chapter 2, hoi /’o’)/

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1-2 The Summoning was Failed?


Lize stood still for a moment, dumbfounded.
After came back to her senseー

「N, No No No No No! Impossible…! I did it according to the grimoire, you know!? A familiar should come from the world of fairies! And they will serve me! Not this useless human! Moreover, only the soul was summoned!? Impossible!」

「Oi… I can hear you…」

What a rude girl, calling me useless.
Ignoring me, Lize picked up something on the ground.
It looked like a tattered old book.
Is that the grimoire?

「I don’t believe I failed at summoning. Calm down, me. The procedure should be correct. Umm… the magic circle was exactly the same… and the incantation too…. aー maybe I slipped my tongue a bit」

「I think that’s the cause… And, is that nearly torned apart old book really can be trusted?」

「Aah. This grimoire wasn’t like this in the beginning. Everytime we perform the summoning ceremony, we use one volume of grimoire, so after we’re done with the summoning, it’ll become tattered like this」

It appeared that the grimoire was brand new before the summoning ritual began.
And it seemed it was being consumed during the ceremony and became like this.

「With the magic equation, correct procedures, and magic circles written on this grimoire, and of course with my magical power as an excellent witch, I should have been able to summon a familiar from the world of fairy full with their body, but….. Well, by the way, depending on the user’s ability, we can ignore the incantation」

「And Lize, you said you’re an excellent witch, but still need to chant the incantation, huh. Moreover, you messed up」

「Ugh…! B, But still, I just messed up a little bit, it shouldn’t be a big deal!」

Anyway, I really didn’t wanna be here.
I didn’t wanna spend my after school time in a stuffed animal with this excellent witch pretending girl, no way!
I needed her to send me back.
So I waited for Lize who was staring at the grimoire and thinking for a while.
Suddenly, she collapsed to her knees, and sat down on the ground.

「Ahh….. I did screw it up….」

「What’s wrong?」

「The magic circle… if I take a closer look, I drew it wrong…. I see, I thought it was a ‘star’ in this spot, but it was a mistake, huh… Uwaaー this formula was also the wrong one… uhhh….」

The pattern drawn on the ground.
There seemed to be a correct way to draw the magic circle.
So, of course if it was drawn incorrectly, the summoning wouldn’t be a success.

「After all, it was because of your incompetence, huh」

「Uuuhh… That’s… maybe right. But still, it was so close. That’s why the gate didn’t open in the world of fairies, but in the different world, Kouta’s world. And then the human you was summoned, not the fairy」

I didn’t understand about this different world thing, because there were no fairies in my world.
But more importantly.

「Well, that’s good that you know the cause. So? Can you get me back to my original world now?」



This girl! She was so chatty earlier, but when it got essential, she only replied with,”can’t”, these two words!
When I was thinking that she was such a cruel girl, she continued talking.

「Sorry, but I don’t know how. I’m not even sure if there’s a way. Even if there is, maybe we need the grimoire devoted to unsummon you back, but I never seen that kind of grimoire before」

In other words, there was no way I could go back. I was in big trouble.

It wasn’t that if I went back, there was something important to do.
The only thing waiting for me was my boring monotonous high school life.
But still, it was better than living as a stuffed animal in this unknown world.
So I tried to approach the magic circle to see if I could return.
But nothing happened. It seemed it had become a normal drawing on the ground.
I was in a desperate situation.
I wanted to wake up quickly if it was a dream.

However, Lize didn’t seem to care about my worries and continued talking.

「More importantly, can you use magic? I bet you’re a famous magician in your original world, aren’t you?」

「Hah, of course not. There’s no magic in my world. But we do have the word ‘magic’ tho」

Yes, there was the word ‘magic’, but that was only in fantasies.
In fact, I didn’t believe when Lize claimed herself as a witch or a magician at first.
But, after I teleported from school to the woods and ended up in this body, I had no choice but to believe it.
If I told her this, she might get confused tho.

「So, you can’t use magic?………No way… my perfect plan was….summoning an excellent familiar so I’ll be treated as an excellent witch and praised by everyone…then become famous and leave my name in history. I’m not expecting that my clean, perfect plan would stumble from the very beginning…」

「Oi… what an impure motive you have…」

So I became like this because of these terribly selfish desires, huh? What a joke.
She looked troubled, even though I was the most troubled here.
And she said this was a ‘perfect’ plan? This girl must be joking.

I was looking at the troubled Lize for a moment until she stood up.

「Huh? Get over with it already?」

「I’m going on a journey. Don’t look for me…..」

「Oi! Where are you going!?」

Lize staggered and started walking sluggishly.
It looked like she wasn’t walking because she had a destination. She just walked randomly.
This was an empty lot in the middle of the woods.
No matter where Lize walked, she would end up going deeper into the dense forest.
If that happened, I would definitely lose track of Lize, and I would be in even worse trouble.

She might be a weirdo, but she was the only one I knew in this world.
If I lost her, I would live in this world with this stuffed animal body alone.
I had to prevent that from happening at all costs.

