenly took back her words.
She guessed that something must’ve happened between them. But it seemed Aoi most likely didn’t wanna tell it, so there was no point in asking.
However, now Ai knew that they were keeping a secret from her.
For some reason, that made Ai a little upset.

「Oh, well… I’m the one who can meet Aoi every day, so I’ll bear with it」

「Huh? What are you talking about?」

「No, just talking to myself. Leaving that aside, about the ‘Double Head’ boss, I think we’ll do it in about three days from now」

「That’s pretty near. Are you sure with that?」

「I want to believe it’d be just fine. Well, if there’s another patch after the battle like last time, I’ll cry tho. But I heard this boss is strong. I’m sure it’ll be a worthy enemy for us」

「Yeah, you’re right」

「However, if it’s an unkillable-level enemy, we must consider retreating. But, because we’ll be doing it while streaming, retreat is only our last resort. Well, I’m sure we can do it tho, because that『Dark Night Roundtable』people could defeat it before. If they can, we can!」

「Of course! Let’s do our best!」

The two girls nodded into each other optimistically.


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