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1-1 : This is Another World


One day, I suddenly was no longer a human.

You might not believe me, but I was a typical, normal, average high school student. There was nothing special about me, really, just living a monotonous high school life as usual.
That day was also a normal day without any particular plan to do after school.

I was leaving the school building after I exchanged greetings “see you tomorrow” with my friends.
But, on my way home, my view suddenly went dark.

Wherever I looked, I saw only darkness. Not only that, even the ground where I was standing on disappeared, and I felt like I was floating in the air.
Confused by this unrealistic situation, I desperately moved my neck and limbs to look around, hoping I would find something other than darkness.

But while moving my body like that, I gradually lost my sense of my body.
I couldn’t even tell if I really moved my neck or not.
All I felt was my body starting to disappear, and only my consciousness was floating there――――

「――――iiiー! Oooiiii~! Right here~!」

I heard someone’s voice calling me.
It seemed like it was a young girl’s voice, but I couldn’t see her figure.
Instead, I saw a small white dot in my sight.
It was a small speck of light.

「Right here! Hurry!」

The voice seemed to come from the light.
It sounded rather easy going without any tension at all, and it felt strange, considering my condition right now.
But there was no other hint to get out of this situation.
So I stretched my hand, which I couldn’t feel anymore, towards the light.

The next moment, I was in the woods when I regained my vision. Precisely, I was in the middle of an empty lot surrounded by the trees.
Then the next thing that came into my view wasー

「Oooooー! Yes, yes! I really did the summon! Yosh! With this, everyone will change their opinion about me. I won’t let anyone say that I suck ever again!」

ーa girl with a triumphant look on her face staring at me.
She was wearing a magician robe that looked like the one that appeared in typical RPGs.
She crouched down and looked over here.
Her hair was short, but enough to hide her ears; the color was light gold.
Her age seemed to be about the same as mine.

Her voice was similar with the one I heard in the darkness. So she might be the one who called me earlier.
I didn’t know who she was, but I could understand the language, and it seemed she knew the situation, so I asked her.

「Excuse me, can you tell me, what’s with this situation?」

「It speaks!? I seeー a high rank familiar who can speak human words, huhー Daaang! I’m impressed with myself for summoning something like this. As I thought, I really am an excellent witch!」

「Ooi, listen to me, please」

She didn’t even listen.
However, I was happy that I found the fact that we could communicate in Japanese; I was excited and stood up, stretching my tiny little back.
I could see her skirt underneath the robe when I looked up, so I looked away and floated back a little.

Hm? Looked up? Floated back?

When I realized something was wrong, I looked at the girl.
Apart from the magician cosplay, she looked like a normal girl. But…
She was strangely big.
She had to look down to see me.
Was this girl a giant?

And then I realized that I couldn’t feel my limbs.
So, how come I could move back earlier?
Because I could move by floating to the direction I wanted.
Yes, it was strange, I also felt really strange, but that was all I could say.
I wondered what happened to my body, but I couldn’t see my own body when I looked down. Instead, I saw complicated patterns written on the ground.
The heck is this? A magic circle?

I was curious about the magic circle, but my body was more important now.
I couldn’t check my own condition because I didn’t have limbs to look at.
I couldn’t find a mirror or something that could reflect my appearance either.
I remembered to use my smartphone’s front camera, but then I realized I didn’t have hands.
In the first place, I didn’t even know if I brought my smartphone with me or not right now.

Couldn’t be helped. I asked the magician girl.

「Hey, you. How do I look like right now?」

I spoke politely earlier, but somehow, I started to think that there was no need to speak politely to this girl.
Fortunately, she wasn’t offended and answered my question this time.

「How do you look…..? Umm… like a pale blue fire ball…? Ah, could it be, only your soul was sent here? Aaaa, sorry~. You see, it sometimes happened, fairies who were sent here with only their souls. In that case… umm… the fairies have to possess something, if not, they can’t live for a long time in this world, and eventually disappear. Un! I remember it correctly! Atta girl! Please wait a moment, okay?」

After calling me a fairy or something, she even boldly said that I might disappear in a light tone.
Moreover, she always praised herself.
I wondered, was it okay to trust this weird girl?
However, It seemed that I would disappear at this rate.
But it looked like this girl didn’t understand that I was puzzled right now.
She was busy rummaging her bag, looking for something.

