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Chapter 50 : What Touched Her Heart


Owata Samurai wasn’t sure if Mallow heard what she said, but she immediately stopped scolding AiAi and came to her.

(Mallow)「That was a very powerful attack, Owata Samurai-san!」

(OwataS)「Un, thanks」

(Mallow)「But, maaan that was really amazing! “Seven Heavens Slashー!” I never knew you have such an amazing skill」

(OwataS)「Well, we haven’t had that long relationship, so it’s normal if I have one or two secrets」

Said Owata Samurai, shyly.

(OwataS)「【Seven Heavens Slash】has a very high MP cost, but I can fight with 7 blades for the duration. In other words, it increases my power 7 times」

(Mallow)「What a dreadful skill. Is it has a demerit?」

(OwataS)「Yeah. My HP will gradually decrease quickly when I use it. That’s why I never use【Seven Heavens Slash】unless I’m sure it’ll definitely kill the enemy. But that was faster than I expected tho」

(AiAi)「Ah, it seems the Double Head’s defense will be reduced significantly after the transformation」

AiAi catched up and told Owata Samurai so.

Apparently, she was late because she was talking to the viewers.

(AiAi)「I think it was some kind of adjustment for balancing the gameplay since its second form has a wide attack range, high tracking ability and powerful destruction」

(OwataS)「So that’s how it works? I see」

(AiAi)「Because there are so many adjustments like that, this game is quite known as a rush attack game. Well, set that aside, let’s check out the drop item!」

(OwataS)「Oh, right. Certainly this is the enjoyment after the battle」

After she nodded, Owata Samurai immediately opened her item box.

AiAi followed by opening her item box as well while randomly murmuring to herself.

Mallow also opened her item box nervously.


She wasn’t well informed about the drop rate, so she had no idea which item was harder to drop, as well as the item’s rarity level.
She had a guess that ‘Twin-head Dragon Scale’, ‘Twin-head Dragon Claw’, and ‘Twin-head Dragon Horn’ were the materials for making equipment.
But there was one item that she completely didn’t know its utility.

(Mallow)「Hey, you two, a question」


(OwataS)「What is it?」

The two answered Mallow without raising their faces and kept looking at their item box.

(Mallow)「You know what ‘string’ is for?」

(OwataS)「Ah, you mean ‘Twin-head Dragon’s String ?」

(Mallow)「It’s literally a string used for playing guitar and such, right? I don’t understand why such a thing dropped」

(OwataS)「Perhaps there’s a plot where such a thing was indeed a part of the dragon」

(Mallow)「Is that so?」

(OwataS)「Or maybe it’s an early implementation of the item that will be added in the next update」

(Mallow)「Next update?」

Mallow tilted her head.

Owata Samurai finally raised her head from looking at her item box.

(OwataS)「Mallow, you don’t know? On the next update, there will be a new ‘feature’, or should I say ‘weapons’? So I think it’s a material for making them」

(Mallow)「Why a question? So you’re still not sure?」

(OwataS)「Well, I can’t say anything about how it’ll work because I still don’t know much myself」

(Mallow)「I see. So what exactly that ‘new feature’ is about?」

(OwataS)「They’ll add musical instruments」

(Mallow)「Musical instrumentsー!? For realー!?」

Mallow reacted so dramatically.

Owata Samurai, and additionally AiAi who had been looking at her item box until now, surprised because it was rare for Mallow to raise such a loud voice.

(AiAi)「W-What? What’s going on?」

(Mallow)「N, No, no, nothing」

(OwataS)「Mallow was surprised after I told her that musical instruments will be added in the next update」

(AiAi)「Aaahh, I seeー」

It appeared that AiAi understood why Mallow was reacting exaggeratedly.

Mallow felt embarrassed because she had a feeling that AiAi could see through the depths of her heart.

(Mallow)「W, What? It’s normal if there’s a thing or two that surprises me, you know!」

(AiAi)「Fuuun~ Mallow, in your case, I think you were happy rather than surprised」


(OwataS)「Hm? What do you mean, AiAi?」

(AiAi)「Aah, Owata Samurai-san, you know? Mallow loves music a lot, she even composed music herself and played it」

(OwataS)「Hee, really? Let alone play music, you even compose it yourself? That’s amazing! What instrument are you playing?」

(Mallow)「I, I play guitar… a little…」

(OwataS)「Guitar, eh? I’m sure guitar will be implemented on the next update. You can expect that」

(Mallow)「I, Is that so?」

Mallow pretended that she wasn’t excited about it, but she couldn’t hide her grin.

AiAi and Owata Samurai (also the viewers) looked at her with a warm look.

(Mallow)「W, What?」

(OwataS)「No, it’s just… I never knew that Mallow has this kind of side」

(Mallow)「What side?」

(OwataS)「Childish side」


(AiAi)「I know right, when it comes to music, her mental age will be years lower」

(Mallow)「Uh, leave me alone!」

(AiAi)「Well, anywayー」

AiAi suddenly started the closing.

(AiAi)「I think it’s a good time to end the stream, so it’s a farewell for today. You two have something to say? An impression, a comment or something?」

(OwataS)「Un, well. I had a good time today. Besides, I learned about Mallow’s cute side at the very end. I’m glad I participated on the stream」

(Mallow)「…And it’s me, Mallow, who’s upset because my embarrassing side was exposed….」

(AiAi)「Fufu. Well then, thank you for all my ‘caretakers’ who joined us today! Stay safe and until next time, chao~♪」

AiAi and Owata Samurai waved their hands to the camera.
Mallow wanted to hide her bright red face, but was forced to wave to the camera.


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