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Chapter 53 : Become a Child Once Again


After that, they enjoyed every corner of the shopping mall for three hours.

Peaked inside boutiques as they passed, and guessed which clothes suit each other.
Made jokes about weird stuffs sold at the random items store.
Playing around with toys which were clearly for kids at the toy store.

They really enjoyed their time together, making noise and having fun, even though they’re not really that type of people.
Fooling around, being silly.
The two girls were laughing together, playing to their heart’s content.
As if they lost sight of their own character.
Honestly, purely.
Just like a child.
As if they returned to their childhood.
Happily, cheerfully.

Aah, really.
How fun…


Such a nostalgic feeling.
As if the time goes back when they were kids.
‘If only we could always enjoy moments like this, that’d be really great’, they wished.
But that’s not how reality works.
Time flows, time passes, time goes by.
When they realized, it was noon already.
They moved to the food court for lunch.

「Aaah~ time passed really fast if you had so much fun」

「I know right」

Aoi replied while slurping her peperoncino pasta.

In front of her, Akari tastily munched a big mouthful of a giant teriyaki burger.
Here, a burger costs 1000 yen.
Aoi thought it was too expensive for a burger, so she ordered a 500 yen peperoncino pasta.
But then she regretted it, because it tasted kinda plain, also, the portion wasn’t that much.
She thought it would have been nice if she ordered a burger too, but considering her wallet condition, it might be a difficult choice.

Today, they went to the shopping mall not because they wanted to go shopping or anything.
They just wanted to spend the same time at the same place together.
That’s what people call window shopping.
That was why Aoi didn’t put that much money on her wallet; only enough for buying a matching phone strap with Akari.
It was a phone strap of a capsule sphere with colored liquid inside.
Aoi picked a green one, and Akari picked a blue one.
Akari kept it dearly inside her bag as Aoi tilted her head, wondering why Akari was so happy.

「Say, Aoi-chan」


Akari stopped eating her hamburger for a moment and folded it neatly with wrapping paper before asking Aoi.

「Do you still playing music?」

「Ahh… Umm… Did I ever tell you that I had a band, and it disbanded a long time ago?」

「Un. That’s why I kept wondering if you continue playing music since then」

「Well, I do compose music and practice sometimes. But I never had a chance to perform」

「I see. Too bad」

「But, that’s how it works, right? In this reality, most of our efforts will come to naught. I knew it really well. Only a miracle can make you be able to see the light someday」

「Umm… Well then, Aoi-chan, how about you sing me a song or two the next time we meet?」

「Yeah, gladly. By the way, Akari… I’ve been wondering. Since when your first person pronouns had become “I”?」

「W, Well… I always use “I” when in public. It’ll be embarrassing if I use my name」

Said Akari as her face turned red.
And then she forcibly changes the subject.

「B, By the way, Aoi-chan, as we talked on phone yesterday, I’m glad that you’re already fine right now」

「I’m always fine tho」

「Can you say it a year ago?」

「……… I can」

「No you can’t. Aoi-chan, you know? You looked really gloomy back then. Ah, no, I can’t see you by phone, so I mean your voice was gloomy」

「That bad?」

「That bad. That’s why I was so worried. But, there was nothing I could do. You also seemed really busy so we couldn’t meet. I could only be worried, and that was frustrating, you know?」

「Umm, well… I’m sorry…」

「It’s okay. Besides, I’m glad that you’re fine now so we’re able to play together like this」

Akari smiled as she said that, and drank the melon soda she ordered along with the burger.
Aoi was looking at Akari and felt bad that she made such a good person worried. But she realized that Akari doesn’t want an apology, so she swallowed her words.

「I had so much fun today, Akari」

Instead, Aoi honestly talked about today’s impressions.

「Meet, talk, and play with my friend after a long time makes me recalls the feeling I’m about to forget」

「You about to forget?」

「Yes. Umm, a feeling of reality?」

「I see, I’m glad for you! I’m also having fun playing together with you again, Aoi-chan!」

「That’s great」

「I hope we can play together like this at any time…but, we separated by distance… Aaahh, I want to move to this town!」

「Haha. Well, you have to speak with your parents」

「That won’t happened, I know it’ll be a big NO…」

Even though she said that, it seemed she wasn’t that dissatisfied.
Besides, that was a problem that had already come to a conclusion.

Distance might separate them physically.
But it can’t separate their hearts.

「Alright then, Aoi-chan, the day is not over yet. Where are we going next?」

「Let’s see… I’m tired of this shopping mall, so, wanna go to the park outside?」

「Good idea. I may want to move my body around with Aoi-chan after a long time. Well, let’s go then!」

「Ah, wait. I have to deal with this first」

After saying that, Aoi hurriedly ate her remaining peperoncino pasta.


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