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Chapter 52 : A Date?


ーAnd then, the promised Sunday to hang out with Akari has come.

Tendou Aoi was a type of person who acts 10 minutes faster.
So she left her house faster in order to arrive at the meeting place 10 minutes before the promised time.
The destination was the stone statue in the square in front of the nearest station.
A statue that took the shape of a man and a woman standing back to back; the title was “Distress”, made you wonder what the creator thought when they made it.
Aoi, Ai, and Akari used to gather at this place when they went to play around the neighborhood a long time ago.
But Aoi didn’t remember how many times they made it as a meeting place.

There was a shopping mall nearby, it might be a good place to visit later.
It’s been a year since Aoi hung out with Akari.

Aoi was about to arrive at the meeting place.
It was 10 minutes faster, so she thought Akari wasn’t there yet, but when Aoi walked toward the statue, she saw Akari standing in front of the statue, playing with her phone.

A girl with dark green hair, Kiraboshi Akari.
She had a small figure, but the body of a beautiful matured girl for her age.

It was Aoi who was supposed to arrive earlier, but Akari was the one waiting for her.
She felt bad for making Akari wait.
While thinking she should have left her house faster, Aoi called out Akari who was playing with her phone.

「Oi~ Akari~!」

「Ah, Aoi-chan!」

Akari raised her face and made a cheerful look.
It seemed that she was really happy to see Aoi finally came.
Seeing Akari run over her like this, Aoi imagined a dog tail swinging violently on Akari’s waist.

「You’re early as always, Aoi-chan」

「Nah, but you beat me, Akari」

「Akari doesn’t want to make Aoi-chan waiting, so…」

「You’re so caring as always」

She was always prioritizing other people.
Aoi wondered if she was always like this toward anyone.

「Oh well, anyway, let’s move. People start to pack this place」

「Okay, so where are we going?」

「You have a place you wanna visit, Akari?」

「Akaー I mean, I… will follow wherever Aoi-chan wants to go」

「That’s the most troublesome answer…」

Aoi smiled wryly.

「Hmm, wherever I wanna go is okay, right? Well then, let’s get going」


They walked side by side, smiling cheerfully.
And suddenly, Akari hugged Aoi’s arm against her chest with a normal face like it was not a big deal.

「…..Eh? Akari?」


「No, it’s nothing……」

When Aoi looked into Akari’s face, Akari only tilted her head.
She had no choice and let Akari hold her arm while they were walking.
She thought it was okay because today’s “date” has just begun.

「By the way, Akari, your clothes are really cute today!」

「Really? Thank you, Aoi-chan!」

It seemed that Akari put her best effort on her fashion today.
A gentle-in-the-eye light green colored dress with frills and see-throughs on it.
A square-shaped silver necklace glittering on her chest.
Her dark colored hair was ponytailed sideway using a polka dot scrunchie.
Aoi thought it must be difficult to move around in such a fashion.

「Compared to mine, yours look so normal, Aoi-chan」

「Well, I just hang out with a friend, I think it’s good enough」

Aoi was wearing her usual clothes.
Blue long pants and white shirt.
Despite its look, it was easy to move around on it.

「Aoi-chan, you’re a girl. I think you should wear more girly stuー ah, never mind. Aoi-chan is better like this」

「Eh? Why did you change your mind so quickly?」

「Aoi-chan is really cute, I’m afraid you’ll become popular if you’re wearing eye catching clothes」

「I see, that’ll be troublesome. But, I’m sure you can be popular too, Akari」

「N, No, I’m good… I just wanted Aoi-chan to tell me that I’m cute. That’ll be enough for me」


「A, Aoi-chan?」

Being stared at by Aoi, Akari blushed brightly.

「Akari, you’re so cute」

「F, Fueee~ (>///<) 」

「Well, leave that aside, let’s eat crepes there」

「U, Un…」

Even though her face was still bright red, Akari didn’t release Aoi’s arm.
As a result, she was being pulled by Aoi as they walked toward the mall.


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