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Chapter 51 : Akari’s Request


It wasn’t that she didn’t believe AiAi and Owata Samurai, but she just wanted to check it on her own.
Aoi was searching for the news about the future updates on Genesis Frontier official site.

「Ah, so it’s true…」

Newly added weapons, musical instruments.
It was provided with buffs and debuffs skills.
Apparently, it had no magic attack, so it was basically a weapon for supporting party members.
What she found interesting was that they also will add the drum set as one of the instruments.
When she saw a screenshot of the drums and cymbals floating in front of a player, she thought that it must be hard to move around like that.
But then she realized, whichever the instrument was, it would be hard to move while holding them in battle.

In any case, players seemed to get super hyped with this new update.
For Aoi, the most important point was, how to get them, especially those of the guitar type.
Would it be possible to get them at the NPC’s weapon shop?
Or it could only be made by blacksmith class players?
If so, how much and what kind of materials needed?
She wanted to make the highest quality guitar if possible.
However, the information about that had not been disclosed yet.

「But, I don’t think I can use it as a weapon with my low DEX…」

Apparently, how strong the effect of the instrument depended on DEX points.
So, it was just a waste if used by players who never increased their DEX points like her.
But, you could still play it as a normal instrument, so it was totally fine for her.

「Well, I just wanted to play music with it, not using it as a weapon, so it’s fine」

Aoi didn’t think she would fight using a guitar in the first place.
Besides, she had no intention to change her main weapon, Battleaxe.
Surprisingly, battleaxe was a kind of weapon that was easy to use for Aoi, maybe because she was already used to it.
‘The God of Destruction’s Battleaxe’ also had quite powerful destructive power, so she wanted to continue to use it.
Therefore, she thought she was gonna use the guitar as a normal instrument.

Aoi guessed that there would be many players who also use them just to perform musical performance.
In fact, the title of the update news was written like this :『Let’s play music in game using newly added weapon, musical instrument!』.
It appeared that the game administrators also assumed that the instrument weapon would mainly be used for musical purposes.

Then there’s no reason to hold myself!
Let’s use it to play music to my heart’s content!

「Well, the update patch is still later tho…」

Aoi murmured while lying on the bed.

It was 8pm, still early to sleep.
She was just chilling on the bed for killing time.
Usually she was studying, writing music, or logging in to Genesis Frontier.
Somehow she didn’t feel like doing it today.

Brrrrrー brrrrrrー


After lying down for a while, suddenly her mobile phone vibrated.
Apparently someone called her.
She wondered if it was AiAi who called her.
Thinking so, she picked her mobile phone, checked the name shown on the screen, and she was surprised.

「Eh? Akari?」

The name shown wasn’t ‘Nikaido Ai’, it was ‘Kiraboshi Akari’.
She was a little surprised.
It was unusual for her to call Aoi around this time.
Anyhow, thinking that she should pick up the phone soon, Aoi raised her upper body and pushed the answer button.


「Aoi-chan? It’s me Akari」

「Un, good evening」

Replying to Aoi’s greet, Akari politely said「Good evening」.

「It’s unusual of you calling me at this hour, Akari」

「Honestly, there are times when Akari want to call you around this time, and it’s just happened today」

「I see」

「But, am Akari a nuisance now? Akari will call you another time if so」

「Un-n, I’m free now」

Even though Akari couldn’t see Aoi, she felt like Aoi was smiling right now from her tone.
Her caring side didn’t change over these years, thus she asked her friendー

「Aoi-chan, has something happened?」


「For some reason, Akari feel like your voice is getting more lively」

「Is that so?」

「Un. Lately, Akari felt like you were hiding something from your voice. Your voice was gloomy before, so I was worried. But it’s rather lively now」

「That’s… I’m sorry for making you worried」

「Un-n. I’m just being worried by myself. Well then, with your voice becoming more lively, so you’re good now, right?」

「Yeah. I’m not sure what you are worried about, but I’m fine」

Aoi thought that she made people around her worried without knowing it.
She realized that she was unable to see anything else around her.
Being full of herself was just an excuse.

「And… Aoi-chanー」

Said Akari timidly to Aoi who was still in the middle of self introspection.

「Akari have a request, but…..」

「Yes, what is it?」

「Are you free this weekend?」

「This weekend? Hmm…. I think I don’t have any plans for this weekend」

「If that’s so, do you want to hang out with Akari?」

「Akari and me? Just two of us?」



Aoi thought for a moment and gave Akari an answerー

「Un. I’m down! I haven’t been able to see you for quite a long time, so let’s play together after a long time!」

「Really!? Yaayy, thank you Aoi-chan! I’m looking forward to this weekend!」

「Fufu, Me too」

Aoi chuckled after hearing how happy Akari was.

After that, both of them decided the specific meeting time and place, and then hung up the call.


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