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Chapter 49 : VS the Double Head


Double Head.
The twin-head dragon.
Its body trait was obviously those two heads.
They had to be careful, as each of them shot different attribute attacks
The red one shot fire.
The blue one shot ice.

Of course, the player had no attribute, so the enemy’s attribute attacks wouldn’t deal bonus damage against the player.
Still, the Double Head had various attack patterns that might make them troubled.
Fire attacks were fluid, it was hard to predict.
Ice attacks would make straight ice paths.
They had to fight while identifying each of its attacks.

It was easier to fight the Double Head with a dodge-tank on the team.
The Double Head had a giant body, so it couldn’t move swiftly.
Therefore, moving at high speed to distract its attention and attack meanwhile, was a very effective strategy.
A normal tank was good enough, but the Double Head’s ice attacks had a penetrating effect.
Thus, the dodge-tank was better.
A person concentrated on dodging while the others accumulated some damage until it was defeated.
That’s the safest way to fight.

And what Mallow, AiAi, and Owata Samurai were doing wasー

(AiAi)「Uoooooooー!I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna diiiieeeー!」

While screaming like that, AiAi continued to swiftly dodge the Double Head’s attacks.
As she said herself, it’s time for her to shine as a dodge-tank.
She maintained the aggro using【Provoke】skill and only focused on dodging.
She was so quick that she didn’t even leave an afterimage behind, no eyes could follow her movement.
Of course, neither fire nor ice attacks could hit her, they were only destroying empty ground around.
She might scream desperately, but actually she didn’t break a sweat.

Thanks to her maintaining the aggro, Mallow and Owata Samurai could safely approach the Double Head’s torso and focus on attack.



The Double Head’s HP was steadily shaved off by the continuous attacks of axe and sword.
Sometimes, it became irritated and launched AoE attacks nearby, but its movements were too obvious because of the giant body, so they could dodge it easily.

(Mallow)「Hmm, maybe it’ll become an easy victory?」


Mallow optimistically said so, while Owata Samurai was doubtful.

Is the event enemy really this weak?
Well, if it’s true, that’s fine.
Besides, it’s probably because AiAi’s dodge-tank made it easier for us.


Owata Samurai’s worries became a reality when the Double Head’s HP hit 20%.


The Double Head raised a loud war cry as its white torso turned black.

Mallow and Owata Samurai who were about to finish it off, were sent flying by the shock wave.


(Mallow)「W, What happened?」

After the two were forcibly moved to the edge of the hall, they looked into the Double Head, confused.
The dragon’s body started to make pulsatory movements.
Then the two necks got tangled into each other and dissolved into one big neck.
Red and blue mixed together and became a big purple neck.
White smoke leaked out from its mouth.
Such a change of form that made them think the real battle had just begun.

(AiAi)「Mallow, Owata Samurai-san, careful!」

(Mallow)「I know!」


The three became cautious and waited for the next action.
The Double Head (it’s not ‘double’ anymore tho) took a deep breath.
Then it opened its mouth wide and spit out a white breath toward AiAi.


She dodged it swiftly.

But that breath attack had a long duration and tracking ability, so the breath was chasing after AiAi.
She continued running from the breath until she accidentally ran toward Mallow.

(Mallow)「W-Wait, waitー!」

(AiAi)「Eh! Sorry!」

Mallow jumped back in panic, but it was too late.


She was directly hit by the incoming breath, blown away, and slammed against the wall.
Thanks to her reasonably good VIT, she managed to survive somehow.
Still, Mallow’s HP was shaved off greatly.
She wondered if she had a chance to drink HP potion as she looked ahead.

There was Owata Samurai’s figure that rushed straight toward the Double Head.
AiAi was still chased by the breath.
Owata Samurai used the opportunity AiAi made to get close to The Double Head even more.
And then she unsheathed her blade in a flashー

(OwataS)「【Seven Heavens Slash】!」

6 semi-transparent blades appeared out of nowhere.
Plus the original blades Owata Samurai held, there were 7 blades in total.
She slashed through the Double Head’s body with those 7 blades at high speed continuously.
As a result, its HP bar decreased constantly until it hit 0.


The Double Head raised such a sorrowful cry before it collapsed.
The dragon shivered its giant body in agony.
And then, it became smoke and disappeared.


Owata Samurai put her sword back into the sheath and took a breath.
When she turned back, she saw Mallow and AiAi wereー

(Mallow)「I almost die because of you!」


(Mallow)「I know it was unintentional, but did you think where you’re going to dodge!?」

(AiAi)「I know! I’m sorry!」

It seemed Mallow was scolding AiAi again.

(OwataS)「Guys, we’re still on live streaming, we can talk about it later」

Owata Samurai warned them right.


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