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Chapter 54 : Time to Part


Time flew really quick, and it was already time to part before they realized it.

ーーWell, at least that was what they were thinking, but in reality, time flew equally for everyone.
They had so much fun until they forgot about time.

「Ah, it’s time to go home…」

Akari murmured after she checked the time displayed on her phone.

They were currently chilling on the swing in the park near the station, talking about random stuff.
Such as, about how disappointing were chips these days because you only got a small amount despite its big package.
Or about bland-tasting hard breads sold in their school cafeteria.
They really were talking about nothing in particular.

Two high-schooler girls, talking while swinging slowly on the swing.
Their time went by just like that.
Talking was scary, because you would forget about time.

In any case, time is time.
The sun had already begun to tilt, but it was hard to say if it was dusk already.
Even so, Akari must go home now. If not, it would be dark before she arrived at home.

「Aahhー time passed really quick… right, Aoi-chan?」

「Right. Albert Einstein also said the more you enjoy your time, the faster time will flow」


「I’m lying」

「It’s a lie, huh」

「He might have said that actually. I’ve never read about Albert Einstein said such a thing tho」

「But, well, it’s true that good times pass in an instant. It’s somewhat unfortunate. How wonderful if time goes slower the more we enjoy it」

「If that’s how it works, I’ll get exhausted from talking too much. I think the way it works now is just right」

「You think so?」


Aoi felt like a philosopher after she said such a thing.

After that, they got off the swing and left the park.
On the way to the station, Ai asked Aoi as if she just came up with it.

「Oh right, by the way, Aoi-chan. You seem to have absorbed in a game for this past year, am I right?」

「That’s right, but, from whom you heard about it?」

「From Ai lately」


「You’re playing VRMMO Genfro, right? Aoi-chan, I wish you told me earlier that you’re playing that game」

「Genfro…? Ah, you mean Genesis Frontier? Hmm, how should I put it… I was too embarrassed to say that I was absorbed into playing games. But, Akari, you know about GF?」

「Of course! Akaー I mean, I’m playing too!」


Aoi was so surprised that she suddenly stopped walking.

「R, Really?」

「Un, really」

「…The world is truly small, huh. Well, GF is a popular game, so it’s not weird if Akari is also playing tho. So… you also knew that Ai was playing too, right?」

「Un, I knew it from long ago. She’s doing live streaming sometimes」

「Akari, have you by any chance been on Ai’s stream before?」

「I’ve been invited tho. But I thought it’d be embarrassing to be watched by thousands of people, it was impossible for me」

「Ah, I see. That’s Akari for you」

Akari was a very shy girl, of course it was impossible for her to appear on live streaming.

「Ahh, I can’t wait to play GF together with you, Akari」

「That’s… Un…」


But Akari’s expression became a little cloudy for some reason.
It was just a moment, but Aoi noticed that.
She didn’t know why Akari clouded her expression.
She tilted her head and asked Akariー

「What’s wrong?」

「Aah, no, I…. Actually, I belong to a guild. So I have to explain to various people in the guild if I want to play with you, Aoi-chan. And that makes me nervous」

「Akari joined a guild!? That’s surprising」

「Umm, I was joined by the flow that time, and it continued until now. Well, the leader is kind and there’s not much assignment, so it’s kinda nice and comfortable」

「Heee. So it’s a kinda lax guild I see」

「To tell you the truth, I’m bad at dealing with people, so I prefer playing solo tho, haha」

Akari laughed.

Finally, they arrived at the station.
Aoi and Akari could tell that their fun time together ended here.

「Well, it’s a good bye then」

「Un, it’s a good bye…」

「I wonder when we’ll meet again」

「Hmm, I still don’t know. If I have another free time, I’ll call you again, Aoi-chan」

「Okay. In my case, I have so much free time, so you can call me anytime」

「Un, I will」

After that, Akari went through the ticket gate.

「Akari~ Bye bye~」

「Un! Bye bye~ Aoi-chan~」

They waved their hands toward each other until Akari was out of sight, descended the escalator.


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