「Here. I’ll give you this doll. You okay with cat right?」

「………….What’s this for?」

What the girl took out of the bag was a fabric doll in the shape of a cat.
Rather than four legs, it had two hands and two legs, impersonating a human.
It looked like it was made of fabric scraps, as there were several patches all over the place, so the pattern of the fabric wasn’t the same. The eyes were made of buttons, and the mouth was a cloth sewn on the face. Such an easy thing to make.
The amount of cotton stuffed inside wasn’t much, so it was a little thin.
The size was a little bigger than the girl’s palm.

She called it a doll, but it was a stuffed animal rather than a doll.
And even though she said “I’ll give you this”; it was a freaking stuffed animal, what should I do with it?
When I was troubled about what to answer, she continued talking.

「What’s wrong? You just have to get inside this thing. If not, you’ll disappear, you know? Aahh…… could it be you want another doll? Don’t worry, I still have the piggy, the froggy, and many more, waitー」

「No, I’m good with the cat」

I see.
She wanted me to possess this cat so I wouldn’t disappear.
If that was the case, I didn’t care about the doll options, whichever will do.
And then I immediately got inside the stuffed cat.
According to what this girl had explained, my appearance was probably something like a human soul right now.
The moment I touched the stuffed cat, I was sucked inside.

Suddenly, the sensation of my body returned.
Of course, because it was a stuffed animal, I didn’t feel the same like my old human body.
The short limbs felt strange and inconvenient. The head was also quite heavy because it was larger than the body.
I, who never thought of becoming a stuffed animal, needed some time to get used to this body.
But suddenly this girl grabbed me tightly….. with her full power.

「Gu, heeー!」

「Aahh~ so fluffy! As I expected from the doll I made, it’s really nice to touch, what a masterpiece! I hope we can be good partners, familiar-san! Ah, my name is Lizelotte; it’s long so please call me Lize. And why should I call you?」

「Be..fore that…. please.. your hands… it’s hurt…」

「Ahh, I’m sorry」

The girl introduced herself as Lize.
While she was talking, she kept toying with me with both of her hands.
After I was finally able to protest, she loosened her grip, let me stand on her palm, and then we talked.

「I’m Kitahara Kouta, everyone called me Kouta. And then Lize…. lotte-san?」

「Geez, didn’t I tell you to call me Lize? It’s the relationship between you and me, right? You don’t have to be that stiff. Besides, you’re my familiar, so this will be a looong relationship!」

Why was this girl so over-friendly?
And what did she mean by ‘familiar’?
No, more importantlyー

「Say, Lize, do you know how I can get back to my world?」

「He? Are you going back? Why!?」

「Well… because I have to go back, you know? I have school tomorrow, and I have to go home」

「Heeー so there’s a school in the world of fairies too? I never knewー, Ah, no no, more importantly, Kouta! You’re my familiar now! So you have to accompany this great witch Lize-sama in her magic training journey, you know?」

Why the heck did the ‘great’ witch still need to do magic training?
More importantly, it looked like we were not on the same wavelength.

「Listen. I’m not a familiar, so I won’t go along with your training or whatsoever」

「Ahh~ you’re lying right? I bet you’re just shy because the witch who summoned you is a beauty. Right, right~?」

While she was letting me stand on her hand, she poked my cheek with the other hand’s index finger.
How annoying.

「Stop it. I’m not lying. I’m really not a familiar」

「Eh? But you did come when I summoned you, right? From another world, the world of fairies」

「I don’t know about another world you’re talking about, but I’m not from the world of fairies」

「If not from there, where do you come from then?」

「Not sure how I should put it. But there are no fairies in my world」

「So…. You’re not a fairy?」

「I’m a human」


「Aaaー Gu,he!」

After I kept denying her, it seemed that the misunderstanding was somehow resolved.
I wasn’t a familiar or whatever it was called, I was a human.

At the same time, Lize lowered her arm languidly, so I lost my footing, fell to the ground, and moaned with a weird voice…


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