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Chapter 48 : The Battle of the Three Girls Along the Way




Mallow and Owata Samurai blew away the enemies in front of them.
Monsters that spawned in the cave were mainly bipedal-humanoid monsters such as lizardman and goblin.
The enemies were holding various kinds of weapons, so they had numbers of movements, and also high attack power.
Still, they were just not-so-hard enemies for the two, so they didn’t have much trouble dealing with them.
With just one swing of an axe, Mallow deleted their health bar. Even if they were still alive, Owata Samurai would finish them with repeated slash attacks.
Actually, two of them just formed a party yesterday, but their compatibility was excellent until they didn’t need help from other players.

『Is there a necessity for AiAi to be there with them?』
『She’s just being a burden, lol』
『D, Don’t worry guys, she won’t get in their way』
『It’s AiAi’s fault they proceed slower tho』

(AiAi)「……..Ughh… I can’t deny it…」

AiAi was feeling down alone.
Owata Samurai ignored her.
In the other hand, Mallow wasn’t sure if it was okay to speak to her, but for now she saidー

(Mallow)「Do, Don’t mind…」

(AiAi)「Nah, don’t worry, I don’t mind what they said. It’s just, I’m feeling down because I feel indebted to you two」

(Mallow)「Eh? You don’t need to mind us. We’ll be relying on you in the boss battle after all, so you’re okay to take it easy for now」

(OwataS)「That’s right. The battle with the ‘Double Head’ will be easier if AiAi dodge-tanking for us」

(AiAi)「You two… Okay! I’ll do my best, leave it to me! My turn to shine is indeed in the boss battle!」

AiAi clenched her both hands in front of her chest.

After that, three of them proceeded inside the cave without problem.
Well, except when AiAi opened a treasure box carelessly without knowing it was a ‘mimic’ and almost died from it.

*/ Mimic is a monster that resembles a treasure box.

(Mallow)「Listen, AiAi! You know you have a shitty defense, so don’t do anything without telling, and stay close with us! Do you copy!?」

(AiAi)「C, Copy that ma’am」

(OwataS)「Good lord… We’ll lose everything if you die. Don’t do anything stupid again! Or we’ll get doomed!」


『ROFL! She got scolded again!』
『They really scold her good!』
『I hope you introspect yourself properly』
『Got caught in a trap after acting carelessly… It supposed to be unforgivable』

There was no one friendly in the live chat either.
She shed tears a little but no one realized it.
Suddenly, Mallow started talking about something that was bothering her mind.

(Mallow)「By the way, I’ve been wondering for quite a while. Is this dungeon never overflowed with players? 」

(OwataS)「What do you mean?」

(Mallow)「I mean, this is the event map with a lot of great drop items, right? So I think many players will aim for this place. Yet, we still haven’t even met any players until now. Isn’t it weird?」

(OwataS)「Ah, about that?」

Owata Samurai nodded after she got what Mallow was trying to ask.

(OwataS)「Well, it’s natural if you have that question, but the answer is quite simple」

(Mallow)「Is that so?」

(OwataS)「It’s the game feature that allows each party to have their own dungeon」


(OwataS)「Hmm, how should I put it… it’s kinda hard to explain」

(AiAi)「Mallow, it’s like a parallel world, you know?」

AiAi rescued Owata Samurai who had trouble explaining.

(Mallow)「Parallel world?」

(AiAi)「Yes. So, each player or party will be transferred to their respective dungeon. Of course, it’s the same dungeon tho. Therefore, there’s no other players nor parties here」

(Mallow)「I see. But, why did they make it like that?」

(AiAi)「You may don’t realize it, but you have said the answer earlier, Mallow」

(Mallow)「Did I?」

(AiAi)「Basically, it’s to prevent players from overflowing in the dungeon. Furthermore, if many players share the same dungeon, there’s a possibility that the large guilds will monopolize the place. That’s why they made it like this to prevent that from happening」

(Mallow)「I see now」

Mallow nodded, she got it now.
She was randomly impressed by the fact that this game was created with full consideration.

And then three of them kept proceeding forward without much conversation.
AiAi obediently followed the two’s back after she regretted that she caught in trap because of her own carelessness. Thanks to that, they could proceed more smoothly.
By the way, the level of enemies that appeared in the event, basically would be slightly lower than the average level of the party. So, even beginner players could participate in the event as well.
Of course, the higher the enemy level is, the drop rate for the rare item would become higher too.
Also, there were items that only dropped in a certain level, but three of them would be able to get that kind of item with their current level.
Owata Samurai and AiAi were over 80, of course. And Mallow was 99, the max level.
Therefore, the monsters were spawned in a quite strong state, but still, they were nothing for those two.

Finally, three of them arrived at the boss’s place.
The gate suddenly opened.
Beyond that, a large hall with big glittering crystals sprouted out everywhere.
A huge twin-headed dragon sat inside.
That must be the ‘Double Head’.

(OwataS)「Alright, the strategy will be the same as we planned yesterday. AiAi will keep the aggro while Mallow and I will be the damage dealer. Are you guys ready?」


(AiAi)「OK desuー!」

(OwataS)「Alright thenー Let’s go crazyー!」

After Owata Samurai yelled, three of them prepared their own weapon, and then stepped into the hall at the same time.
Realizing the intruder’s presence, the Double Head slowly lifted its two heads and gazed at them with its four eyes.
But before the enemy could open its mouth, AiAi rushed like a comet approaching the enemy and cut its torso with her scythe.

(AiAi)「After me, guysー!」

The battle of the three girls vs the twin-headed dragon beganー


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