「Oi, wait! Stop! Aaaah damn it!」

I chased Lize.
Though I wasn’t a fast runner from the beginning, it was irritating that my short stuffed animal legs were really slow.
And just when I thought of running fasterー


I sped up really fast all of a sudden.
I was flying rather than running.
It felt like I was being thrown by someone.
My body kept flying toward Lize andー


I bumped into Lize’s back because she suddenly stopped.
I was a stuffed animal, so we didn’t get hurt.

「Oi. I don’t know your circumstances, but don’t leave me alone with this kind of body!」

「Awawawa… what should I do…」


I was used to her ignoring me, but she was strange this time.
She was trembling.
While I was thinking that she must be still shocked about the summoning, I climbed up Lize’s back and reached her shoulder.
She didn’t even notice me climbing her back and was still trembling while kept looking forward.
When I follow her line of sightー

ーa monster stood in front of us.

It was about more than two times Lize’s height, and it was fat, making it ridiculously big.
The face was like a pig and the skin color was dull dark green.
A strange odor drifted from the body that was far from clean.
In its hand, was a thick big club.
It looked a lot like the monster that appeared in fantasy games, theー

「Orc… Uwaa, this is my first time seeing it….」

Said Lize as if she said what I was thinking.

It seemed this orc came out of the woods alone.
The distance between us was about six or seven meters, and it was also aware of our presence.
It seemed like it was wondering what to do with the human in front of it.
What would it do?
For the orc, maybe a young girl like Lize was a good prey.
The orc might be wondering what if we had other allies hiding, or was thinking how to kill us, but it seemed it’d ended up attacking Lize in the end.
While swinging up its club, the orc started to walk over here.

「Awawawawa, what should I do!? Run…? No… I need to fight back. My staff…. Where is my staff!?」

While panicked by the hostile enemy, Lize seemed to have decided to fight.
She took her gaze off the enemy and looked around as if she was looking for something.
It must be the staff. Could it be a magic staff?

「Auu…….. It’s right there….」

There was Lize’s bag laid near the magic circle.
Right next to it, I saw a stick about one meter long.
After I saw a gem on the tip of the stick, I was sure that must be the magic staff.

It was a little far from here.
If she ran to grab it and turn her back on the orc, she would be in danger.
But it seemed that Lize understood it.

「O staff, O staff, come to meー!」

While kept staring at the orc, she pointed her palm toward the staff and said that.
Was it a spell to call the staff?
But the staff was just twitching a little, it didn’t come to Lize’s hand.

「Auu…….Uhh, can’t be helped! Um, uhh… O, O flame, amass!」

This time, she stretched out both of her hands toward the orc and chanted some kind of incantation.
I couldn’t see it well because Lize’s hands blocked my view, but something like sparks appeared, crackling on her hands.

Though I didn’t understand magic, I thought that sparks were too unreliable as a weapon for this fight.

「Burn, scorch, destroy!… Fire ballー!」

As Lize shouted, the sparks gathered in one point and flew toward the orc.
But the flame almost disappeared before it hit the orc.
And of course, such a weak flame wouldn’t hurt the orc.
But the orc seemed to be aware that it was attacked by the girl using magic.


Looked like the orc was pissed off.
Well, of course that would trigger its anger.
The orc, that was just walking until now, started to rush, approached us at once, and swung the club down toward Lize.
She took a step back and avoided it.
We might have become minced meat if hit by that big club.
It was good that she was able to avoid it, but it seemed Lize wasn’t used to this kind of movement; she lost her balance and fell.
And I wasー

「Gu,hee! Why am I always falling like this…」

ーthrown to the ground from Lize’s shoulder.
I hurriedly stood up and ran toward Lize’s front and looked at her face.

「Oi, Lize, you okay? Stand up! Let’s get away from here!」

I was silently watching how Lize was fighting earlier, but now I understood that there was no way she could win.
Then there was no choice but to run away.
But when I suggested that, Lize replied weakly.

「I can’t…….I sprained my ankle….」

「Oi, are you kidding!?」

Lize couldn’t move.
But of course, the enemy didn’t care.
The orc intended to kill its prey (us) this time, and raised the club.
I was looking at the orc from Lize’s shoulder earlier, but now, it looked like a terrifying giant from my current height.

「Kouta….just leave me…! Runー!」

「Khh! But….!」

To be honest, that was the best option.
There was no way to win against the giant orc in front of us.
In the situation where we had no choice but run, Lize couldn’t move.
Then, I just had to abandon this weirdo girl and ran away.
I didn’t wanna die here before returning to my original world.


「No way I can leave you and run!」

Before I realized, I confronted the orc while shouting to Lize like that.

I might be dead after this.
And Lize’s turn would come after I die.
What I was doing was merely to buy a little time until Lize died.
Still, I didn’t want to endure the bad feeling of abandoning a girl and running away alone.
I knew I was stupid for doing this.
However, I was glad that I wasn’t a heartless human.

The orc finally swung the club down toward me.

Uuh, it might be too late, but I wondered if I could do something.
Is there a way to survive?
I tried to remember what Lize did earlier and imitate her.
I pointed my palm at the orc and…. what did she say again?

ーO flame, amass! Burn, scorch, destroy! Fireballー!

The moment I remembered the chanting, my body was blown away.


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