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1-3 We’ll be Sleeping Outside Tonight


I thought I might be dead at first, but.


I could feel myself falling to the ground several times and groaning in a strange voice every time I hit the ground, giving me a faint hope that I might still be alive.

「Koutaー! Hey, Kouta! You still alive!? Answer me!」

I heard Lize’s voice.
Reacting to her voice, I opened my eyes and got up.

The same scenery as before.
In the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees.
Even if I don’t want to remember, the memories of this place popped out in my head.

About ten meters away, I saw Lize raised her upper body and called out to me.
Fortunately, it seemed that I was still alive.

The next moment, I smelled something.
The smell of burning meat.
I didn’t know what was burnt, but it seemed that the smell was drifting from Lize’s direction.
That reminded me, what happened to the orc?
I saw something big lying behind Lize, is that the orc?
I didn’t know what the heck happened, so I ran over there to make sure.
Ah, this leg is really slow!

When I saw it, it was really the orc.
The sound of meat burning as well as the burnt smell was emanated from the orc’s body.
It looked like it was already dead.

Well, I wasn’t sure if it was already dead, but I wasn’t going to touch and see the reaction because I really didn’t want to do it, also I was scared to do it.
However, its upper body was charred and almost half of the body had been blown away including the head.
So I thought it was dead for sure.
There was a big hole around the chest and the head that should be there was gone.
I looked closely at the open section of the chest and saw the pink-red meat and…….let’s stop here.
I looked away because I wasn’t very good at dealing with gore things.

「It seems we’re safe now. Well, I don’t remember what happened tho」

「Really? The orc is dead?」

「Yeah, looks like it’s already dead. Alright then, Lize, for nowー」



Once she realized the danger was gone, Lize hugged my body, crying out loud.
She squeezed my body with both arms and her chest with all of her strength.
I made a painful voice, but she didn’t care.

「Uwaaa! That was scary! I was so scaredー! Huueeeeeー!」

「I know, I know! Dear, dear, stop crying okay?」

If the orc had friends, they might come by now, but it seemed this one was alone.
I didn’t know how the orc was defeated, and I wanted to hear it from this girl, but…
I had to wait for her to stop crying.


By the time Lize had calmed down, the sun was already tilted and the sky was getting dark.
In this world of magic, the day also turned into night normally.
When I was thinking like that, Lize finally released me.
It seemed the pain on her ankle had eased.

「Are you good now?」

「Hiks….. Un… I’m good… say, Kouta…can I ask you something?」

Lize asked me, who stood in front of her, while she kept sitting on the ground.
But before that.

「It’s almost night, you can ask me later. You should go home now」

Even in my original world, it was dangerous for a girl with a stuffed animal to be alone outside at night.
Even more so in the world where orcs could attack at any time.
But Lize didn’t seem like she intended to go home even though it was almost night, so I told her to go home.

「Home? I don’t have one」

「Huh? What do you mean?」

The girl who was crying just now, said that with a nonchalantly face.
What did she mean she didn’t have a home?
Is she a homeless?
But her clothes were clean and she didn’t look scraggy at all.

「Well, how should I put it. The great and genius witch like me doesn’t need a house, you know?」

「No, no. Normally, you need it, right? So are we going to sleep outside tonight, huh?」

「Ummm…….. Actually, there seems to be a village east of here. I was aiming for that village today, but… I think even if we go now, we will arrive there at midnight. Hmm… Yosh! Kouta, let’s camp outside tonight!」

Said Lize cheerfully.
It seems we were going to camp.
After giving me a hope by saying there was a village, in the end we were going to sleep outside, huh.
I started to understand that there was no use listening to what she said.

「Well then, Kouta, what should I do first?」

「As if I know! Don’t tell… you’ve never camped before? And why did you say it lightly as if it’s not a big deal even though you’ve never done it? So, how the heck did you spend the night if you don’t have a home and had never camped before?」

「Gather firewood, make a campfire, and then… what was the last one again?… Ah! Discuss dreams with everyone」

「Oi! Listen to what people sayー! And what the heck do you mean by ‘discuss dreams with everyone’, huh!?」

「I’ve read a book about a party of heroes traveling to save the world. When the night came, they were talking about dreams while surrounding a campfire. Aah~ I’m really admiring it. So cool」

「Why can you be so carefree in this situation!?」

Not good.
I was tired of getting angry.

