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Chapter 47 : Stream Title : 『Three Noisy Girls Gathered!?』


(AiAi)「Alright, I’ll start the streamー」

(OwataS)「Go on」

(Mallow)「I’m ready」


(AiAi)「AiAi~♥ For all my ‘caretakers’ and the other viewers, chao~ g’ mornin g’ evenin~! Welcome to my stream! AiAi dayo~」

『I’v been waitin’ for you』
『There she is!』
『Here we go guysー!』

(AiAi)「Today we’re going to fight the event map boss enemy, the ‘Double Head’. But, I’m not alone! This time, these ‘reliable people’ will come along with us, tadaaー!」

(Mallow)「She said that tho, Owata Samurai-san…」

(OwataS)「Nah, I know it’s just lip service… I guess」

(AiAi)「Oi, you two… You should naturally get in after I said that!」

(OwataS)「Aye aye… And? Is that what you really think about us?」

(Mallow)「Uhh, I started feeling worried…」

『A friction already!?』

(AiAi)「No, no. It’s not like we are in a quarrel or anything. We’re bosom buddies~」

(OwataS)「Well, AiAi and I were just met for the rehearsal a day ago tho」


(Mallow)「This is messed up…..」

Just like that, AiAi’s live streaming,『Three Noisy Girls Gathered!?』was started.
By the way, Owata Samurai said she might be nervous because it’d be her first time live on stream, but despite what she said, she acted so natural.
Perhaps it was because she was one of AiAi’s ‘caretakers’ afterall, so she knew well how to play along with AiAi.

(AiAi)「A, Anyways guys, we’re at the event map, ‘Silver Forest’ right now. From here, we’re going to head southwest to the dungeon where the ‘Double Head’ spawn. Fortunately, no mobs along the way, so we can walk easy」

(OwataS)「Oh nice, we can do a chit chat for the stream along the way then」

(AiAi)「Well, it’s relatively close, so we’ll be getting there real soon tho… But, a chit chat, huh? I’m not very good at it to be honest」

(OwataS)「Really?? But you always talked for hour long when you were doing a chit chat stream」

(AiAi)「Ahh, come to think of it, Owata Samurai-san, you’re also my ‘caretaker’, huh…」

(OwataS)「Yeap, I also bought your channel membership and threw some donation chat sometimes」

(AiAi)「Wow, thank you very much!」

(OwataS)「*Talking to the viewers* Look, I’m talking directly with the real AiAi-chan! Are you guys jealous? Huh? Huhー?」

(AiAi)「Owata Samurai-san, is it really your first time to be on stream?… And don’t hug me so tight!」

『Yeah, let’s burn her like grass!』
『She’ll burn well』
『As usual, huh』

(AiAi)「Eh?? When did I become usually-burned? Shouldn’t you guys burn Owata Samurai-san instead? Are you not jealous because she’s hugging me?….. Or…could it be, some of you guys are Owata Samurai-san’s fans!?」

『That’s me!』
『Me too』
『 ’o’)/ 』

(AiAi)「For real? You know, this is AiAi Channel, MY channel, I’ll be happy if you guys cheer for me instead just for now」

『Do you want us to spoil you?』
『You should be ashamed of yourself』
『I’m disappointed, I’ll stop being Rui-chan’s fan』

(OwataS)「Rui-san would be troubled if you do that… Well, I know it’s just a template joke tho」

(Mallow)「Um, Owata Samurai-san, who is this Rui person?」

(OwataS)「Ah, she was a GF streamer just like AiAi. She’s as popular as AiAi, but she’s a kinda weird streamer. Because of that, her videos sometimes got bombed with thumbs down from the fans」

(Mallow)「H, Heee」

(OwataS)「She did a collaboration stream with AiAi several times, and they made a legend each time they were doing it, in both a good and a bad way」

Mallow vaguely nodded as she realized there was still a world she didn’t know about.

Eventually, the three girls arrived at the entrance of the destination cave.
Peeking inside, the inside of the cave was unexpectedly paved, so it wouldn’t be hard to walk on.
The fight wouldn’t be as easy as the walk tho.


(Mallow)「What’s wrong AiAi?」

(OwataS)「Oh, perhaps she’s troubled because she can’t use the usual strategy」

(Mallow)「Eh? What do you mean, Owata Samurai-san?」

(OwataS)「You see, AiAi cannot use her speed she’s proud of to its fullest in this such a narrow dungeon. That’s why she usually ignore the enemy and run through, but today we are here too, soー」

(Mallow)「She can’t just run through? That reminds me, she said something like this when we were at the Amber Castle」

(AiAi)「Yeah, that’s exactly my problem. But when we were at the Amber Castle, the mobs were weak. Besides, that dungeon was a bit wider, so it was easy to dodge. However, it’s way too narrow this time」

This is not good…
AiAi made a sulky look and glanced intermittently at Mallow and Owata Samurai.
Mallow made a bitter smile after she figured out what AiAi wanted to say.

(Mallow)「Aahh, I see. Owata Samurai-san, it seems we should go while protecting Princess AiAi along the way」

(OwataS)「Eh? Seriously?」

(Mallow)「Well, because I think it’s the best solution, isn’t it? She has absolutely no attack power, so I think we’ll proceed smoother if we just protect her」

(OwataS)「I got your point, but… escorting AiAi, huh…」

(Mallow)「Any problem with this idea?」

(OwataS)「No, it’s just… It seems like we’re spoiling AiAi, I just feel like I hate to do that」


Owata Samurai was one of the ‘caretakers’ after all, and they hate to spoil AiAi because she would get cocky.
But in the end, she seemed to understand and nodded.

(OwataS)「Alright, alright… The live streaming main theme is the ‘Double Head’ after all. So let’s hope she’ll scream like a baby later」


(OwataS)「And let’s hope that the drop item she get will be shit」


(AiAi)「Oi, you two! I can hear you!」

(OwataS)「Okay then, let’s get going! AiAi, stay close with us! Understand?」

(AiAi)「…….Are we really just met a day ago?」

Leaving aside AiAi’s question, the three stepped into the cave.



*/TL : From now on, I’m going to put name tags on the dialogue if there are 3 or more people in the story.
Please tell me what do you think in the comment. Is it annoying or useful? Thank you /’-’)/


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    (OwataS)「Okay then, let’s get going! AiAi, stay close with us! Understand?」

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