Anyway, if we were going to camp, we needed to make a campfire.
So even if an orc like before appeared, we would be able to see them.
Besides, I heard that the wild beasts were afraid of fire.
But, the light would expose our existence here, so we needed someone to be the lookout.
One person would be watching the surroundings while the other sleep. And we would do it in turns.

However, I felt so restless right now, because there was no one other than Lize and me.

「Hmm. How can we gather firewood? Should I cut trees?」

「That’ll take too long. Besides, do you even know how to do that? We should just pick up the falling branches around here」

「Ah, you’re right! Kouta you’re smart! Not as smart as I am tho」

I didn’t even have any energy to respond to what she said now.
Anyway, I rushed Lize to pick up the branches, and we managed to gather a large amount of branches by the time it was dark.

「Quickly light the fire, it’s already dark」

It wasn’t completely dark thanks to the moonlight, but we still needed to start the fire quickly.

「Leave it to me!」

Lize picked up her magic staff that was lying near her bag.

「O flame, amass!」

She held the staff with both of her hands and pointed it to the pile of firewood.
The tip of the staff began to shine faintly.
Just like when she had fought the orc before, the sparks appeared and gathered at the tip of the staff, and eventually became a small flame.
However, it was still too small to ignite the firewood.

「Nngghh…..! Amass! O flame! Gather moreー!」

Lize repeated the chanting with a sweaty face as if she was having a hard time.
And indeed, the flame was getting bigger, and finally ignited the firewood.
Then, all we need to do is add more firewood and make the fire even more bigger.
No turn for magic from here.

「Haahh, hahh… I, I’m tired….」

「Good job. Btw, is magic so difficult to use? It took you so long to just lit a fire」

I asked Lize, who seemed to have lost all of her strength and was out of breath.
After seeing her condition, I thought using a match or a lighter would take a million times less energy.
Well, I didn’t know if there was a match in this world or not tho.

「U-un. Skilled people can do it more easily. Besides, fire magic is the basic of basic. Just now……………w, was because I’m just not feeling well today!」

「I know, I understand. I’m already full of it. So, Lize, it’s about time for you to tell me」

「Eh? Tell you what?」

「Everything. About this world. About you. And why did you bring me here and ended up sleeping outside like this? Tell me all」

「Aahh, I see. You’re right. It’s important to know each other! Since we’re going to have a looong time relationship!」

「Uhh… I don’t wanna have a long relationship with you tho……」

Anyway, I listened to Lize’s story.

About this world.
The world where Lize lived wasn’t specifically named by the inhabitants; they were just simply called it “world”.
The shape of this world was a sphere, and the humanity of this world knew about this fact.
When I told Lize that my original world was named “earth”, she was confused, because for her, world is world, nothing else.

The star that floated in the sky at daytime and illuminated the world, was called the ‘sun’.
And the one that floated at night was called the ‘moon’.
For this, there was no different from my original world.

There were also four seasons in this world.
The sun would shine longer in summer, and shorter in winter.
It seemed to be early autumn right now.

If there were four seasons, that meant on the other side of this world, there might also be lands that were cold even in summer.
And also the difference between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere, and the tilt of the earth’s axis*…….no, let’s stop thinking deeply about this. I’m not good at earth sciences.

*/TLnote : Four seasons happen because Earth’s axis is tilted at an angle about 23.4 degrees and different parts of Earth receive more solar energy than others.

I thought there was a huge difference in the level of science and technology between this world and mine.
I wondered how many years the difference was, I didn’t know.
Anyway, long long ago, when there were still no computers nor cars.
I thought they were using carriage and horse to transport in this world.
Also there was no match or lighter.
Well, they were using magic, so they didn’t need a lighter tho.

Ah, that’s right.
There was magic in this world.
I thought I’d ask Lize more about this later.


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